Hi guys!!This is Zaira…I know many of u might be knowing me???…so here I am to write my first ever story on our ishra?☺ I am very exited for this …I hope everyone support me ….
So here I m only with the prologue ,soon I ll be writing the os
A big mansion is shown .The interiors of the house is shown..they r beautiful ,modern n classy ..A man is shown talking …
Man:Hello darling!mein tumhara 2ghante se wait kar raha hoon…tum kahan ho?
Other person:offo Raman !I m struck in traffic..Yeh Delhi hai ! this happens ..
Raman:oh!no probs dear carefully n reach here fast as possible..! Bye love u !
Other person:bye love u too
Somewhere in chennai ..a girl is shown talking in phone in a cafe ..
Girl:Hello !I m waiting for u for 1hour ..where r u ?
Other person:I m busy ishu …will be coming in 30mins ..
Ishita :Ok !I ll be waiting …bye come fast Ok?
Other person:Ok,Ok

So that’s it I hope u like it will be updating soon ….plz see the cover pic also n don’t curse me for coping are dil hai mushkil ..I didn’t see that movie also ..they r elements of my is so…
I hope I didnt trouble u people …

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  1. Interesting prologue
    Post soon

    1. Zaira

      Thankz riddhi…

  2. Nivedha

    Hey Zaira… Lovely prologue.. Waiting for yr OS

    1. Zaira

      Thankz riddhi…

    2. Zaira

      Sorry by mistake …how’s the cover pic ?
      Will be using it for in other os ..

  3. Kumud

    Lovely but pls English subtitles pls

    1. Zaira

      Thankz kumud….n surely next time I ll put English subtitles..

  4. waiting for your OS….plz put it with English subtitles….

    1. Zaira

      U have to wait till tmrw night ….n yes I ll put English subtitles….

  5. Lisa

    Hey… was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… I loved it..update next part soon ..

    1. Zaira

      Thankz Lisa …will update soon

  6. nice prologe pls continue soon

    1. Zaira

      Thankz dear

  7. Veronica

    Wow yaar its nice… I mean marvelous….two places two people same situation….. Interesting yaar

    1. Zaira

      Hahah thankz a lot vero feeling happy..

  8. Tvfan1

    just read it . awesome! when r u going to upload next?

    1. Zaira

      Thankz …I can say just soon..

  9. Ankitha

    Its really fantastic plz upload soon

    1. Zaira

      Thankz ankita??

  10. Shalu

    Hii Zaira its really nice dr……..and I am waiting to see how they meet……….???

    1. Zaira

      Thankz shalu…n I m waiting for the next part of ur ff???

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