Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 15


Ishra, Naksh ( Akshara and Natik) and Abhagya part 15
Hi friends sorry for not posting I was busy preparing for my exams and now im posting and also I was busy thinking of an a new idea for fanfiction I am under stress I have many things to do so sorry for this short part
Scene 1
Abhi and Pragya marriage cards come \
Abhi and Pragya take a few cards to invite their friends
Abhi: Well invite Natik and Raman
Pragya: And ishita and Akshara
Abhi: yeah whatever
Abhi: I will rule after this marriage
Pragya: I will rule after this marriage you wont
Abhi: ill be your husband youl have to listen to me
Pragya: no I will be in control
Abhi: me
Pragya: me
Abhi: me
Pragya: you
Abhi: you and that’s final
Pragya: ok
Tanu calls Abhi
Tanu: im sorry to lie to you about my pregnancy and I want you
Police comes to Tanu and takes her
Abhi: few

Ishita and Raman are seen getting closer day by day
Ishita: Raman what would the world do without love
Raman: don’t you think it will be fantastic
Ishita: no
Raman: mein neither
Ishita: lets go meet
Raman and Ishita hold hands and go ahead
Ishita; Raman o the Raman your king hearted you make me smile
Raman: you’re the beautiful smell I want
Ishita: o really
Raman: I wish I had that lipstick on my lips to make me look pretty
Ishita without looking for a chance pulls hi to the side
Ishita: so you want this lipstick I can give it you
Raman: how
Ishita flirts and kisses Raman on the cheek
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: hmm
Raman: I love you
Ishita: I love you too
They continue to kiss

Abhi and Pragya give them their wedding cards
Ishita and Akshara tease Pragya
Raman and Natik tease Abhi

Akshara and Natik bump into each other
Natik: my family has disowned me
Natik in flashback
Decyani: you dint do correct I disown you
Bhabhi Ma: yes
FB ends
Natik hugs Akshara and cries
Natik: now I have no one in this world
Akshara: you have me
Natik: what
Akshara: I love you
Natik: I love you too but will your father agree
Akshara: stay in a hotel and then after a few days I will talk to them because I love my parents and I cant break their trust

Precap: Raman and Ishita love story gets a brick twist Shagun entry
Abhi and Pragya wedding starts
Natik and Akshara cloosiness Sneha to get jealous

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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