Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 4-5


Ishra, Naksh and Abhagya part 4 and 5
Hi everyone due to a lot of support I will be posting 2 parts together please do read the part 3 before commin to this part and do anser the poll and keep on commenting the poll Is Shouls Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol come in the stories to do some love magic yes or no I will be waiting for responses theyre will no part on Tuesday im sorry
Scene 1
Ishita comes home
Ishita sees Amma hugging Vandu and crying
Ishita: Amma what happened
Amma: nothing Ishu come lets eat dinner but go freshen up
Ishita: what happened
Vandu: nothing ishu
Ishita: tell me
Vandu: Amma keeps oon talking about a scary past that has been hidden for a long time
Ishita: what past
Vandu; even I asked she didn’t even tell me
Ishita: that’s weird I will try to find out this past
Vandu: if Amma finds out you know shell be angry
Ishita: I promise I will try to find out and restore Amma happiness
Vandu: im pround of you
Sharavan comes
Sharavan: Ma come help me with my homework
Vandu: okay lets go
Ishita eats luch and stares at Amma
Ishita: Amma writes the things about past in her dairy I have to read it
AMMA: Did you say something
Ishita: no Amma I have an assignment to get working on so ill be in my room

On the other hand
Akshara hears her parents
Vishambarnath: the past should always stay hidden from Akshara she should never know what happened
Rajshiri: I know if she finds out we have a big past with Iyer house, Singhania house and Pragya house
Akshara: I know pragya but who is this Iyer and singhania I have to find out

On the other hand
Natik also finds them talking about a past that has big things to say
Natik: this past for my family was nasty I will find out
Natik: let me pick out my clothes for tomorrow
Natik picks out his stylish jeans
Natik: I like this
Natik: oo yeah let me call akshara
Devyani: Natik
Natik: coming ill call akshara later

Pragya house
Pragya; MA
Sarla; yes beta
Pragya: bulbul said she heard you talking about this past with sighania maheshwari and iyer family
Sarla: let me go get dinner ready and there Is no past
Pragy: aren’t those all last names of Ishita Akshara NATIK

Pragya Akshara and Ishita are on a line
Pragya: I have a feeling we should add natik to the call too
Akshara: really it looks like you like him
Akshara adds him
Natik: heloo Akshara
Pragya: heloo theyre are otherpeople on this call to
Pragya: everyone say your last time my is Arora
Natik: Singhania
Akshara: Maheshwari
Ishita: Iyer
Natik: did you all hear about this past thing then
Akshara: what could be wrong
Pragya: well meet in a café try to find somethinh until then
They disconnect the call

Sarla: I hope that past never comes infront of me again it was horrible that day Pragya can look for my dairy so ill put it read in that drawer
Pragya hears this
Pragya: im sorry Ma today I will read you dairy
Ishita in the nights gets her Amma dairy and opens the page
Ishita: theyre is a past relation
Ishita takes a pic of all the pages puts the dairy back and runs
Iishita opens her phone
On the dairy was wet words weren’t clear
Ishita: I can only read Maheshwari Did this ……………….. CANT READ and even says the samething with the Arora Singhania

Abhi on the other hand is sleeping peacefully
Raman on the other hand is talking to Mrs. Bhalla
Its morning
Pragya: im sorry Abhi sir I cant come today
Ahi: oky then ill see you in college
Pragya Akshara Ishita and Natik meet in a restaurant
Akshara: I couldn’t figure out anything
All of them nod
Akshara : im soo tensed
Natik holds her hand
Akshara is surprised at this
Pragya and Ishita smile
Natik: oo sorry
Pragya: romance ha
Ishita: it looks like it
Natik: I didn’t see her hand im sorry Akshara
Akshara: its okay
Pragya: then lets go to class
Akshara gets up and her shalwaar kameez suit comes in the way and sh falls frontwards
Nnatik catches her
Akshar mistakenly because of the fall kisses him on the cheek
Akshara: thank you
Natik: no problem
Akshara Pragya and Ishita leave
Natik touches his cheek
Natik; she mistakenly kissed me
Natik feels a strong connection with Akshara
Natik: what is wrong with you natik

Raman and ishita meet
Raman: ishita I find yu tensed is something wrong
Ishita: everything is wrong for me
Raman: something has to be wrong your not fighting with me
Ishita im not in the mood Raman
Raman in his mind
I should do something to cheer her up maybe I should kiss her on the cheek and maybe shell react
Raman kisses Ishita on the check
Ishita is left stunned and surprised
Raman: you didn’t do anything so theyre is something wrong
Ishita gets up and kisses him back on the cheek
Ishita: that’s what you get Raman Bhalla
Raman: ishita
Ishita runs away

Pragya on the other hand
Pragya: sorry Abhi I couldn’t make it
Abhi: its okay I know you have commitments sometimes
Pragya: I feel like something is wrong with me
Abhi: why from now on im gonna call you Fuggi
Pragya likes the name but doesn’t tell
Pragya what why
Abhi: because I want to

All 3 of the pairs recall this day and all are set on a specific mission the truth

Precap: Ishita discovers that Akshara is her ___________ (not telling you will have to wait)

The 3 jodis will now have to choose a big way after getting a past coming

Should I introduce Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol for a couple of parts to do some love magic

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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