ishra story of my life episode 5

hi hope u guys like it.
Recap: ishita going to raman’s office . raman talking to radhika. Ruhi , adi ishita meeting . ashok entry.

Ishita: I will prove u that I am not wrong. U jut hide and see.
Ishita going to shagun.
Ashok coming to that place.
Ashok: hi ishita. How r u ? how is ur daughter?
Ishita: ashok stop it. Why did u come here? To see how u did accident to my daughter?
Ashok: hare wa ishita. Superb. Yes I came for that only. Is she dead?
Ishita: don’t u dare talk to me about my daughter like this. U spoiled my life showing the fake cd to raman.
Ashok: yes ishita I did it. U don’t know what will be the outcome if u play with this ashok khana. That is why I separated u from raman.
Ishita: last time u won . But this time. I will prove to my family that I was not wrong .
Ashok: how mrs.bhalla.
Ishita: shagun video.
Ishita shows the video

Ishita: I had asked shagun to take video of accepting ur crime .
Ashok: superb ishita. But ur family members wont believe this .
Ishita: challenge .
Ashok: challenge.
Ishita: first I will prove raman .
Ashok: within?
Ishita: 5 minutes.
Ashok: wow . 5 min. I accept ur deal. Time starts now.
Ranveer: maa whats going on?
Shagun: maintain silence.
Ishita: raman
Raman comes out.
Ashok shocked.
Raman: how dare u do this ashok.
He slaps ashok.

Raman: I thought u changed. But u never.
Ashok: raman whatever u saw now is not real.
Raman: stop it ashok. I do believe ishita not u. go away or else u will be got arrested.
Ashok leaves.
Shagun: raman enough ah. Finally got to know the truth.
ishita: manoj can u do a favour. Can u akshat and ranvi go and bring radhu dress?
Manoj: not a problem. I will go and take radhu’s things. Come ranvi and akshat
Nurse comes and asks to pay the bill

Ishita: I will go and pay the bill and come.
Shagun: wait I will come.
Raman: I will pay.
Shagun: no need raman.
Ishita and shagun reaches the counter and pays the bill.
They reach the same place were raman,adi ruhi are standing.
Ruhi:ishima,I am reading mbbs .
Ishita: very good ruhi,u should be the topper of the college.
Adi: ishima I am very sorry for that day.
Ishita: adi it is not ur fault. The situation was like that.
Adi: will u come to our house.
Ishita: no adi. There is certain limitations. If u want u come and see me.
Ruhi: please ishima come there.
Ishita: ruhi ,try to understand.
Ruhi: ok ishima.

Ishita: ruhi and adi u go it is night. Me and shagun will be here.
Ruhi and adi : ok ishima. We will go.
Shagun: raman u can also leave with them.
Raman: its my daughter who got accident ,I will stay here only.
Ishita: oh u r daughter, first class acting mr bhalla.
Raman: why r u speaking like that ishita?
Shagun: raman leave now or else u will face ishita’s anger fully. Go away.
Raman: let me see what she will do .
Adi and ruhi leaves.

Ishita: shagun I am giving a last warning tell him to stay away from me.
Raman: no I wont. I will be with u all only.
Ishita: stop it . don’t u dare to speak to me with sympathy.
Raman: I am not showing sympathy, I want to be with u all.
Ishita: oh ho mr.bhalla u r going to stay with us. What a joke. Please don’t joke ya. If u r real u will not have left me that day.
Raman: I did it without knowingly .forgive me for that ishita. I am sorry.please forgive me.
Ishita: who am I to forgive u ? am I ur friend?or lover?
Raman: u r my wife.
Ishita: I lost that rights on that day itself and I dont want the rights back. Its my fault to believe all.
Raman: ishita don’t speak like that,it is hurting me a lot.
Ishita: hurting u raman? I got hurt this many years because of u. Did u care for hurting me? U keep on hurting me .
Ishita starts crying

Ishita: today also u made me to beg for coming here and u said only ruhi was ur daughter remember. U said what can I do if I get pregnant. Stop please stop. U were blackmailing me even u know what was my condition. Do u know how much I suffered in this 15 years. Radhu and ranvi asking where is my father ,what can I say?
Shagun: ishita don’t cry. Don’t break. U r a bold girl. U don’t need to show who r u to such persons who don’t care for u.
Ishita: yes shagun. Why I am crying.
She wipes her tears.
Ishita: I wont break shagun. I have confidence in my life.
shagun: come on ishu eat something.
Ishita : no shagun I am not hungry. U better go and eat.
Shagun: Ishita u didn’t eat anything from morning come lets have something.
Ishita: ok shagun. I will come.
Ranvi, akshat, and manoj reach while ishu and shagun leave
Akshat: maa wait I bought dinner for u.
Shagun: ishita come lets have dinner. Raman u too come na.


Credit to: akshaya


  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb……. I like Ishu’s Behavior much more………I don’t know I am saying Wright / Wrong…….As I have a request that,Don’t Easily forgive Raman from Ishu’s side……..Of course ,Ishu have to forgive Raman & they want to be together…. But Not so Easily yaar…….Its only my opinion….. I don’t know how u think about it………U can accept/reject it………As U wish………Anyway, Eagerly waiting for next episode………

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