ishra story of my life episode 6

hi . hope u guys like it.

In bhalla house:
Ruhi and adi enters
Mrs.bhalla: hey ruhi,aaja putar.
Ruhi: hi dadi.
Mrs.bhalla: how is ranvi sister? Ananya told everything.
Adi: she is better now.
Mrs bhalla: how do u know adi.
Adi: actually I only admitted her to the hospital.
Mrs bhalla: ok .
Ruhi: what will u say if u see my ishima?
Mrs bhalla: I wont forgive her. She did a big mistake
Amma enters.
Amma: yes even I wont forgive her.
Adi stop it.

Ruhi: do u know where is papa?
Adi: he is with ranvi sister radhika.
Mrs bhalla: why is he there? Is he mad to be there.
Ruhi: he is not mad dadi he is with his daughter.
Mrs.bhalla: what? Radhika is raman daughter how?
Simi and mr.bhalla enters
Adi: ishima. Ranvi is born through shagun through surrgoracy and radhika was born when ishu got pregnant. U all betrayed her. Even papa betrayed her believing ashok. Ashok would have killed raman if ishima didn’t do this drama. Ashok showed fake cd to prove ishita that he won. All this he accepted the crime see this video.
Mrs.bhalla , mr.bhalla,simmi , amma sees the video which was taken by shagun and adi told her to message the video.
Mrs bhalla: I have done wrong with ishita.
Mr.bhalla consoles mrs bhalla.
Amma: aiyoo muruga nan en eppadi senjen. I should ask forgivness from ishita.
Mrs.bhalla: me to.
Simmi: I told u that time iself trust ishita but u didn’t care.
Amma: its my fault I will go now itself.
Ruhi: don’t go now let her take rest today,she didn’t have a glass of water till now from the news of accident.
All decides to go to hospital tomorrow.

In hospital
Ishita: thanks shagun.
Shagun: eat. Raman u to and give him food.
All eat.
Ranvi : maa where is adi and ruhi?
Shagun: they left . ishita told them to leave.
Akshat: did radhu have anything ?
Ishita: yes she had akshat.
the next day
all the bhallas and iyers reach hospital.
Ishita was inside feeding radhu.
Radhu: enough ma.
Ishita: radhu…

Iyers and the bhallas came to the place.
Ishita comes out after feeding radhu.
Ishita: shagun why r u looking shocked what happens.
Ishita turns to see her whole family there.
Raman: why r u all here.
Mrs bhalla: shut up raman ishita puttar sorry I didn’t see ur side.
Amma: me to sorry
All of them asks sorry.
Ishita: why r u all asking me sorry. Who am I to u ?
Amma: I am ur mother ishu.
Ishita: oh sorry . I forgot that u r my mother in 15 years.
Mrs.bhalla: why r u speaking like this ishita.
Ishita: please stop. I don’t need any of u except ruhi and adi. For me ruhi adi ranvi radhu akshat shagun manoj all r enough. I don’t need u.
Amma:what r u saying ishu?
Ishita: please leave this place or else I don’t know what will I do.
Shagun: ma please leave. She is very stressed .
Mr.bhalla: ishita we came to know the truth yesterday only.
Ishita: so u know it only yesterday and came to ask sorry today if u didn’t know the truth how may years u would have not spoke to me.
Amma: u r behaving so bad ishu. Ur behavior is changed after being with shagun.
Ishita: don’t dare to speak about shagun to me. She is my sister or she is everything for me. U would throw me out of the house when u want and ask me to come when u want. U itself think.
Shagun: ishita control.
Ishita: how can i control shagun. They ditched me off the house saying I did bad . if I haven’t put that drama their loveliest son would be dead . if I try to do good for them ,they will send me out. What ah logic. If I have accepted their forgivness they would have said I am very good . I refused right that is why they are speaking like this.
Mrs.bhalla: I don’t want to speak anything to u any more. Give me ranvi and radhu.
Ishita: what . how can i.
Raman: amma stop it . ur speaking this word out of revenge. Come lets leave and he takes all of them outside.
Ishita starts crying.
Ishita: see my fate shagun. If they want I should forgive them. Am I a robot without having any feelings.
Shagun: what u did was right . don’t cry.
Ishita: they want ranvi and radhu . see how they are. They are not trusting their daughter or bahuor wife. Am I that much lier ah shagun.
Shagun: ishita control ok. They will definitely realise their mistake . ok don’t cry.


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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar…………..I liked it Soooo much…………Eagerly waiting for your next episode……………

    1. thank u reshma pradeep

  2. It’s lovely

  3. It’s too much….. It’s not only Raman fault, both are equally responsible… Bcz she hided the truth from family and behaved like ghost so it’s natural that no one believe that time…

  4. Hii I am a silent reader of your ff…due to my boards I don’t get much time to comment…but please don’t stop this ff it’s really awesome…you r on correct track…please don’t unite ishra easily…

  5. shree u r right that will be a suspense which i planned to reveal on upcomming episode ya. this story is actually starting from ashok showing the cd. so the flashblack will have some twist

  6. seriously
    very good
    don’t stop till ishitha win

  7. Its really good….
    Don’t stop this story in the middle

  8. Thank u guyz so much. This gives me motive to Right. I will surely not unite ishra that easily. Thank u guyz so much

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