Ishra SS-Your love Ceased me to Hate you (Part 6)

Thanks a lot guys for ur support n sorry for the delay ….
The episode goes like this

They enter the mansion …He makes her stand on her feet …after that Raman went inside ordering the helps Abt the lunch…Ishita scanned the whole living room,the stair case near it ,the kitchen,..It was as per her wish the wall colour to the things to be kept n their positions each n every thing as per her wish…See this she could feel the intensity of Raman’s love towards her …..Just then Ruhi came ..N dragged her to her room…..There Ruhi flaunted all her dresses n toys..Ishita was very pleased to see the care of Raman towards Ruhi.. Without knowing Ruhi to be his child he has taken care of her like his baby….She even noticed the room …It was like a kid’s room ..A cute one..She concluded that in this mansion he even had a room for kids …..This all conclusions just increased the love of ishita towards raman…

Soon they were engrossed in their lunch..Eating all the favorite food of ishita ….. Ishita was pleasantly surprised to see his love and care…
Later that night ..While they were eating dinner …
Ruhi:papa….Mujhe aaj mamma me Saath Sona Hai plz..(papa I want to sleep with mamma )
Raman:so ..With whom will papa sleep??
Ruhi:but papa it has been two days without mamma ..I want to sleep with her ..
Raman:toh Maine kab bola don’t sleep ..U can sleep just I m asking that should I sleep alone?
Before Ruhi could say anything ishu started..
Ishita:what Raman…You can join us ..Mamma , papa,n Ruhi will all sleep together..
Ruhi: yipppeee !!!

Ishra smiled seeing her ..Soon they completed their food n went to ruhi’s room …
(Think the scene when ishraru slept together for the first time when Ruhi was small)
Raman ensured that Ruhi slept …Saw ishita n was happy that she was awake..He signalled ishita to come out he wants to talk …Ishita understanding his feelings followed him to his room …
As soon as Raman opened the door of his room ishita was shocked to see the scene before her…The ceiling,the walls were painted with her face in different expressions…..Raman called it as ‘their room’and it was ..Though she was not present physically but Raman maintained it as ‘their room’ ……
Raman: ishita….Mujhe tumhe much puchna Hai(I want to ask something)
Ishita:I know Raman ..Let’s settle down one the bed n start …
They comfortably settled …..

Raman:why did you leave me alone ishita?What did I do that you left me?
Ishita looked at him with guilty eyes….
Ishita:the god wanted it to happen..But Raman I didn’t do anything it was all me who did…
Raman:I cannot understand anything ishita?What happened the day when you returned from new York n when did you return?
Ishita:Raman..I wanted to surprise you Raman so.. I returned 4days before the selected time …After landing in Mumbai I straightly went to our house ….There I saw the door was locked…As I had the key I opened the door n entered ….Raman I waited for the full day..But no one came Raman..Where we’re you?
Raman:wo…That day in the early morning g I got a call that I had to go to Australia for work …I thought that I would Come before ur arrival so I went …I didnt know u came early?
Ishita:the second day …At around nine Juhi bhabhi came….I was happy Abt that …..I thought I won’t be bored ..I asked he reason for her arrival she said that she wanted to say me some very important truth …She showed me a video Raman..In that video I saw you hugging a girl Raman (tears starts flowing through her eyes n Raman started consoling her)

I didn’t believe at first Raman..I had trust on u n said that it may be by friendship but she showed me another video in that u were very close to the same girl talking with her.. hugging her ….N kissing her here n there…U know Raman I was shattered but had trust on u that u didn’t do anything …Then Raman she showed me another video in that Raman you were kissing the girl nnnn….
The words didn’t come from her mouth n she started to cry ..Listening all this Raman was shocked because he had never did anything of such type

Raman:I didn’t do anything ishita ..Trust me ..
Ishita:I know Raman u didn’t do anything but I got to k ow this at later stage ….After seeing these videos I asked her that these all r fake ..I know u didn’t do Raman..But she said she would show me the proof …The next day ..She took me to a cafe Raman ….There Raman I saw u hugging the same girl n talking with her as if she was ur girlfriend n u love her so much even she was talking the same way ….Raman I couldn’t believe that u could cheat me in this way Raman it was like my whole world Came an end …. Bhabhi then said that u r cheating me with that girl her name was Anjali ….
Raman:Anjali!!!But she had a bf that time n to make her confess his love we made that drama ishita …i sorry if i knew you would be there n would be hurt so much …N by the way why didn’t you come to me n clarify this ?
Ishita:that was the problem I did..I couldn’t understand anything Raman …I straightly went to our house …Raman ..I thought u now don’t love me anymore …N want to live with that girl n I m the barrier between u both so ..Raman for ur happiness I left you Raman n went to my father’s place in Chennai …So that u would be happy with that girl ..I was only mad Raman ….. I even​ gave u one letter Abt my leaving you …Did you get that?(she started crying ..Seeing her cry he hugged her close )

Raman:I read …N I couldn’t understand even a word ….I was shattered ishita…U should have at least come to me n slapped me once ….U were after all jhansi ki Rani
Ishita:I m sorry Raman ..Very sorry …I didn’t have any other choice Raman n bhabhi even filled my brain saying many things so..I left…
They both were in each other’s arm feeling peace …
Raman:so….How come u knew I didn’t do?

Ishita:when I went to appa’s place …There bhabhi said everything to everyone Raman Abt ur beterayal…..N she came with a proposal Abt my marriage with her brother Rajiv …it was all her plan …..I was not ready for the marriage Raman…I still loved you ….But she was hell bent for marriage …The day when the parents of Rajiv came I collapsed Raman n when we called the doctor she informed that I was 1month pregnant u know after listening this they broke the alliance all thanks to Ruhi….That day I heard bhabhi speaking with Rajiv abt her plans ….That she wanted him to get married with me for money ….N now her plan was a big flop ….after Rajiv scolded her n went from there I came n confronted her for all these ….N she begged me not to say anything to anyone as her future will get spoiled …I didn’t say to anyone Raman …But was guilty for not trusting you…I m sorry …After that ..I tried each n every place but couldn’t find u ….I even tried ur no.Raman

Raman:how could u find me ishita?After that I went to my parent’s place n from there to London n I came here just 2years before n built my home in Delhi …..N …I even changed my phone no…….Sorry ….N how dare Juhi do this?
Ishita: Raman Juhi bhabhi is really very nice but due to greediness of money she did that… After that incident she waited for one week to see I’m not telling to anyone but I don’t say… She felt very guilty Raman… She begged my forgiveness she cried a lot Raman n u know she was the one who took care of me on my pregnancy … She took care very efficiently… She was my sister, my brother, my father, my mother, my best friend, everyone a little bit husband… U know whenever I had mood swings she would bear it without complaining .. She helped so much to search you….. She would even satisfy all my cravings even in midnights…..
Raman:oh..That so nice of her…But I can’t forget the 5days pain….
They both look at each other with painful eyes…

Ishita: but… She even got punishment…. She had miscarriage two times Raman….n that too in the last months….. God gave her punishment Raman n.. Sometimes she would punish herself….. She even helped me to get job in Delhi…
Raman hugged her close n they were silent.. They were feeling each other after five long years…..
Raman: ishita…. When you saw all the videos n then you even saw on reality all that…U still loved me so much… You even left me for my happiness …. How can you just love me this much!! Even after knowing my betrayal..
Ishita: even I want too ask the question … Raman you have kept everything of my choice…N the room full of my face…. Even I betrayed you you still love me this much….
Ishra:it is because you loved me sooooo much which didn’t allow me to hate you….
They both looked at each and freely very lucky to have each other….
.That looked at at time it was past midnight… They laid down on the bed in each embrace….. They wispered I love u n slept…

This was a complete sleep ,a peaceful sleep which they were deprived of for FIVE long years ,the feeling of emptiness was filled with love ….They both had a serene smile on their lips …..It was a sleep which gave them a hope of beautiful future with so much of love ….They thanked the god for making them one again ……N for making them meet their souls….At present there were 2bodies n one soul …….

In my os many asked for the punishment of the villian …I didn’t want any villian in my story so…I made her positive n also gave her a punishment …I hope I have justified every thing in this SS …..N also very sorry for delay of episode ?????????
Most probably the next will be my last episode n then an epilogue ??

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  1. arrey wow fabulous yaar. every person has a deed for doing in his/her life. ishra is a beautiful couple where they can love each other even though they are seperated. power of ishra…………………………………..

  2. waooooooooooooo. Great job, pls don’t stop.

  3. Veronica

    Great yaar! Loved the whole fb concept!. Nice

  4. awesome

  5. Jasminerahul

    so juhi created misunderstanding and made ishita leave raman. happy that ishita realized the truth.good that you turned juhi positive. she got her punishment and she apologised to ishita.good

  6. wow…it was just awesome…the way your writing and how story moving ahead really superb dear…love between ishra it’s amazing..eagerly waiting for next one…

  7. Very nice story and very emotional dialogue between Ishra.
    Juhi have now punished for her evil deeds by losing her kids twice.
    Juhi failed to find Raman for Pregnancy Ishu as Ishu need Raman the most.
    Raman had travel to different country many times and did not find and contract Ishu to check if she is fine.
    Now their searched are now over because of Ruhi brings parent (Ishra) back together again.

    Hi Jas & Zarina!!!!

  8. Superb dear

  9. Rashita

    Wow zairu……
    Sorry for late comment……
    Loved it sooooooooooooooooooooo much and love u soooo much
    All ishra scenes were marvelous mind blowing fantastic …….
    Ishita understands how much ramam loves her………..
    Super ending…….

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