Ishra Ronita-A love that has no end (part 1)


Thx for the comments guys…And I promise I will update regularly provided my tests and exams don’t come in between 😉 and to inform u that I will address ani in my ff and shagun in some parts
And here I go with my first episode

Scene1:Ishu Prakash(her dad) and madhavi r at the terrace
Ishu:mama,papa is everything ready?
Prakash:yes everything is ready!
Madhu:just call ani…
ishu:maa…Only I can call her ani and the rest call her shagun!
Prakash:Saying this v wll soon forget that her real name is shagun!
ishu:ok I will go and call her
ishu goes to call anita and sarika watches her thru her room window
Ishu:ani…ani…where r u?
She opens the door and sees ani crying holding onto a photo.Ishu goes to her

scene2:In the bhalla house
omprakash:Toshiji!Y is it so noisy?
toshiji:hoye hoye bhallaji!I can bear with the boys!
op:y what happen?
toshiji:its school holidays and the boys r creating a ruckus at home
op:isnt it their camp tmr?
Raman and rohit are dancing at their room.Badmeez dil frm yjhd plays…
they dance and the music is so loud that the painting fall
rohit:yes!The last one out!
Raman and roht hi-five each other
raman:finally the painting fell and I can place Sachin’s pic there!
rohit:haha!Too bad…U r last I alr pasted the gym models there!
raman tears the pic
raman:i am the elder one so I get the first piorety
rohit and raman fight for the place
op comes there and stops the music player
toshiji:enugh boys!
op:wha now?
rohit and raman fume at each other

scene3:Ishu hugs ani
ani:ishu…u haven’t sleep
ishu:y r u crying?
ani:mom and dad
she shows her the pic and cries
ishu:this is ur mom and dad
she shows Prakash and madhu’s pic and consoles her finally making her laugh
ishu:i need to show u something
ishu blindfolds her and brings her to the terrace.She opens it and hugs her
ishu:Happy birthday ani…!
ani gets surprised seeing the arrangements
they celebrate her birthday and ani feeds ishu 1st.They return back to the house
Madhu:y don’t u let us call u ani?
ishu:thats oly for special person!
ani:ishu is my bestie and will be my bestie forever
Prakash:what does it got to do with the name ani?
ishu:idk!Me and those 2 idiots decided it
ani:actually there r 3 people who call me ani
Prakash and madhu:who?
Prakash:oh those boys!
Madhu:the ones obsessed wth cricket and gym body?
ishu:yes!Those 2 monkeys!
they have a talk
Prakash:its ur camp tmr so go to bed
they go to their rooms
ishu:idk what rohit and raman r going to gift u tmr!
ani:idk abt rohit but raman will definitely gift me!
ishu:that raavan wont gift u but rohit will
ani:y do u say so?
ishu:u know ani,i think rohit likes u
ani:ishu v r only 9!
ishu teases ani and they laugh.
ishu:heres my gift
ani opens it and sees her and ishu’s photo
ani:its not necessary!
ani:u r with me and that’s enough for me!
they hug and go to sleep

rohit:the wall is near my bed so the gym poster shuld b there!
raman:i am elder so its my order that sachien’s poster shuld b there
they argue and toshiji consoles them
op:ok now just keep quiet and sleep!tmr is ur camp!
rohit:if u want us to b quiet,then clean our room pls
he gives a innocent look on his face
op:no way!
raman goes to take the music player remote:lets play some rock music rohit!
toshji and op start cleaning the room and the boys run out
raman:this is how v shuld make our parents fit!
they laugh and rohit on the tv
rohit hits his head and shouts:oh shit raman!
raman:dude u r 9!U cant shit in ur pants!
rohit:no that!look at the tv
he sees a cake ad on tv
raman:f u want cake,then v can ask maa to bake it man!
rohit:its ani’s birthday tmr!
raman hits his head:that ishita arora is going to kill me!
rohit:its not ishu’s birthday yaar!
raman:i know…
raman:she will kill me for forgetting her lovely sister’s birthday!
rohit:ok lets think abt it later!Now abt the gift if not ani will kill me!!!
raman and rohit think about the gift

precap:Raman and rohit gift ani their gifts.She opens it and gets shocked.Ishita laughs non-stop looking at their gift.Shyam and sarika look at the 4 from far away and fumes.Later raman and ishita argue over ani’s favourite chocolate flavour.

Credit to: Deekshita

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