ishra story of my life episode 10


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Ishita: raman u sleep in that room.
Raman: ok.
Ishita radhu in one room. Ranvi and raman in another room.
Ishita gets a call.

Ishita: hello,who is this?
Uma: doctor I am uma,my daughter is suffering from severe tooth pain , can u please come to ur clinic.
Ishita: go to my clinic. I will be there 15 mins.
Ishita leaves the house and goes to clinic and treats the patient.
Uma: thank u so much for coming at this time.
Ishita leaves the clinic and is on the way to home.
Some goons stop her and asks to get out of the car.
Ishita: what u want. Please let go of me.
Goon: come with me.they Come and touches her.
Ishita slaps him.
Goon: how dare u slap me

Ishita gets in the car and drives fast.
The goons starts to chase her.
Ishita becomes restless.
Ishita: what can I do? Muruga help me.
Ishita thinking what to do.
She decides to go to police station but unfortunately she goes to a road which has dead end.
Ishita : what can I do.
Ishita gets down and starts running.
She hides in a place.
The goons come in search of her.
Ishita closes her mouth but goons find her.
They pull her towards their car.
ishita struggling to free herself.
Raman came out to jog as he was not sleepy. He saw ishita suffering and helped her and beat the goons.
Raman: ishita r u fine.
Ishita: I am fine.
Raman: what happen?

Ishita: I came driving the car from home,the goon came and stopped me and misbehaved so I slap him he became angry so I drove car fastly he chased me, I thought to go to police station but I reached dead end they caught me.
Ramna: relax ishita , come we will go home.
Ishita and raman leaves to home.
Ishita went into her bed room and started sleeping.raman also went into his bed room.
The next day.
Ishita is preparing her break fast.
Ishita thinking.

Ishita: the goons executed the plan as they have planned. So somebody is behind them.
Radhu and ranvi came.
Radhu: ma what r u thinking.
Ishu: nothing radhu.
Ishu keeps on thinking.
Ishu: ranvi ,radhu break fast ready,u have it . I will be back.
Ishu goes to her room.
Ishu sees the phone of the goon.
Flash back.
Ishita: leave me.
Goons pulled her towards the car,that time ishita took the phone of a goon. She hide it using her saree.
Flashback ends.
Ishita: I will find out wheter it is planned or unplanned.
A call comes.
Ishita checks the number and was shocked to see ashok’s number.
Ishita: ranvi come here.

Ranvi: what ma?
Ishita: attend the phone and say ishita died. give me the required money. I need even more money and ask him to come to a place.
Ranvi attends the phone.
Ashok: ishita over?
Ranvi: yes ishita died. I need money more than the deal amount.
Ashok: hmm ok. Meet me in alwarpet signal.
Ranvi: ok .
He cuts the call.
Ranvi: what is it ma?
Ishita: nothing. U go.
Ranvi tells this to raman.
Raman comes.
Raman: ishita,who did it?
Ishita: it is none of ur buissness,go and do ur work.
Raman: ishita,mind ur words.
Ishita: u mind ur words, I have a important work I will go and do it.
Raman: ishita stop it and tell me what is the matter.
Ishita: who r u to me ? so I can say to u. go away.
Raman: then y u accepted my help yesterday?

Ishita: I accepted without knowingly,go I say.
Raman: what an anger she is having?
He goes in fuming.
Ranvi ,radhu, u go and read. I am going out.
Ishita leaves to meet ashok.
She meets ashok in that place
Ashok gets shocked.
Ashok: u alive.
Ishita: yes I am. What u want .
Ashok: I want to destroy bhalla family.
Ishita: oh ok. Till I am alive u can never do this.
Ashok: then go and die.
Ishita: how dare u speak like this .
Ishita slaps him.
Ashok: ishita u r going to pay for this.
Ishita: first u did my daughter accident now this. This is my last warning or else u don’t know what will I do.
ashok: what can u do ishita?
Ishita: challenging me. I am ishita bhalla ashok ur just Khanna.
Ashok: don’t talk like that.

Ishita thinking this is his weak point. His father.
Ishita: ok bye,I don’t have time . bye Khanna.
Ashok gets irritated.
Ishita leaves.
Ishita comes to home and calls shagun.
Ishita: shagun ,how r u.
Shagun: I am so good, raman came searching u here.
Ishita: he is with me only. Torturing me. Radhu and ranvi requested him to stay here so I accepted.
Shagun: hmm.
Ishita: shagun is ashok having a father?
Shagun: yes ,he is having. His father name is ravi Khanna.
Ishita: where is he living.
Shagun: I think in lucknow.
Ishita: great,if u can message his address right. Please.
Shagun: why,what happen ishita.

Ishita tells everything.
Ishita: I want him to realise his mistakes so I m doing like this. I don’t know how will it result but I think this method will do as there is no other options left.
Shagun: good idea ishu. I will message u . we will talk later.
Shagun cuts the call.
Ishita thinking I have to go to lucknow.
Raman hears all this.
Raman: oh oh madam this much planning going without me. I will make u to admit the plan before me.
Raman: ishita.
Ishita: what u want?
Raman: I am hungry.
Ishita: eat this
She gives him noodles.


Credit to: akshaya

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