ishra — prince — princess (epi 2)


Thank you my readers for ur comments …. And silent readers for ur silent support …….so here we go???
Precap –ishita asks raman about what’s special today raman forgets ………evening ishita receives Raman’s message to meet at palace Diana …he wants to say something special… Ishita thinks about it….
Episode 2– ishita goes and gets ready …..she wears a pink dress with white clutch and pink heels with hairs open
Ishita (to herself ) – what raman is up to what is the important thing…
She reaches palace Diana…… Its all dark around …..
Ishita- raman what kind of joke is this ..
She feels afraid and suddenly
Ishita was about to fall but raman holds her raman’s face was very near to ishita’s ….ishita thinks he is gonna kiss and closes her eyes….but he goes near her ears and says happy birthday my minnie
Lights turn on
I-raman whats this …..hmmm.i liked it
She goes from there …
Its ishita’s birthday and her friends are coming she is very happy
Raman is staring her…her sides flick his heart starts beating faster ……
Was it love or something else……ishita waves her hand …
I- Mr raman kaha kho gaye aap (Mr raman what r u dreaming)
R- kahi nhi ( nothing)
I-lagta toh kucch aur h ( it seems something else)
She laughs
R-accha bahut hassi aa rhi h tumhe…(feeling very happy )
She runs raman runs from behind
They reach to a lonely place
Raman pulls her ….ishita’s hand on Raman’s chest and Raman’s hand on ishita’s waist
He goes near her lips and then ( liplock for 10 sec)
Ishita tries pushing him but he holds her tightly ishita keeps her hand on Raman’s hair as she now wants a deeper one
Ishita feels shy and raman too
Raman was about to go but….ishita stops him

I-was it my b-day gift
R-maybe I had no intention to kiss u ……u r looking so hot so I was not able to control myself….
I- its OK
R- I have noticed one thing u were enjoying…

Ishita punches on his shoulder
She was about to go but raman pulls her and kisses on her neck

I- what r u doing raman ..
R- its called romance
I- raman we r just friends
R-but ur beauty is memorizing me and I can’t control myself……im thinking to makes her mrs bhalla
I- shut up ! We r just friends not more than that
R- can’t we be more than that
I- no means no

Raman bends down in his knees and says

R – ishita we r in college and I can propose u for marriage or for being my girl friend…
Ishita was shocked

R- yes or no

I (shyly)-yes
R- I love u
I – I love u too

Next day at college ….raman comes wearing blue shirt and greyish jeans
R- where is she where is she
Shreyansh- to whom r u finding
R- no one
Priya comes and kisses Raman’s cheeks
R – what r u doing …r u mad
P- just trying to be romantic
R- priya just get away I don’t like ur company
P – u don’t like my company
R – no …but we r just friends not more than that…
P- its OK let time pass we will be more than that
She goes
Raman searches for ishita.

He finds her…….

Guys so how was it ……….and may be tomorrow u all might get a twist …may be ……I don’t know …….so comment below …ur comments r really important for me……


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  1. Kumud

    Wow nice finally he proposed to her yesssssssssss

  2. Nice episode

  3. Lisa

    So guys how’s it

  4. For me today episode just shocking….every things happened just sudden….episode was awesome…full of romantic…waiting for next one….

  5. Nice bday and propsed at same day.

    Raman only love romance with Ishita.

    Great episode.

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