ishra and rivanya (intro)


Hi friends this fan fiction is on nagin and yeh hai mohabbatein . please comment how is it . i will update this ff on Monday, Wednesday , Friday and Sunday ok .please…. comment

Shivanya: a nagin (her flasback will be revealed later )
Ishita : shivanya’s elder sister (a doctor ).
Ritik : a business man
Raman: ritik’s elder bro and he is also business man (Raman and ritik work together and run a company )

Mrs.bhalla : she is a very jolly women and mother of raman and rithik
Mr.bhalla : raman and rithik’s father
Shagun:raman’s ex wife
Ruhi: the one and only daughter of raman and shagun . shagun left her , she lives wid raman and is only 1 year old baby . ruhi baby is looked after by mrs.bhalla

Mrs.iyer :a tamilian and mother of ishita and shivanya (her flashback also will be revealed later)
Mr.iyer : he is father of ishita and shivanya

Shivanya is a nagin . this secret is known only by ishita and mrs.iyer

Please….. comment
i will post next episode on Wednesday

Credit to: varshini

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  1. awesome dea…Please continue…I will wait for your ff..take care

  2. Wow
    Plz continue

  3. Nice . Continue

  4. thank u afa,safu and priya

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice yaar……Continue…..

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  7. Samreen Chougle

    Really its nice but plzz don’t add any other serial in it

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