Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 3


Ishra, Naksh and Abhagya part 3
Hi friends thanks for commenting im sorry for the stories being short because I was at my cousins house and now im back I will try my best today to give you guys a long part I will start adding suspense
Scene 1
Natik and Akshara are on a coffee place
Natik: So you’re new to the college
Akshara: yeah
Natik: you look shy
Akshara: no im not shy I would like to thank you for saving me or else I would have fallen
Natik: its my pleasure
Natik: can we be friends
Akshara: sure

Natik and Akshara shake hands
Natik and Akshara during the whole date stare at each other
Ishita and Pragya walk by
Ishita: isn’t that Akshara
Pragya: yeah it is
Ishita: come
Pragya: don’t shell feel embaressed
Ishita: Akshara
Akshara: ishita
Ishita: come Akshara
Akshara leaves with Ishita
Natik: whats gotten in to me
On the other hand
Vishambarnath: the past is past we cant remember what relation she has with Ishita it must be kept a secret
Rajshiri: if she fids out it wont go well
Vishmabarnath: that night was scary among us all

Rajshiri: its been hard hiding it from Akshara but we have no option
Rajshiri: it must be kept a secret

Amma: Ishu im sorry I have hidden a big truth from you this whole time I hope you can understand and forgive me
Vandu: Amma
Amma: Vandu
Vandu: what truth are you hiding from ishita
Amma: it’s a secret even you don’t know I cant tell you im sorry
Vandu: Amma ive seen you crying for a long time
Amma: Its hard to forget that day that night
Amma: Vandu don’t mention this to ishu
Vandu: I wont Amma
Amma hugs Vandu and cries

Devyani: the past is a big thing that has to be hidden
Bhabhi Ma: Devyani the fact is a fact it has to be hidden
Devyani: I know Bhabhima Im just recalling it since its been almost a year
Bhabi Ma: yeah I know they four things that happened that night the thing that made that happen must stay hidden

Sarla: I have to hide it from Pragya the 4 relations that broke last time due to a reason that has to be kept a secret

Abhi: Pragya
Pragya: yes
Abhi: you hired for my next AD
Pragya: thank you sir
Abhi: don’t call me sir its better that you call me Abhi I like the sound of it
Pragya: ok Abhi

Ishita is walking
Raman is walking towards her
Ishita bumps into her
Raman: ishita watch where you go
Ishita: who do you think you are queen or king
Raman: stay in your limits ishita
Ishita: you stay in your limits learn how to behave to a girl
Ishita starts to walk
Ishita slips
Raman catches her
Raman and ishita stare
Ishita; thank you Raman
Raman: your welcome

Ishita Pragya and Akshara meet
Ishita: What happened Akshara fell in love
Akshara: no
Pragya: you did you were staring at him the time
Akshara: stop making things up
Pragya: Natik and Akshara
Ishita: sitting on the tree
Ishita and Pragya: K I S S I NG

Akshara: you too
Akshara runs after Pragya and ishita

Precap: Pragya Akshara Natik And ishita to try to find out the past that got their families worried while Abhi pratices for his next song

Please comment and sorry this is short nect one I will try ro make long
Suggest anything you want to

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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