ishra story of my life episode 12 the end

hi hope u guys like it.
Raman calls shagun.
Shagun: raman what happened.
Raman tells everything.
Shagun: raman r u idiot? Don’t u have any sense. Why r u doing like that.
Raman: what is the problem she have?
Shagun: she donated kidney to mrs.bhalla.
Raman: what? I didnt know about that. ok bye I will call u later.
Raman goes to speak with ishita.
Raman: ishita I am very sorry yaar. I didn’t do it wantedly .
I am really sorry. I don’t have any guts to speak before u.
I didn believe my wife that was my mistake . I am sorry ishu.
Ishita: raman leave it.

Raman: sorry,will u accept me ?
Ishita: yes.
Adi and ruhi come to Chennai.
They come to hospital.
They see raman and ishita hugging .
All the kids came in .
The four people hugged .
adi: thank god u united.
raman: ishita why u donated kidney o mrs.bhalla.
ishita: she is my mom. i will do anything for my family.
raman: ishita we will go to delhi.

ishita: yes.
they all go to delhi and lived a happy life together.
the end……….

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