ishra and rivanya ( epi 1)


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I forgot to tell u the ages of hero and heroins . here are the ages of hero and heroines
Ishita is 25 years old , raman is 27 , shivanya is 21 years old , ritik is 23 years old . as i said already ruhi is one year old
A beautiful girl is sleeping. Another beautiful girl comes there . both r equally beautifull . the second girl wakes up the first girl . the first girl wakes up and says good morning ishita di . ishita says shivanya why were u late yesterday . u had a lot of work is it . shivanya says han di , i had a lot of work in company( shivanya was the ceo of mr.iyers company) . ishita says ok now go and get ready. We will go out for shopping . shivanya says when ever i ask u dont agree . now u r asking me . ishu says han u know how busy i am always . today also so many patients i had . now i had little time i came back . u r sleeping . shivanya says sorry di . we will go out for shopping ok . ishita says ok shivanya go and get ready .

Meanwhile in bhalla house a baby is crying . mrs.bhalla comes there . she takes the baby in her hands . . u r only baby no , u are only one year old now . u need a mother right . the baby cries . a handsome man comes there , he takes the baby and says ruhi dont cry papa aa gaye na . mrs.bhalla says she is baby raman , she needs a mother . raman says ma i am going to office ok and goes out .ritik comes there . mrs.bhalla says tu hi apne bhai ko samjao , make ur brother understand . ritik says mummy ji i have talked to him many times and talks to ruhi . he says ruhi baby chachu office ja rahe hai na rona nahi hai . mrs.bhalla says wjhat will a baby understand ,she needs a mother u people dont understand that and goes from there .

Shivanya and ishita r shopping . just then shivanya sees a snake toy .she gets sad seeing it . ishita comes there and sees shivanya seeing the toy . she says shivanya never think of bad things ,may be it will become ur power . shivanya hugs ishita .

Ishita comes home . she says i am going to clinic and goes .

At night shivanya is sleeping in her room wid ishita . ishita gets up and sees the time . it was only 10 minutes to become 12 o clock and the room’s door was open . ishita goes and closes the door .

What ishita expected to happen , happens . shivanya turns into a snake . ishita waits and waits , at last at one o clock shivanya turns into human again . she cries and hugs ishita , she says di i am an icchadari nagin and icchadari nagin come to their original shape between 12 to one o clock . ishita says bas ,bas , no crying now . it was not ur fault to be born as icchadari nagin ,so now as a good girl sleep . shivanya sleeps on ishita’s lap while ishita looks at her
Precap :.flashback of mrs.iyer , how is shivanya related to mrs.iyer .

Please comment since it is my first attempt of writing a ff on naagin

Next epi will be posted on friday

Credit to: varshini

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