Hi guys This is zaira ..i am very sorry for updating late …..a very happy new year 2017to all of u so ..this is a treat from my side??
Wajah tum ho…Celebrate heartbreak, Celebrate friendship, Celebrate love…
In Delhi..
Mercedes Benz is shown ,the car is coming towards that bog mansion .the car stops ..a girl of modern attire comes out..she is wearing shade sunglasses..she rings the bell..Raman excitingly opens the door n hugs her..
Raman:avantika!!missed u so much baby..itne dino se apne Nani ke that gayi thi…atlast Tim aagai ..!(for this much time u were in ur Granny’s house !atlast u came)
Avantika:missed u too Raman..wahan Sab chirha rahe the ki tumhare pass bf hai kya?(there everyone were teasing me that u have bf or not)
Raman:aur kya karenge agar Tim hat waqt apne bf se baat karogi???(what will they do if every time you talk with ur bf?)
Avantika: Raman…?? at least sit down yaar..
They enjoy their day..(Avantika n Raman r bf n gf n soon planning to get married not yet engaged)

In chennai..
Ishu is sitting in the cafe thinking seriously..suddenly a boy comes n closes her eyes with his hands..
Ishu(afraid):hey!who is this..leave me..
Man:ah!is baar tumne apna Tamil nahi bola bhagwaan ka lakh lakh shukar hai(ah!atleat this time u didn’t start ur Tamil .thank you god)
Ishu:Rohit..???naa unke vid maatein (I will not leave u)
Rohit:daayan aagai!aagai!mujhe bachao..(witch has come me )
They run in that cafe n everyone lagh at them ..ishu catches rohit n beats him..
Rohit :sorry dude..ab chalo kitne dino ke baad mila hun isse Yeh toh apne kaam mein hi busy rahti hai afterall ur CEO ishita iyer of CNS company.(come ..after many days I met u ..every time busy in work )
Ishu: haan dude bohut kaam tha chalk ab (yes dude so much work was there Ok now come )
Rohit:Yeh!Hindi came
Ishu gives a deadly glare to him ..he silently sits..they enjoy their full day
(Ishu n rohit r bff n ishu is CEO of CNS company)
Next day Delhi..
At around 8:45 am… Raman was gobbling 3big pieces with coffee at one time!!…
Toshi ji :aye puttar aram se kha Teri train nahi bhagi ka rahi hai .(eat slowly son ..ur train is not going )
Raman :ma ja rahi hai ka reporting time nahi Gaye toh won khadoos boss nikal de ga CEO ki naukri se..(its going mom’s reporting time is going ..if I don’t go then that boss will kick me out of CEO job)
Toshi ji :Ok Ok …

After eating Raman grabs the keys of his car n goes to his office..(Raman is CEO of CNS company of Delhi branch)
The same thing happens with ishu also …both reach their office n start their work in their cabins..
The boss calls ishu….n the boss of Raman calls him in his chamber..
Bosses:we r planning a project in Delhi in which every CEO of our branch will go to Delhi to complete the project their pairs will be made of CEOs to complete it n ur partners are the CEO of chennai/Delhi Ms ishita iyer/Mr Raman Kumar bhalla …
Ishra:Ok sir the project will of how many days..

Bosses :1 month starting from tmrw …
Boss of ishita:n ishita u have to leave now ur flight is after 3hours so go now n start packing….
Ishita :yes sir ..
Ishra go to their respective cabins ..Raman resume his work while ishu goes to her home..
Ishita in car:offo!!now I should go to Delhi ….I should say to rohit to come home …to see off me …I wish he would come with me …
Ishu calls rohit ..
Rohit :hello dude u called now r u not working ??
Ishita:actually dude I have to go to Delhi now ..for some project …so can u come home flight is after 3hours ..
Rohit :kya!!fir se tum kaam se ja rahi ho this is too bad yaar but no probs I ll coming home as fast as possible..(what one more time ur going for work)
Ishu:Ok dude bye…
In Delhi..
Raman calls Avantika..
Raman :avanu hey dear..
Avantika: (irritadly)Raman …u calling at this time don’t u have any work or not?n don’t call me avanu its not nice
Raman feels hurt but shrugs that thing n says..
Raman:sorry Avantika I disturbed u Ok bye then
Avantika :bye n keeps the phone with irritation..with her a man is there….he comes close to her n then they kiss ..
Raman.. Oh!!so now a madrassan will come let’s see ..he smiles..

In chennai ..
Ishu has packed everything she is ready to go ..n..amma like other mothers start giving her a list of do’s n don’t’s n she is listening like a obedient child after that she sees that rohit hasn’t come till now ..
Ishita :now where did this rohit go ??I said him to come ..
Rohit :naam liya aur mein hazir(u took my name n I came)
Amma:what for the bag is ??
Rohit: see aunty now u have said a many do’s n don’t s who knows dude will follow or not so I m going with her to check that she is doing or not..
Ishu got very happy n hugged him amma smiled seeing their friendship…
Ishhit:bye bye amma/aunty…
They take the flight n enjoy….

In Delhi..
At evening about 6 he returns home ..his mom welcomes him…
Toshi ji :tum itne jaldi aa gaya putter (u came so fast)
Raman :yes mom aaj kaam kam tha par kal se late aauga ..ek naya project hai book lagi hai thoda coffee aur snakes tayaar kar do mein fresh ho kar aata hoon ..(today work was less but from tmrw work will be more as new project is starting)
Toshi :Ok..

After freshening up he came down n started eating n saying his whole day to his mom..but left Avantika’s matter because toshi doesn’t like her….she always taunts her so they meet secretly…
After this he thinks to call Avantika ….
Raman:nahi nahi abhi avnu busy hogi ..I ll call her tmr(no ,no now avnu may be busy)
He still thinks about her behavior at morning n shrugs that thought thinking she may be busy ….he is very excited for that tmr project…
Ishhit lands in Delhi they check in n go to their respective rooms n rest ..ishita is very excited for tmr project..
Next day …..
Ishu leaves to office whereas rohit goes to his family to surprise them (his family is living in Delhi ..he went to chennai for work)
Raman also comes to his office ..all the CEO s r called in the boss’s chamber so they go….
There the introduction is given about everyone… Then aboutbthe project after that each pair go to their special cabin.
Ishra enter their cabin..on the way they didn’t speak with each other they were just admiring each other in their minds..
Raman :hi miss do u do.
Ishita:don’t be so formal Mr bhalla call me as ishita..
Raman:see now u r also being formal ishita call me as Raman..
Raman :so can we start ?
Ishita:yes yes come.

They start their project in middle they talked about themselves ,about their families n about their gf/bff…on hearing his gf’s name ishu got a little angry afternoon they had their lunch together …then resumed their work …then at evening they had their coffee together …n they were always surprised that they have almost same tastes every where…at 9:30 CEOS were going to their home/hotel ……ishita called rohit ,but he was not picking the call as he was with his family after many months …so ishu decided to go by taxi..Raman took his bike n he was going to his home..just then he saw ishu waiting for taxi in this much night n that too alone …so he went near her ..ishu saw him n smiled ..
Raman:u ll go by taxi in this much night..
Ishita:yes ..I called my friend ..he is not Picking his call so have to go by taxi
Raman:come sit back side I ll drop u …
Ishita:no no no thankz Raman I can go I don’t want to troble u..
Raman:Yeh place bohut dangerous hai newspaper mein nahi padha kya?, (this place is very dangerous didn’t u read in newspaper?) Come fast sit ..I m ur friend only right?
Ishu:Ok Ok thankz Raman ..
Ishu sits on his bike catching the back of bike….with difficulty she sits..Raman sees this but doesn’t say anything…..ishu said the address ,..they were going on that bike but ishu was a little uncomfortable.. Seeing this Raman stopped the bike put her hand on his shoulders
Raman :yaar we r friends right toh tum apni problem bol kun nahi rahi?ab tightly pakadhana I m going to ride fast Ok?? (Why r u not saying ur problem?now catch tightly I m going to ride fast)
Ishu:thankz Raman..

After keeping her hands on his shoulder her heartbeat started to increase n she was getting goosebumps ….Raman started driving very fast ..ishu tightly kept her hands on his chest n closed her eyes feeling him near her n also feeling very afraid…Raman seeing her getting scared slowed down his speed .ishu saw her state then suddenly she removed removed her hand from his chest embarrassed……. after some time suddenly Raman stopped his bike n ishu fell on him after this Raman saw her ..she saw Raman n they had a very breif eye lock …..but sadly their eyelock was broken by a horn sound coming from backwards..they moved their eyes ..ishu saw her hotel has come she got down ..after saying him thankz n good night both went to their places ..the whole night both were thinking about each other…..n slept ..

Now this was a routine eating lunch n snakes together n then Raman would drop ishu to her hotel ….n in middle of the day rohit would come to meet ishita in her office so Raman rohit also met each other n became good friends … N ishra also became very good friends n ishu started loving raman due to his caring nature n commitment to his work n also his humour …they started to spend more time together..rohit also got to know about ishu’s feelings n supported her ..but ishu was always in a doubt that will she ever get the love of Raman..Nowadays difference b/w Avantika n Raman increased Avantika was always busy with her new bf she even said to Raman that she went out of station for work but she was still in Delhi enjoying with her new bf……..
One day ishra were doing some work with blade ..ishu was using that blade suddenly ishu screamed..
Raman: what happen ishita r u fine(very worried)
Ishita:Raman mistake my finger was cut by the blade.. ah !!its paining so much..
Raman suddenly takes her finger n sucks the blood of her finger n caresses her hurt so that she feels Ok middle he goes on advicing her to do properly n take care of herself…. Ishita was all lost in him she was enjoying all his sweet sweet advises n caring n was falling in him more n more…she was feeling goosebumps when Raman kept her finger in his mouth…..
Raman:ishita how r u feeling now ?he says seeing her wound..finding no reply he looks at her n sees her all lost …he shakes his head n snaps her ..ishita suddenly comes into reality …..
Raman:tum kahan this??how r u feeling now?(,where were u),
Ishita:feeling good now thankz….with hurry she withdraws her finger from him..but suddenly screams …
Raman:tum na pagal ho ..Yeh take pata nahi ki tum theek ho ya nahi (u r mad..u don’t even know that u r well or not)u wait here I ll bring first aid..
Raman went n bought first aid n dressed her wound ….in all this process she was just smiling seeing his care ..but this time she was in this world only ….
Raman:now I ll do ur work u do my work Ok?..ishu nods n they resume their work …
The next day rohit returned from Delhi because he had some work on in his office….co incidentally that day they were given a holiday as their boss got one grandson n most of their work was finished ….after dropping rohit ishra went to one mall …n in that same mall Avantika n her bf also came …both went to the ladies section… Ishita got busy in buying dresses while Raman was just looking here n there.. just then he noticed Avantika with one man…while
Avantika was selecting dresses the man was kissing her here n there ..n Avantika was going on saying him “baby plz stop”…seeing all these Raman was broken n very angry ..first that she said lie to him n second when he showered all his love to her she went with some other man …..he straightly went to her n slapped her hard..
Avantika: what the hell is this Raman?(shouting)
Raman:I should ask u what the hell r u doing with this man?
Avantika :just shut up ..he is fiancé ..
Raman :what ur fiancé? if I m there how can u choose him?what is not there in me that is in him?
Avantika: see him he is tall n handsome n see urself u r short n not so handsome like him ..see him he is one of the biggest business man in world n see u u r just one new CEO….n how can I forget all ur taunts from ur mother they r still fresh in my heart I won’t be able to bear everything after marriage… N yes one more thing u can’t satisfy my desire only he can …so good bye Raman Kumar bhalla ……(she goes)
By this time ishu also cones there n sees Raman fully broken n then sees Avantika with some man smiling ….she understands whole matter ….
Raman:kya mein itna bura hoon ,kya mein uske kaabil nahi hoon?he goes on saying hing something ..
Ishu understood his condition …she took him with her after clearing the crowd ..she made him stand n said him to be calm….after that Raman dropped her to her hotel n went to his home …

As soon as he entered his room he started throwing things here n there n going on saying that does he really have some unworthy qualities…. (Toshi ji is not at home now she has gone to some temple)
He then goes to the bar n drinks continuously in depression ..after that he comes home by walk falling here n there with a bottle in his hands ..after he reaches his home .his mom n dad gets shocked seeing his state as for the first time he drank ….they somehow takes him to his room n makes him sleep n decides to ask him tmr . …on the other hand ishu was very worried about Raman she decides to call him…in bhalla house phone rings… toshi ji was crying seeing her son in this state so the phone was taken by Mr bhalla …
Mr bhalla: hello
Ishita: namaste uncle Raman hain?(,is Raman there?)
Mr bhalla :beta Raman ki haalat bohut kharab hai …won drink karke aaya tha..(Raman’s is not at all well ,he drank n came )
Ishita:is aunty there?
Toshi:haan puttar bol kya tujhe pata hai kya hua iske saath?(do u know what happened with him)
Ishu told the whole thing to her..toshi was happy that now at last Avantika went out of his life but sad that her son is going through this much…ishu also told her that she will be coming there tmr..
(Toshi n ishita know each other )
Next day..
Ishita was taking permission from her boss n went to Raman’s house…
She straightly went to his room …..taking lime water ….after seeing his state she started crying but went near him with full courage… she saw him murmuring some thing n felt that some one has priked her heart …she very slowly took his name n make him get up he was surprised seeing her with lime water …she signed him to drink that lime water saying he will feel better.. After drinking he remembered everything what ever Avantika told n became hyper…he was going on blaberring whatever Avantika said ..he was not in his control …ishu cried seeing him..then slapped him hard so that he could get back his senses …after him coming to senses..
Ishita: Raman r u mad ?u now u drank yesterday ..just for the girl who betrayed you ….I know this is very tough for u but just think one time practically why would god do with u such a thing say me…..r there only one girl in this whole world fr whom u should cry n waste ur time?…do u really think that she is the last girl in this whole world ??no Raman no there may be one girl who will be specially for u ….but u met with Avantika just by mistake Raman.. I think god met u with her because so that u can find ur life partner??is it right ??now stop thinking about her she has gone n don’t waste ur time for that worst u freshen up we r going out ..
Raman was silently listening to her then said
Raman: u r saying correct …I ll remove her from my mind n thankz ishita for supporting me …ishu smiles..

From that day on wards ishu started vidting his house more often ..ishra started spending more time with each other…. ,sometimes raman would loose his temper regarding avantika n her bf but everytime ishita would control him n make him understand .The relationship b/w toshi n ishita also increased n na toshi loved ishu like her daughter….. n the most Imp thing was that Raman has fallen in love with her deeply seeing her caring nature …..Raman confessed his love for ishu to his mom n his mom was the happiest after knowing this n started dreaming ishu as her DIL …..Raman now decided to propose ishu as there were only some days left for her to go ….he booked one hotel for them n decorated it with her fav things ..n called ishu at that hotel at 7pm ..
Raman was dressed up in one black shirt with blazers with black pant looking dashing ….ishu wore a black colour net sleeveless flowy gown looking beautiful….
Raman went to take ishu from her hotel ….when she came he was totally mesmerized by her beauty ……n came near her ishu saw him nervously n started moving back slowly slowly ishu hit the wall now she was caged b/w Raman n wall …Raman tucked a strand of hair n whispered “u r looking stunning ishita” n kissed her on her cheeks .that’s it she was shocked to the core n happy ….after that Raman took her to the hotel after sitting on the chair he got up from the chair n sat on his knees n proposed her ….
Ishita mujhe pata nahi kab aur Kaise mujhe tumse pyar katne lag gaya hoon …but yes tum meri har ek cheez ki Wajah ho ..
Tumhari Wajah se mein apne aap ko sambhal paaya(because of u I could handle myself)
Tumhari Wajah se mein phir se jee paaya(because of u I started last ving once again)
U r the reason for my every breath …u n only u r the girl that god has chosen for me …
Mujhe khud nahi pata ki kya mujh mein itni himmat hai ki mein fi4 se kissi ko shiddat se chahoon ..par tumhari Wajah se Yeh sab ho paaya …
I love u ms ishita iyer ..r u ready to become Mrs ishita Raman Kumar bhalla ??
I love u dear so much …
Ishita was all shocked listening to his confession she could just nod her head ..Raman got very happy they hugged each other tightly n promised to each other that they will never leave each other in any condition..
Soon they got married with their parent’s consent …..
N at last they said to each other …
Meri jeene ki Wajah tum
So atlast its over this took me 2days to write ..I know its pretty big but as an os I made it long …so can I plz request everyone as this is my new year treat can I get big big comments as mybtreat plz …..I m just 14(to be)years old plz guys I know it may be immature but plz big comment ..
Silent readers plz comment r comment will not be send in any email id so z comment as a new year at least .
Miss u arshi aapi I hope u come soon…

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  1. its a very nice dear

    1. Zaira

      Thankz sowmy

  2. Firstly happen new year to all Hey zaira it is really a big treat from ur side on new year it’s a lone one but really it was too amazing awesome superb I loved it to the core
    As u told u r only 14 years old so according to ur age this is really appreciable ?????

    1. Zaira

      Thankz riddhi???n according to my age its appreciable but if I would be 16-18then ?wouldn’t it be nice?????……(was just kidding )by the way thankz ??

  3. its realy good…lovet it??

    1. Zaira

      Thankz saroj?????

  4. Lisa

    It was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee di nd u might think why am I calling u di…bcoz u r elder than me I’m 13…..but u r really a great writer …this is ur first ff na …it was very well written…i really loved it to the core….???????..hope u come with another ff soon …love u??

    1. Zaira

      Lisa dear I am only 3months eder than u n I think u didn’t read that to be 14 so plz don’t call me di…its like I m so big …
      Thank u thankz very much vidushi
      Love u too dear ..

  5. Kumud

    Awesome taught it’s something u would about everyday

    1. Zaira

      SOrry kumud ..but I can’t understand what u have written…thankz for that awesome ????

      1. Kumud

        Sorry for typing error I meant i taught it’s an everyday ff didn’t no its just a one thing

  6. wish you happy new year zaira….this os is awesome….really loved it to the core……really it’s well written…you r just 14 years…this is much more than your age…..actually i liked to read long os and this is a really great treat….have a great future ahead dear….

    1. Zaira

      HiFi even I love to read long is in tu I find only small os so taught of waiting big os actually I have cut many scenes as it would become too big ….but now feeling guilty for that ???happy that u liked this thank you soooooooo much ishan??

  7. happy new year dear
    awesome os
    avantika was so cheap she waa betraying raman loved ishita and rohit freindship after avantika and raman breakup ishita handled raman really well loves toshiji and ishita bonding raman prappses ishita was really romantic pls do write more

    1. Zaira

      Thankz jyoti for this comment u know I needed this the most that which scenes n things they liked the most here …..thankz a lot dear …..I have 2more is in my mind will be posting whenever I get enough time???

  8. Loved it zaira dear ………….when avantika betrayed Raman ishu made Raman understand loved that part of it and when Raman proposed to ishu was really awesome……… If you like to write ……..plz plz write some more os plz………….
    And yes I loved this WAJAH TUM HO till the core of my heart…………… Happy new year zaira……

    1. Zaira

      Thankz a lot lavu ..I m very happy that u loved it mainly that proposing part as I have written with full frustration thankz a lot dear ???will surely try for more

  9. Shalu

    The story idea was really good Zaira…………but I thought u ll write a longer series……….and I am seriously waiting for one such from u…………and about the ff………I really loved it………..and the confession was really superb and romantic…………..

    1. Zaira

      Thank u thank u sooooo much shalu for this sweet sweet words ..very happy to know u liked it ??mmmwill try to plan for a ff but after march ????

  10. Nivedha

    Wowowowowowowow cute Ishra… Cute cute story… Loved it a lottttttttt… My cute Ishra… Happy new year Zaira… Cute story waiting for ur other FFs

    1. Zaira

      Yes akka I planned a cute cute story as my first story …thank u very much akka for this ??plz don’t wait for my other ffs it will come after march ?????
      I have followed u on g+n also sent u an hangouts message plz do see

  11. Jasminerahul

    Beautiful title.loved ishra bike scene..blade scene…quite romantic. Shocking that avantika was cheating raman. Wish you had shown her getting punishment. Ishita consoling the heart broken raman was emotional. Glad that raman fell for ishita.proposal scene was romantic glad that they got married. Loved the last dialogue they said to each other that..meri jeene ki wajah tum hi ho

    1. Zaira

      Thank u (to the power infinite )for this comment jasmine love u a lot?? to read this much nicely ??thankz for this big big comment n explaining the scenes see even I can give shocking twists?????
      I m flying in air reading this ?

  12. Jasminerahul

    I liked rohit ishita friendship. Which actor plays rohit ?which actress is avantika?

    1. Zaira

      I had planned only for Avantika as neela of naamkaran and rohit I didn’t plan any its just on ur imagination

  13. Tvfan1

    woah amazing dear.

    PS will post diary soon

    1. Zaira

      Thank u dear ???will be waiting for ADI’s dairy

  14. Arshi

    Wowiw.. such a smooth and nice concept…. syperb os .. first of all title is just awesone ….. and ishu raman scemes were soo cute …. like jasmine.. i also wanted to see avanthuka getting punished .. like .. in the film suryavamsam how the girl who rejects the hero gets punished…. i think u got my point…. have u seen tat film nah??

    But anyways . Raman ishu r soo cute.. no ego no arrogant raman as he always used to be .. in this os its so sweet raman and cite ishu… and i also love rohit ishu friendship….

    And and and.. i m soooooo happy to see u have mentioned my name…. thnx dear..

    And yeah i m fine.. will be back soon with my story.. missing u all very badly…. ????????????????

    Hoping to see more os from you.. or else ff…. anything… but dont forget to send me ur links… if possible…

  15. Lasya Priya K

    Wowwwe…!!!!! Such a cute story lil zaira… its just like a cute romantic short film. Sooooo nice. Amazing dear. Luved to the core. Everything is very nice superb nd wonderful. Nice one. Want some more os from u

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