ishra — prince — princess (epi 6)


So guys…..hello …I’m very happy today my test had gone the best… my maths test on 27 and then my geography test on 28 ….then finish …….after that ill post long episodes….so here we go…..

Recap- ishita tells exposes shruti…..ishra marriage….ishita angry with raman….
Episode 6-
I- raman i didnt wanted to marry so early
She cries
R- minnie im sorry
He holds her ears
Ishu holds his hand and says no
I- but promise me…u will keep me happy….u will fulfil my wishes…
R- yes pakka….but wishes which kind of
He winks
Ishu smiles
He takes her back to the hall …
They touch feets of everyone and takes blessings
Mrs b- im so happy my son has got such a gud wife
Mrs b- yes ishita puttar….we r blessed
Ishita smiles ….raman smiles seeing her happy
They reach home
Ishu’s grehpravesh is done
Mrs bhalla takes aarti….
Mrs b- now go and take rest
I- ok aunty
Mrs bhalla makes angry face
I- sorry …mummy ji
Mrs b- gud gud
Ishra room
Ishu changes her dress ….she wears loose pajama….and t shirt with a pony….
I- raman move …i want to sleep im sleepy
R- so sleep…
I- will we sleep on same bed
Raman(with naughty smile)-yes now we r husband wife
I- raman ….nooooo…u go and sleep on sofa
R- why i go….u go….this is my bed
I- no now its mine
R- o hello this is my bed and ill sleep here

I- noo….then ill not sleep …
R- so dont sleep
He sleeps
Ishu goes on sofa and sleeps
Next day-
Raman is sleeping…..ishu is drying her hair with towel…
Raman wakes up coz of drops of water came on his face…
He opens his eyes and sees her lovingly…..
Again drops of water came on her face….
R- what r u doing i was sleeping ….and ur hair’s water drops came on my face
I- so what can i do
R- what do u mean …
I- i mean u dont have a drier at home
R- what will i do with drier
I- so …so

R- so what…..u r really
I- what am i…hmm say ….say na
R- u were sweet till college now u r just like a dayan
I- what did u say im dayan
R- truth is truth
I- and u r like a raavan… i have changed ur name to raavan kumar
R- and urs JKR….
i- what JKR

R- Jhaasi ki raani
Ishita opens her mouth to say
R- bas meri maa tumse koi nhi jeet sakta(stop it my mother no one can win from u)
He goes….
I- raavan kumar…..NICE name
Raman outside the room
R- jaansi ki rani…not bad….
They both smile at the same time……
Raman is getting ready….he wears red t shirt …handsome written on it…and dark blue jeans
Ishita comes inside….
I- gud u got ready….we will go for shopping today….
R- o hello I don’t want to go for shopping
I- why…I have to buy dresses
R- OK then get ready in 15 min OK
I- (happily) OK…ok

She goes to get ready…
She wears blue mddi long from back short from front golden heels …golden bracelet…….and a silver clutch …she is so cute…..
She goes down…
Raman was talking on phone and turns back and gets memorized by her beauty….
So guys i know that today’s episode was boring so u can comment that its boring…ill not at all feel bad…coz i am not getting idea ….what to write …..parichary suggest me what to write…….and guys u all also…..plz
Ta ta
Bye bye
Love u all

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  1. It’s not boring ya it’s really cute of there little nok jhok.

    1. Lisa

      Thank u …but I think its boring

  2. Soo nice boring to ni ta voth both acha ha

    1. Lisa

      Pakka… Accha h na …lekin mujhe boring lg rha h

  3. I loved this totally! Boring tho bilkul bhi nahi hai..

    1. Lisa

      Thank u

  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    Offooo!!!!!!It’s Not Boringgggggggg Yaar………It’s Really CUTEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    1. Lisa

      Thank u

  5. Kumud

    Not boring Lisa it’s really nice love it

    1. Lisa

      Thank u

  6. It’s not boring yaar… episode super cute with ishra nok jhok….

    1. Lisa

      Thank u ishan

  7. Not boring but short and very nice

  8. gud epi…..BTW do u study in hhs ???

    1. Lisa

      Thank u…nd ya ….I study in HHS ….are u from Kanpur… Do u also study… In same class……I study in 7-D …..and my school name is vidushi….and my home name is tanya….i lv the name tanya….and ya i dont want that my class mates come to know that im writing ff plz

  9. RUSHI

    Dear lisa all the best for ur tests n no way it wasnot at all boring I felt it to be cute, sweet n well written
    especially jsk n ravan kumar
    as u asked for suggestion u can write more about Ishita finding responsibilities of bahu too much n difficult to handle as she wasnt ready for marriage but Raman helps her in all this basically u can show them to be young couple fighting all time more of friends than husband wife

    1. Lisa

      Thank u Rushi for ur idea…. When will u update it ff …two days have passed……and u have not posted

  10. Not boring yaar! Love it.

    Raman and Ishu busy shopping then get surprised to meet Raman old school friend, his wife and 2 yrs old child then Raman old friend meet Ishu. Ishu shy and greet. Raman old friend wife want to do the shopping and ask Ishu to accompany with her and Ishu agree. Raman with his old school friends chat together and look after little girl (any name you prefer) while women busy with shopping. Raman old friend ask Raman about business work.

    1. Lisa

      Parichary u r late I have updated the episode….u should hv given this idea before

      1. I had come just 30 minute ago. Was busy Yesterday so I read it today. Sorry for late but I son’t see your update for today.

  11. how come they just get married like that wb ishu’s house i mean this is nice but should be meaning flu right

    1. Lisa

      Right…but ishu’s parents r not there they have died in n accident

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