Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 7


Ishra Naksh and Abagya part 7

Hi friends sorry for the short part last one so im posting this as a long one do read it and let me know how it is and im really sorry for posting a short one im sending it for review on the 15 so i dont know when it will be posted but im sorry

Scene 1 ‘
Ishita: what is Amma hiding from me
Amma: Ishu come its dinner time
Ishita: comming Amma
Ishita: Amma what is this past your hiding

Amma: what past
Ishita: dont lie Amma dont tell me what happened
Amma: Ishu come eat dont ask rediculous questions
Ishita: i heard you talking about the past what is it Amma
Amma slaps Ishita
Amma: Ishita how dare you ask me i said no so im not answering any of your questions
Ishita cries
Amma: when a mother hides something you should let it be hidden not make it worse for her
Ishita: Amma im sorry

Amma: eat dinner
Amma goes to her room
Amma: Ishu im sorry for slapping you but i had to make sure you never find this out and that past i will tell you when the right time comes

Raman family on the other hand is planning something for Raman
RamanL i want my birthday in a hotel
Mrs. Bhalla: thats why we got you a big hotel to have a party in you can invite anyone
Raman: ok so i will invite my friends from college
Raman starts making the list
Raman: should i add that ishita or no
Raman: lets me be kind and write ishita
Raman writes Ishita Pragya Akshara Natik and Abhi Name down
Raman print out comes and theyre are more than 40 invitations
Raman: ma tomorrow during college i will give these out
Mrs. Bhalla: ok Putar

Abhi is seen praticing his next song and dance

Pragya comes and is ready to pratice
Abhi; Fuggi how are you
Abhi and POragya start to dance while Abhi sings
Pragya slips and is about to fall
Abhi hold s her
Raba ve plays
Abhi: ill take you to college tpoday our class is the same so well go toghether in my car
Pragya: sorry sir i have to meet Akshara today
Abhi: then go ill see you in college

Pragya meets Akshara and Natik
Pragya: what is the clue thats been hidden from us
Akshara: i know thats got our enbtire families seperated
Natik: i just hope im not Akshara brother
Akshara is stunned
Akshara automatically says
No never
Natik is surprised at this
Natik: really

Akshara: oo nothing i dont want another brother please
Natik; okay
Pragya; or is it that you are liking him and dont want him to be your brother
Natik and Akshara smile
Akshara blushes
Pragya: Suraj hua madham
Akshara: where is Ishita
Ishita comes and looks sad and depressed
Akshara: what happened ishita
Ishita: nothing Akshara its just my mom yelled at me for trying to find out the truth
Akshara: oo ok
Raman comes there
Raman; helooo
Everyone: hi
Raman: your all invited to my birthday party this saturday at mumbai best hotel its a weekend tour
Akshara and everyone nod
Raman gives out the invitation to everyone
Raman: ill go find Abhi ill be back

Natik Akshara Pragya are thinking Ishita also
Natik:L we will have to find ot a clue
Akshara: it is true we have to do something to make a revealation

Precap: History pages start to unfold shocking all Will this call for a tough decision among the gang

Raman birthday party to get postponed
History past of the families to unlock
Akshara Natik Pragya Ishita shocked
Will this call for a tough decision among them

Don’t forget to read the upcoming parts of this story
There will be no post tomorrow since im busy with my tests this weekend I will update two parts together

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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