Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 16


Ishra, Naksh(Natik and Akshara) and Abhagya love story part 15
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Scene 1
A women is seen walking
Women: you think you can get away Raman by loving someone else
Women eyes are shown then face
Shagun face is shown
Shagun: I have returned Raman and joined your college now I will have you or I will destroy your life
Shagun walks into college
Shagun sees Raman and Ishita hugging
Shagun: My name is Shagun and I destroy who come in my way
Raman and Ishita go to class
Teacher: we have a new student here please welcome Shagun Arora
Shagun walks in
Raman looks ata her and gets shocked
Ishita sees Raman shocked and holds his hand
Ishita: you okay
Raman: im fine
Ishita: you aren’t
Raman: that’s shagun who I married first she divorced me
Ishita: o MY god im sorry
Ishita hugs Raman
Raman: you swear you love me
Ishita: of course I do love you
Raman: I love you too
Natik and Akshara are talking and getting close
Sneha comes in and sees Natik and Akshara and gets jealous
Sneha in her mind
You cant be hers I will get you Natik
Sneha hears Akshara and Natik talks
Akshara; Natik I love you a lot
Natik: I know I love you too
Sneha gets angry and jealous
Sneha leaves and vows revenge

Pragya haldi begins
Akshara dances on Dil se Bandi ek dor
Ishita dances on Yeh hai mohabatein
Everyone pts haldi on Pragya

Wedding begins
Abhi comes on horse
Sarla does his aarti
Abhi touches her feet
Abhi sits at the mandak
Pragya is bought down
Abhi is stunned by her beauty
The rituals start

Precap: Abhi and Pragya suhag raat Tanu entry and alegdes Abhi
Sneha plan against Natik and Akshara
Shagun starts to break Ishra

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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