ishra and rivanya (epi 2)

Fb before 20 years
. a lady is shown , it is mrs.iyer .the nag devi who is god of icchadari naagin’s comes there and says madhu u did a big mistake by marrying a human , and ur daughter ,ishita , she is not a nagin because , she is a daughter of a human , i curse u , the baby that u have in ur stomach is naagin . madhu is shocked ,she says hey naag devi , u cannot do this , u made me a human because i married a human , u made my daughter a human . but why not this child . naag devi says because this is ur child is lucky . she is nagin by birth . ishita who is a 3years old child hears all this .
After some years she also knows the truth from mrs.iyer that mrs.iyer and shivenya were icchadari nagin but now mrs.iyer is not a nagin .
Ishita’s father also knew madhu was a nagin , even then he married her because he loved her so much . he also does notknow that shivanya is a nagin
Fb ends

Ishita sees shivanya sleeping and says i am lucky to get a sister like u shivu and hugs a sleeping shivanya .
She comes out . she sees madhu worried . she says voh so gayi amma , she slept already . u also go and sleep , it is only 3 o clock now . madhu says shivanya is lucky to get a sister like u ishu . ishita says leave it amma now go and sleep .
The next day ishita wakes up and sees shivanya sleeping . she wakes her up and just then realises shivanya has fever . she being a doctor treats her .
She then goes to clinic . she treats her patients . she then comes back . when she comes back , she sees the house which was empty has been occupied by somebody . she sees the board bhalla’s . she thinks i have heard this word bhalla somewhere . han from shivanya . our company was going to make some deal with the bhalla group of industries . ya .
At bhalla house , raman says only 6 months here mummyji , till our house gets renovated . mrs.bhalla says baccha ro raha hai , it is not good to keep a 1 year old baby in this much dust .
Raman says i am busy with this work mom . tell ritik to take ruhi and go out and stand . mrs.bhalla calls ritik , ritik says mummyji ruhi whenever she comes to me , she cries , mrs.bhalla says just for sometime ritik .
Ritik goes out . ruhi starts crying . shivanya who has come out and sees this , sees ritik and at once her heart starts beating fast . she says what handsome he his . she goes to him , she says aapka baccha hai , raitik says no bhai ka hai . shivanya says give her to me if u want , i will take her inside , here it is so hot no that is why she may be crying .
She brings a crying ruhi to iyer’s house . ishita takes ruhi in her hands . at once ruhi stops crying . ishita thinks i can never bear kids , how can i when i am a daughter of icchadari nagin and a human , i could have born as a nagin itself instead of being a woman who cant even bear children. She cries . shivanya realises what ishu is thinking and says this baby is so cute no , she stopped crying coming to u . ishita says han and smiles
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