Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 9

Ishra Naksh and Abhagya part 9

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Scene 1
Flashback continues
Bhabhi Ma goes to the out house
Bhabhi Ma sees something shining and bright and a gold shining earring
Bhabhi Ma: This is Mrs. Iyer and Sarla does this mean they’re involved they have to be involved
Bhabhi comes back in the house
Amma and Sarla: what happened

Bhabhi Ma: i found your both early and your necklace in that room and earing
Amma: you mean to say we did it
Bhabhi Ma: maybe you did do it
Amma: enough
Sarla: You are blaming me also Appa
Bhabhi Ma: your sister doesn’t live here for you anymore
Sarla;Z fine let’s go MRS. Iyer i don’t wanna keep relation with her anymore
Sarla and Amma Leave
Bhabhi Ma cries
Sarla: did you actually do this
Amma: Sarla now you’re blaming me you could have done it also
Sarla: you might never know
Amma: Then just do find yourself and Pragya a new home
Sarla and Amma walk different ways

Flashback ends
Akshara Natik Ishita Pragya shocked
Akshara: my father would never do this he wouldn’t
Akshara: no he wouldn’t
Akshara gets dizzy and faints
Ishita and Pragya run to Akshara
Akshara: my father would never do this
Akshara is walking out
Askahara is heading toward a car
Natik Pragya and Ishita run after Akshara
A car comes toward Akshara

The car hits Akshara
She flies
Natik Pragya and Ishita get shocked
aLL : Akshara
Natik carries Akshara into the car then into hospital
Pragya: This was hidden from us
Ishita: i know we have to make a tough decision after Akshara gets fine

Abhi calls Pragya
Abhi: Pragya
Pragya: yes
Abhi: the problem is that i cant think of anything
Pragya: ill come tomorrow and help you
Abhi: okay fuggi bye
AAbhi mistakenly does phone kiss

Raman on the other hand messages Ishita
Party postponed to next week

Precap: Akshara family to come to Hospital
Tiffs to Increase
Big decisions to come
Twists for All
Raman to get cloose to ishita
Abhi kisses Pragya on the cheek

Short busy for tests being honest preparing for them im sorry

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan


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