ishra story of my life episode 4

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Ishita : why did u tell her manoj about raman. See I have to seek help from him now.
Manoj: sorry ishita she asked about the photo which u had in cupboard, I refused but she compelled me to tell the truth.
Ishita: its ok , I will manage,where is ranveer
Shagun: he is in his friend’s house for project.
Ishita: please don’t inform him.
Shagun: ok.
Ishita receives a call.
Ashok: hi ishita
Ashok: wow guessed it correctly. I have done ur daughter’s accident. Is she critical
Ishita: shut up ashok. Stop it.
Ashok: I will definitely destroy the bhalla family,do whatever u want
He cuts the call.
Ishita got worried and shared her worries with shagun.

Ishita: shagun could u do me a favour can u also come with me to raman’s office
Shagun: ishita I will come , don’t worry. We will bring him here.
Then they went to raman’s house.

In raman’s office.
Ishita to the receptionist.
Ishita: please can I meet mr. raman.
Receptionist: wait for 5 mins,can I have ur name please.
Ishita: say that we are ishita and shagun.
Receptionist: ok . I will ask him to meet u.
Receptionist calls raman and informs him about ishita.
In the mean time adi sees ishita
Adi: ishima
Ishita didn’t respond as she was tensed about radhika.
shagun: ishita see some boy is calling u.
ishita: who r u beta?

Receptionist: go in ishita and shagun.
Ishita: sorry we can talk later.
Adi follows ishita.
Ishita enters raman’s room
Raman: hare wa ishita and shagun meeting u after 15 years
shagun: we don’t have time to speak .please listen to us.
Raman: for what sake should I listen to u .
Ishita starts crying as she was broken.
Shagun: ishita stop it,please don’t cry, she will be alright.

Ishita: not for my sake or ur sake just for ur daughter sake.
Raman: whose daughter I have only one daughter that is ruhi. But ruhi is in London
Shagun: stop it raman just don’t act like this. Ishita stop crying . raman , she is ur daughter.
When u asked ishita to get out of ur house she got pregnant.
Raman: for that what can I do?
Ishita : stop it raman. Stop it. She is in critical stage. Somehow she came to know about u.
She is asking for u .please I beg u to come for our daughter sake .please.
Raman: what is her name
Shagun: radhika
Raman: what happened to her.
Shagun: while crossing the road she got hit by a car, which was driven by
Ishita: no shagun,don’t inform the name.
Raman: who was he ,say or else I wont come.
Shagun: ashok, enough ah?

Raman: ashok?? How do u know that it was ashok.
Ishita: stop this raman I will answer ur every question at hospital,first please
Come for ur daughter sake
Raman got teary eyed
Raman: ok I will come ,just for our daughter sake .
Ishita: thank u very much.
Adi sees all this.
Raman , ishita ,shagun comes to hospital. Adi also comes.
Ishita: this is my daughter please go and speak to her.
Raman goes in to speak while adi comes in front of the ward.
Adi realized that he admitted his own sister to the hospital
Akshat: shagun mama he is the one who admitted radhu to the hospital.
Ishita: thank u so much Say who r u?
Adi: I did it for my sister ishima not to not to anyone else. I am adi ishima ,ur son.
Ishita: adi and hugs hims and starts crying.

Raman goes in
Raman starts crying seeing radhika.
Raman: radhika see I am ur papa .please get up. I miss u so much. I am very sorry for what I did with u.I like u very much. please get up. Your papa is a cheat, I shouldn’t have left u alone. I am regretting that I was not with u from ur child age. Please open ur eyes and say that u have forgiven ur father.i did wrong with u and also ur ishima . I feel sad. Please wake . I want my daughter to speak to me . play with me. Will u give this opportunity to me.
Raman started to cry heavily, radhika opened her eyes slowly and catched raman’s hand.
Radhika took the oxygen mask and spoke
Radhika: r u my father
Raman: yes I am ur father. Will u forgive me??

Radhika: no. I wont. I was not angry at u at all.
Ishita , shagun and manoj came in seeing radhu responding.
Ishita came in and hugged radhu and cried
Ishita: why did u do like this? I was scared. I don’t even know how to handle the situation
when they said u got accident. I came rushing to the hospital and u was very critical.
Radhika: stop it ma please don’t cry. See I am fine.
Ishita: no u r not fine .
Radhika: papa I need u to stay with me in the hospital
Raman: sure radhu.
Ishita: see this is adi,ur bada bhai.

Radhika: maa u didn’t even said about adi bhai?
Ishita: situation was like that, u even have a sister.
Radhika:really ,were is she.
Ishita: she is in London.
Adi: take care radhu, I will be with u until u get well.
Radhu: thank u.
Nurse ask everyone to go out as she needs to check radhika.
Everyone comes out.
Ishita: shagun call ranvi. And say him to come to the hospital. Adi he is shagun and manoj uncle son named akshat.

Raman: who is ranvi?
Shgaun: stop this stupid questions , u would know him when he comes here.
Shagun calls ranveer and says about this.

in bhalla house
ruhi comes from london after her medical camp. ruhi comes in.
ranveer: Anaya I should go to hospital , my sister had an accident .
ananya: wait I will also come.
Ranveer: no the situation is worse there
Ananya sees ruhi and hugs her
Ananya: ruhi sis can u help him. Can u drop him to the hospital.
Ruhi: sure I will do it. He is ranvi right
Ananya: yes .
Ranvi: thank u so much.
Ruhi and ranvi reaches the hospital.

Ranvi runs to the ward while ruhi follows him.
Ranvi: maa were is radhika??
Ishita: doctor is checking her.
Ranveer: maa ,is she mad to cross the road without seeing and starts crying.
Ishita: ranvi don’t cry and hugs him and says him not to cry.
Ruhi comes and sees raman and adi and gets shocked.
Ruhi: ishima…
Ishita: who r u?
Raman: ur daughter.
Ishita: ruhi…………
Ruhi and ishita hugs .
Ranvi: shagun mama I am confused ,who is this man and who is that man standing next to manoj papa?
Why is ishita hugging ruhi??
Shagun : this man is raman, ur papa ,the man standing next to manoj is adi ur brother,ishita is hugging ruhi because she is her daughter.
Ranveer: u said that I don’t have a papa?
Shagun: please raveer don’t ask questions now.
Ruhi:ishima ,please forgive me.
Ishita: why ruhi? Its not ur fault.
Ranveer and adi starts talking .

Raman hugs ranveer and starts crying .
Raman: sorry ranvii…
ranvi: why u left us papa?
raman: situation was like that
ranvi: but whatever the situation u should have stayed with ishima.
raman: ranvi dont talk about that now.
ruhi and ranvi hugged and then akshat,ranvi,ruhi,adi had a hug.

doctor comes out after checking and calls iahita to come and see her.
raman: can i also come?
ishita: come.

they enter into the doctor’s room.
doctor: she is all right now but her hurts which she got in legs ,hands and head need to dry. but her regular activities will be affected.
she should be in hospital for few days. she needs relaxation thats it. she have head injury slightly so keep her away from stress.
ishita: thank u doctor.
ashok comes to the hospital.
ishita sees him and messages shagun to ask adi and ruhi to hide.
ishita asks raman to hide and says i will prove u that i was not wrong.
ishita comes to shagun .
ashok sees ishita and comes forward ………..


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