Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 6


Ishra Nksh and Abhagya part 6
Hi everyone sorry for late update there will be no Kajol srk track so I will add a new twist soon and theyre will be no post tomorrow probably sorry and thanks for commenting
Scene 1
Ishita is looing at her phone in the pictures
Iishita: Akshara is my c
Ishita: c what is that suppose to mean
Ishita zooms in
Ishita: Akshara is my cousin because it says Vishambarnath is Amma brother
Ishita: something happened that night I will find out
Ishita calls Akshara
Ishita: heloo
Akshara: Heloo why did you call
Ishita: it says on Amma dairy your my cousin
Akshara: what so theyre is past we have to find out

Rajshiri on the other hand
Rajshiri: that day was too horrible to remember ever again

Bhabhi ma Sarla Amma think about theat night

Precap: Amma slaps ishita
Raman birthday party invitation
Abhi concert
Pragya and Akhara Natik set to find a clue
Akshara Natik closeness

What do you guys think the past is please comment and let me know what you guys thing and please do comment

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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  1. Why such a short episode?? For that you have to write another episode today. I always wait for ff and I was eagerly waiting for your but it was a disappointment for me. Plz write long episodes. Ppl like to read longer ones.

  2. Nice but it’s too too too too short

  3. Not gonna read if such attitude remains -_-

  4. a short one pls write a long episode

  5. Its tooooooooo short…… …….

  6. Akshu n pragya….

  7. Nice yaar… U should reveal the suspense???

  8. Ya can’t wait??

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