Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 13


Ishra, Naksh(Natik Akshara) and Abhagya love story part 13
Hi friends im so sorry I couldn’t post Saturday I was at my cousins house now friends I will try my best to post everyday but I will be quite busy so forgive me for short episodes
Scene 1
Ishita and Raman are talking
It starts to rain
Ishita: yes my style of Rain
Ishita starts to dance
Raman: have you lost it youllget sick
Ishita: No way I wont
Raman starst dancing with her
Teri meri meri teri premkhani plays
Raman: Do you love me?
Ishita: Yes more than anyone
Raman: do you trust me
Ishita: More than me
Raman: then only marriage is awaiting
SRK AND Kajol dialogue I did here from DDLJ

Natik: Akshara my mom has completely warned me to stay away from you
Akshara: your not the only one
Natik: well we have to work together on the assignment
Akshara: you know what I kind of like your enthusiasm
Natik: well thank you my lady Akshara
Akshara: No problem lets focus on the assignment
Natik: yeah your right
Akshara: Natik you know what
Natik: what
Akshara: your button on the front is open anyone can see your abs
Natik gets shy
Natik closes the button
Natik: Thank you
Raman and Ishita on the other hand are hugging

Abhagya meet
Pragya: Abhi now im gonna be your wife you have to listen to me
Abhi: oo mam you have to listen to me
Pragya: no you have to listen to me
Abhi: no you
Pragya: you
Abhi: you
Pragya: you
Abhi: you
Pragya: me
Abhi: me and that’s final
Pragya: okay its yo tat will have to listen to me
Abhi: using tricks against me ha
Abhi holds Prgay and pulls her closer

Naksh Jodi
Akshara: Natik
Natik: hmm
Akshara: lets have some juice
Natik orders juice
The waiter gets messed up and brings wine
Natik and Akshara without knowng drnk it
Waiter: o shoot I gave them wine
Akshara: Natik you know what
Natik: what
Akshara: I love you
Natik: its truth I love you too
Natik: When I go away from you don’t you feel like calling me back
Natik: come closer
Akshara comes closer
Natik: when I call your name do you feel like you love me come closer
Akshara comes close
Natik: when I ignore don’t you wanna talk to me Come closer
Akshara comes close
Natik: don’t you love me
Akshara: I cant answer you
That was another copy of Dil to pagal hai dialogue Shah Rukh Khan AND Madhuri
Natik: Akshara
Akshara: hmm
Natik: I can feel your love for me
Akshar runs to her home and falls asleep

Precap: Ishra Stare and Raman flirts with Ishita
Akshara and Natik recall what happened
Abhagya think about marriage Tanu calls to Abhi

Spoiler: test will shake up people
Sorry its short Im busy preparing for exams they start Monday and end April 22 sorry I will be only posting short parts I am soo sorry

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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