ishra — prince — princess (epi 7)


So guys….let me tell all about myself……my school name is vidushi …..I I study in class 9 in HHS ..I stay n kanpur…..and ya my last test is chemistry… mistake i had written geography……so here we go
Recap ishra nok jhok…..they r going for shopping ……..raman memorizes by ishu’s beauty… here we go……
Episode- Raman gets memorized by ishita’s beauty
I- what happened raman
R- nothing… So ready…lets go
I- yes come
They go

Shopping mall……
Ishita buys 8 dresses ….raman gets shocked and stares at her…..
R- whats this 8 dresses ….
I- ya what less na
R- r u mad …so many
I- oooo….listen when I go for shopping I buy at least 12-13 dresses
R- And what happens when it becomes short…
I- I give it to poor..
R- OK OK let’s go home
They go home

Mrs b- ishita puttar gud u came early…today guests r coming u will have to prepare food
I- food ?? I dont know how to make food
Mrs b and raman together- what
I- yes …i dont know at home .y maid used to cook food for me
Raman and mrs b both bang there hands on head
I- but mummy ji u can teach me
Mrs b- ok come ill teach u
Raman sits and looks on ..
Mrs b teaches ishu
Ishu spoils everything

She cuts vegetable in uneven manner
She puts too much salt….arre gadbad ho gai arre siti ban hai…song plays
And then raman laughs seeing ishu and mrs bhalla coz there face were white with aata….
Mrs b- ishita puttar u go and change …ill make food for guest
I- ok mummy ji ….u teach me someother day
R- ok she will teach JKR u go first or my laughter will not stop
Ishita makes puppy face
R- go
I- going na
She goes and takes bath

Raman was sitting on sofa
Ishita comes out wearing white top and pink jeans……
She goes near the mirror and dries her hair …..raman sees her…..kabhi jo baadal barse mai dekhu tujhe …………song plays in background
He goes near ishu ……
She stares him and asked what happened he fingers near her ears about aata…
She tries to remove …but is not able to …..
Raman says I will remove…wait…
He removes…

Ishita’s POV..
Why I feel something when he is near me ….what’s happening to me
Guest come…
G- where is ur bahu show us
Mrs b- yes wait
Ishita comes out
G- omg so beautiful she is
Ishita feels shy…
Another g – see how she is feeling shy…..
Ishita goes and touches everyone’s feet…
Third guest – tujhe kisi ki nazar na lage( u stay Away from black eyes)
She puts kajal behind ishu’s ear….
She goes……

Raman’s sis simmi comes after -her trip….
S- where is my bhabhi ….where is my bhabhi…
Mrs b- u came so early
S- I was excites to see my bhabhi..
Ishu comes out….
Simmi hugs her……
I- hi…u r Raman’s sis
S- yes….
I- ooo u r so cute
S – go toh h
They laugh

Mrs and Mr b are discussing….
Mrs b- we should plan raman and ishita’s honeymoon…..
Mr b- yes u r right…
Mrs b- let’s send them to shimla…
Mr b – shimla is a nice place…..we will tell them tomorrow..
Ishu comes in and asks mrs b- that has she eaten her medicine
Mrs b – ya I have eaten…..only one day has gone and u have started taking so much care of me
Ishita smiles ….

Raman shouts ouchhhh
Ishita runs to see
I- what happened..
R- can’t u see I have fallen from stairs
I- sorry now get up
R- ouchh my back is paining help me get uo
I- OK ..
Ishita helps him and takes him to their room
Raman lies …
Ishita takes out balm….
She puts on his back …and massages …

Raman’s POV ..
Her hands are so soft …when she touched my pain had gone….why am I feeling like I have fell in love with her…..
Bol do na zaraa plays …..

So guys this much for today…I know its short but I’m not getting idea……comment below….
Bye bye
Ta Ta

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  1. It is short and it is cute and nice.

    1. Lisa

      I know its short but not getting idea

  2. Basically ishita knowing all but this ff ishu very modern and does not know cooking… So nice and just dfferent..

    1. Lisa

      Thank u guru

  3. Nice super duper super episode

  4. Hmm nice story but not into my story.

    so many dress that Ishu buy and giving poor people nice choice.
    Raman should be proud of his wife who always help poor people.
    short and cute story
    Raman make fake fall and hurt himself and want Ishu to touch him.
    Ishu feel Raman and think that she is in love with him.
    Raman feel Ishu touch and feel in love with her.

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u but I’m not getting idea

  5. your ff is fantastic & cute vidushi i really enjoyed it so im commenting u!!im a silent reader of ur ff & im hansi(my real name is shabdika!) im also studying in class 9!

    1. Lisa

      Thank u shabdika……and same pinch both in class 9

  6. Kumud

    awwwww so cute and nice

    1. Lisa

      Thank u

  7. It’s little bit short but very interesting vidhushi….and I liked to call you by your real name…..

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u ishan…. And ya u can call me by my real name ….

  8. RUSHI

    ur story is so so cute n u present it so sweetly dear n u have got wonderful name vidhushi I like ur name.
    U used to watch tashan e ishq?
    if yes a idea for u u can make ur story like that I mean twinj after marriage d way they used to quarrel now u can show Raman feeling that he shd earn as he has wife now Raman gets more responsible
    the difficulty he faces in getting job
    Ishita’ s support
    simmi n Ishita’ s nok jhok also u can show

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u Rushi…u r really Sweet……. But I have not watched Tashan e ishq…but I’m thinking to make ishu kidnap I’ll post it till ten pm only so that it gets published early

  9. Lisa

    Thnk u ishan…. And ya u can call me by my real name

  10. Neethu

    I liked the episode throughout Vidhushi! ?
    Now I hope to see some romantic Ishra moments in their honeymoon..

    1. Lisa

      Thank u….maybe but a twist is there after that u might see ishra romance

  11. hii lisa …… sorry fr nt rplying on last epi but ya m frm knp nd I also study in hhs…..but do u study in 7 or 9 bcuz my sis study in 7 but in her class I don’t think any vidushi is there ……anyways I study in 8 nd don’t wry I’ll not tell any1 abt ur ff writting…..

  12. srry 2 say …..its a gud epi …..really loved it……nd ya like u also m vry talkative…..kya kru I jst cant cntrl myslf….. m such a talking gal that my frnds get fed up of me:p…..maybe by dis much u got to knw my talking…..nd ya m also so worried …mine also maths nd his exm left

    1. Lisa

      Thnk u do u give ur test in language lab

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