Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 12


Ishra, Naksh and Abhagya love story part 13

Hey friends I cant post today Im sorry I have this week off I will post this weekend sincwe I wanna enjoy after finishing my tests im ready to watch some movies Im posting today not tomorrow until saturday ims sorry And a answer to one question Raman was married to Shagun and she left him same from YHM
Thsi is my movie list
Kuch Kuch Hota hai
Don 2
Kapoor and Sons
Jab tak hai Jaan
Kabhi Alvida na Kehna (SRK MOVIE)
Quantico episode 14
Janeman (Starring Salman khan and preity zintaon youtube)
Dilwale Dulhania le jaye ga
My name is khan
Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
Chennai Express
Happy New year

\Scene 1
Raman: why am i getting cloose to Ishita
Raman: i cant eb betrayed again

Natik and Akshara are talking
Natik: so do you love me
Akshara: I cant love you my father will hate me im sorry
Natik shocked
Akshara: i like you only
Natik: the truth is that I like you too we will convince our families

Abhi: Pragya
Pragya: yes
Abhi: I never said this to any girl
Pragya: Yes
Abhi: your the most wonderful girl I meet
Abhi gets on his knees
Abhi: I love you Pragya
Pragya shocked
Dadi gets happy
Pragya: I love you to
Abhi holds Pragya hand and they hug each other
Dadi: hmmmm
Abhi lets go off Pragya
DadI: Ill talk to your mom today

Pragya goes leaving Dadi with adress
Pragya tells Sarla
Sarla: finally your gonna get married im soo happy for you
Sarla hugs pragya

Ishita and Raman are seen having a cute argument
Ishita: You know what Raman
Raman: yes
Ishita: your the most genorous person ive ever meet I just wanted to say thanks for everything

Vishambarnath: Akshara its time you get married to Vansh and forget all that Natik
Akshara: Bauji
\Rajshiri: Beta its time for your tough call know
Akshara: i need some time
Akshara leaves
Akshara Dadi comes to Akshara
Dadi: I know they’re forcing their orders on you
Akshara hugs Dadi and cries
Dadi: do what your heart wants make the option so you dont regret it
Akshara: What should I do Dadi
Dadi: Do WHAT your heart wants
Akshara: will you support me
Dadi: Son Chauriya I will support you no matter what
Akshara hugs Dadi

Sarla meets Abhi dadi
Dadi: namaste
Sarla: Namas te
Abhi touches Sarla feet
Sarla: come and have a seat
Dadi; were here to ask for pragya Hand for my Abhi
Sarla: Pragya come
Pragya comes dressed in a saree looking beautiful
Abhi gets a call
Abhi: excuse me
Tanu: heloo
Abhi: why did you call
Tanu: you rpomised me you would marry me you got me pregnant
Abhi: no I didnt
Abhi disconnects the phone

Ishita: Raman
Raman: Hi ishia
Raman: you wanna go on a drive
Ishita: sure why not lets go
Raman and ishita go on a long drive
Raman: so Ishita you were born here
Ishita: yes actually I was borned here
Raman: even I was borned here
Ishita sees a icecream shop
Ishita: can we stop for ice cream please
Raman: ok
Raman and ishiat have ice cream
The car tire gets punctured
Raman: o shit the tire is punctured
Ishita: what do you we do know
Raman: i have to call a mechanic
Raman calls a mechanic
Raman looks at Ishita
Ishita: Raman im scared of this highway
Raman: its okay im here
Ishita goes out
A snake bites her
Ishita: ahhh ] Raman: Ishita
Raman picks ishiat up and takes the poison out of her foot
Ishita hugs Raman
Ishita: you saved my life
Raman: I had to I couldnt let you die
Ishita: what is your story
Raman: there was this girl Shagun who I married
Raman: she left me for money

Precap: Ishra rain dance ] Abhi and Pragya sweet arguments begin
Naksh jodi starts to come cloose

Spoiler: Soon they’re will be a new twist that will shake the entire jodi their parents and everyone

Stay tuned on Saturday do expect 2 parts together im busy this week so im sorry

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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