ishra story of my life episode 11


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Raman: ishita ,I know that u r going to lucknow o meet ashok’s father.
Ishita: so what. U be here.
Raman: I will also come please.
Ishita: ok . come .
Ishra leaves to lucknow leaving ranvi and radhu with subbu.
In lucknow.
Ishita goes to the place.
Ishita: u wait oustside.
She enters the house.
It was an big bangla.
Ishita: can I meet mr.ravi Khanna.

Ravi: yes I am ravi. Tell what u want beta.
Ishita: I am ishita, I am a friend of ashok.
Ravi: why did u come here. I hate him. He is not even behaving properly. He is filled with evil. he wants to destroy the bhalla family where he is destroying himself.
Ishita: uncle actually I am bahu of bhalla family. He is harming all of us . but he is very good uncle. he loves u a lot . if I take ur name he is very angry. He loves u a lot.
Ravi: I know that beta. I am distancing myself thinking atleast he will change.
Ishita: this is ur mistake uncle. u should have not let him go away from u . u be friendly with him and change him . i also want him to change not for my sake but for his life. He should live a peaceful life.
Ravi: u r correct ishita , I will change him showing my concern. I will also take him away to some other country so that he will forgot all the enemities and the deeds he have done. Come beta have tea.
Ishita: no uncle. I don’t need.

Ravi: r u joined with ur husband.
Ishita: no. he is outside only.
Ravi: I know what and all deeds ashok do on u. he separated u from ur husband . I m sorry for that.
Ishita: nothing like that uncle. its his mstake also for not keeping belief on me.
Ravi: ok beta u leave I will call ashok and take him outside . give me ur phone no.
Ishita gives her phone number and leaves.
Raman: what happened ishita?
Ishita: success. Hereafter ashok wont harm ur family.
Raman: it is not ur family.
Ishita: no. raman.
Raman: come on we will leave to Chennai.
Ihsita and raman leaves to Chennai.
In Chennai.
Radhu and ranvi went out to play
Raman was cleaning the place where oil was spilled due to radhu and ranvi.
Ishita comes and slips.
Raman holds her.
They have an eyelock.
Kannazhaga kal azhaga plays…….
Janam janam plays………….
Ishita: leave me raman.
Raman: leaver her.
She falls down.

Raman: u only told me to leave na.
Ishita couldn’t get up.
Raman: I think somebody needs help.
Ishita: no need thanks.
Ishita gets up but again falls down
Ishita: amma , it is paining. She shouts in pain.
Raman makes her stand.
Ishita shouts in pain.
Raman takes her to hospital.
Doctor checks her .
Raman: what happened doctor.
Doctor: she got hurt in the same place of kidney operation. No need to worry. I have given her pain killer she is sleeping. U can take her home when she wakes and make her to rest for few day. Give this medicines regularly.
Raman thinks kidney operation.
He calls shagun.


Credit to: akshaya

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