Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 11


Ishra, Naksh and Abhagya part 11

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Scene 1
Akshara suhaagraat
Natik Heartbroken
Vansh: i love you Akshara
Akshara: i love you to
Vansh goes near Akshara
Natik wakes up in Jail
Natik: that was a dream few
Natik: I will meet Akshara when she is well in college
Bhabhi Ma gets Natik Bail
Natik goes home
In the night
Natik runs from the house to the hospital

Natik reaches Akshara ward
Natik: Akshara wake up Akshara
Akshara doesnt respond
Natik: Akshara wake up please Akhara
Akshara doesnt move
Natik: the truth is I liked you from the first day i saw you wake up or else i will commit suicide
Akshara eyes open
Akshara: Natik
Natik: Akshara
Akshara: dont ever talk about commiting suicide
Natik: ok
Akshara and Natik get cloose
Dil se Bande ek door plays

Natik kisses Akshara on the cheek
Natik: bye i have to go before anyone comes
Akshara: Natik I sort of started to like you too
Natik hugs Akshara
Akshara: bye
Nati leaves Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai plays
Vishambarnath and Rajshiri get happy seeing Akshara recover

Ishita and Raman are talking
Raman: im sorry about the whole incdent
Ishita: its okay Raman
Raman: i cant see a girl crying
Ishita: Raman I have something to say
Raman: go ahead
Ishita: I always tought you were cruel and egotic person after your saying thoes lines I realize you have a heart after all
Raman: thankj you for the compliment
Ishita and Raman stare
Yeh hai Mohabatein plays

Pragya and Abhi are seen before their concert
Announcer: now the performance we have been waiting for Rockstar Abhi and His assistant Pragya performance
Abhi starts to sing Tum Hi HO
Pragya and Abhi dance
The cloose they get

Abhi and Pragya heartbeat rate increases
Abhi then starts to sing Kumkum Bhagya
Pragya and Abhi dance

Ishita and Ramana
Raman: did you ever have that someone in your life that you loved
Ishita: no
Raman: i did she divorced me for Money and left My daughter Ruhi and Son Adi
Ishita: Really
Raman: yes

Vishambarnath: Akshara beti
Akshara: yes
Vishambarnath: i know you know the past you dont have to meet Natik Pragya and Ishita
Akshara: no bauji You dont like them but were working on a assignment together
Vishamarnath: Akshara promise me that youll take care of your self
Akshara: I promise
Vishambarnath and dont get close to Natik
Akshara: without your permission i wont

Ishita arrives home
Amma: Ishu I heard everything because I received a call
Ishita: from who
Amma: Kaveri ji
Ishita: what

Amma: why are you doing this again you will cause distance between us
Ishita: who
Amma: Ishu stay away from Akshara Natik and Pragya
Ishita: we have an assignment comming up
Amma: okay but dont even dare go and try to fix relations or your and mine relation breaks

Natik family
Bhabhi Ma: Moona if you try to fix relations I will disown you
Devyani: shes ssaying right

Same happens with Pragya

Abhi is mesmerized by Pragya
Abhi: control yourself Abhi or elswe well have to pay a price

Raman: why am I getting cloose to Akshara
Raman: it cant be love again
Raman: It cant be again
Raman: I was betrayed once and it wont happen again

Akshara and Pragya Natik Ishita meet
Ishita: you feeling better Akshara
Akshara: im fine but now this does mean we have to make a tough choice
Raman enters
Raman: my party is tomorrow
Akshara: we know
Raman leaves
Pragya: we have to do comething or call of a big decision now its time
Natik: really we have to make a tough choice

Teacher: I assign the project of finding true career each one pof you have
Teacher: group one is Akshara Maheshwari Natik Singhania Pragya Arora Ishita Iyer Raman Bhalla and Abhi Mehra

Teacher: you have until the end of this month to do it you can work into the library and in class this whole month I will be walking around and observing you all

Precap: Tough Decisions come
Raman and Ishita cute argument
Natik Akshara closeness
Abhi and Pragya stare at each other

Ishita: what should we do
Everyone is thinking
This is a big call now its time for a right decision
Guys do comment and give support please and after this track what twist would you all like to read about

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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  1. In this story raman is married omg still studying in college ..have 2 kids?????No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO
    He should be a business man.. not college student. SORRY FOR THIS..
    one doubt he is getting close to ishu not akshara right …BUT I LIKE UR YOUR STORY VERY MUCH EXCEPT RAMAN… he is married still studying… PLZ DONT DO LIKE THIS WITH ISHRA I AM BIG BIG BIG FAN OF ISHRA PLZZZZZ ITS A REQUEST..
    THIS MARRIED PART U CAN DO WITH NATIK AND AKSHARA (i DON’T LIKE THEM THAT MUCH just kidding) but no raman and ishita and ur story super man next episode update as soon as possible….. SORRY

  2. Thanks for catching tbe error it was suppose to be ishita
    My bad I’m sorry

  3. Its Nice…..But Raman is Married ???

  4. Superb.. I want abhigya scenes yaar???

  5. wauw? want moree naksh sceness

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