ishra story of my life episode 3

hi ,hope u enjoy this.

In school after completing class
radhika:aksat i need to buy a note book please come na with me.
akshat: come we will go.
radhika crosses the main road and bought things and came crossing to reach akshat but while
crossing she got hit by the car. it is none other than ashok.he laughed and drove the car speedly.
radhika was bleeding.
A man told akshat that see ur friend has got hit by the car.
akshat reaches the place with hesitation and starts to cry.
akshat: please help,my sis have got hurt,
that time adi came and helped them to reach hospital.
he arranged for emergency treatment.
adi: who r ur parents.give their no.
akshat gives ishita’s no

adi spoke to ishita.
adi: hello aunty, i am adithya, ur daughter has got hitten by a car,she is admitted in apollo hospital.
ishita starts crying and replies please look after her. Is akshat is there?
adi: yes he is here.
ishita:please wait there till i come.
adi:ok aunty.
the nurse ask adi that the girl had lost more blood. she has a rare blood group o-ve.
adi thought and said that my papa is also o-ve blood. wait i will call him
adi calls raman
rama: adi atlast u r talking with me .
adi: stop ur imaginations and come to apollo hospital.
raman: i am there only.
adi: then please come to emergency ward to give blood.
raman: ok i will come,i came here for collecting my health reports.
raman gives blood to radhika.
ishita comes in meanwhile raman goes out of the hospital with adi
adi sees ishita and says ishima
raman: always ur ishima what she have done she has betrayed u .
adi: papa mind ur words now only she went in crying see.
raman sees ishita’s backside..
adi: wait papa i will go and see.
raman: no need adi come with me.
he drags adi and takes with him.
ishita sees radhika in a critical stage.

manoj and shagun came to the hospital
doctors come and says she is in critical stage she is calling papa all time.
please bring her papa here and make her meet
ishita: manoj u go and see .
manoj goes in and talks to radhu .
radhu didnt even respond , she was calling papa again and again.
manoj understood that she is calling raman only.
manoj came out.
manoj: she needss raman.
ishita: who told raman about her.
manoj: i only told her.
ishita: why did u tell her? how can i bring him now here?


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