Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 8 (revelations begin)


Ishra Naksh and Abhagya part 8
Hi everyone Thanks for commenting keep on supporting me now were getting into flashback and twists and turns

Scene 1
Ishita is seen thinking
Ishita: This past is no longer fun to find it has many deep secrets that have been hidden
Ishita: Should I really find out or no
Ishita: let me call Pragya and Akshara to Natik Home that’s where we will pretend to come for an assingnment and try to find out something
Ishita calls Akshara and Pragya to Natik House
Ishita texts Natik Me Pragya and Akshara are coming to talk
Natik: ok
Akshara is the first one to arrive at Natik house
Bhabhi Ma comes
Akshara: Radha Krishna
Bhabhi Ma: Radha Krishna
Akshara: Ji im here to meet Natik for our class Assignment
Bhabhi Ma: he should be coming Whats your name
Natik: oo you came come
Akshara: mera naam hai Akshara Maheshwari (My name is Akshara Mahehwari)
Bhabhi Ma gets an angry expression
Bhabhi Ma: stop right now
Bhabhi ma Slaps Akshara
Natik and Akshar shocked
Ishita Pragya sees this and gets shocked
Bhabhi Ma: your dirty fathers blood you com here
Akshara: what do you mean by that \
Bhabhi Ma: they haven’t told you that past yet
Bhabhi Ma: today I will make them regret by revealing your past
Devyani: Bhabhi Ma is it necessary
Bhabhi Ma:I have to tell them today I haven’t forgot it
Flashback begins
Bhabhi Ma voice
Theyre was a time where your family Iyer Family and Sarla family used to get along us
But a wind blew each and everyone of us apart that wind was Greediness
Amma and Vishambartnath were brother and sisters me and Sarla were sisters
We used to have houses next to each other
I still dread this night
Devyani was newily married here Natik was soo small
Bhabhi Ma: Nandi father
Dadaji doesn’t respond
Bhabhi Ma goes and doesn’t find him
Vishambarth: where did he go
Bhabhi Ma: maybe somewhere
Sarla: But my brother in law never does this
Vishambarnath: I know
Amma: at this time though
They find Dadaji in a outhouse fainted
Dadaji is officially declared dead
Bhabhi: who can do this
Vishambarnath we have to know
Dadaji well is out
Vishambarth gets all of his property
Bhabhi Ma: so you did all of this for money and property you always had an eye on our property
Amma: chee Your my brother
Sarla: Brother we didn’t expect this from you
Vishambarnat: enough who do you think you are blaming us our daughter my son
Bhabhi Ma: they say everyone has greediness even your daughter probably does too
Vishambarnath: Enough I wont here a word againt my poor daughter
Bhabhi Ma: shut up
Bhabhi Ma goes to drag Akshara and insult her
Devyani: Bhabhi Ma maybe
Bhabhi Ma: don’t say anything
Bhabhi goes toward Akshara
Rajshiri: don’t come near my daughter
Bhabhi Ma: I was just gonnapick her up and take her out and you all 2
Vishambarnath: enough with this nonsense
Sarla; we did the nonsense or was it you
Amma: she’s saying right for a property
Vishambarnath: enough
Sarla: what will you face your daughter what will she learn Fraud
Amma: shell probably learn how to kill someone and change the will
Vishambarnath: enough with it Im leaving And I break all my realtions with You all
Vishambarnath with the family leaves
Amma: I cant believe my brother did this
Sarla: calm down Mrs. Iyer calm down maybe it didn’t happen
Bhabhi Ma: it did happen the craziest things always happen

Precap: Still in Flash Back Bhabhi Ma finds Amma pendent and Sarla earing where Dadaji body was found
Spoiler: Revealtions to continue and major ones to come

Akshara Pragya Ishita Natik shattered and cry because of this past
Deep coice
This past will end everything or will it not
Big decisions have to be made and if not they will all pay

Please do comment theyre are more seperations to come and let me know if you liked this or not
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Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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