Ishra, Naksh(Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 10


Ishra, Naksha and Abhagya part 10
Hi friends thanks for commenting and your support I love posting fr you all so you can enjoy it so lets get started
Scene 1
Akshara condition gets critical
Rajshiri gets a phone call
She breaks down
Vishambarnath: Shaurya ki ma What happened
Rajshiri: Akshara has meet with an accident
Vishambarnath: what
Rajshiri: that was a call from the hospital

Vishambarnath: lets go then
Rjshiri: yes I must see my daughter
Varsha: you go ill come I have to inform Shaurya
Rajshiri and Vishambarnath head for the hospital
Natik: are you both Akshara parents
Rajshiri: yes
Natik: shes right there in ICU

Rajshiri: My poor daughter thank you beta
Natik: it was actually My Bhabhi Ma fault she told her everything from the past
Vishamabarnath: your related to Kaveri ji
Natik: Im Natik Singhania
Rajshiri: why did Kaveri tell my daughter its your fault why did you have to come near my daughter
Natik: Aunty but
Rajshiri: just go and don’t show us your face again
Pragya: Aunti
Ishita: Uncle Aunty listen
Rajshiri: who are you 2
Pragya: im Pragya and she is Ishita Bhalla

Rajshiri: what
Vishambarnath: go all of you go and thanks but no thanks I have to talk to Kaveri
Vishambarnath drives toward singania house
Vishambarnath: Bhabhi Ma
Bhabhi Ma: Vishambarnath Ji you
Vishambarnath: yes its me
Bhabhi Ma: how sare you come here
Vishambarnath: you told everything to my daughter and now she is critical because of you
Bhabhi Ma: Shut up
Vishambarnath: today you sht up you were evil from the first place today if my daughter doesn’t survive I WILL GIVE YOU CURSE AND POLICE COMPLAIN AGAINST YOUR SON NATIK
Bhabhi Ma shocked
Vishmbarnath leaves
Natik sees him
Nnatik: Uncle I wanna come with you to see Akshara
Vishambarnath slaps Natik
Vishambarnath: My daughter is about to get married next month and if youd ont stay away from her I will give you into police now stay away or else your Bhabhi Ma will also go to jail
Natik moves
Natik: I will meet Akshara uncle

Vishambarnath calls Someone
Police comes
Vishambarnath: take him in he wants to meet my daughter and she has no relation with him because of him my daughter life is in danger
Police: Court has a warrant for you to stay away from Akshara
Natik: I wont
Police handcuffs Natik
Bhabhi Ma cries
Vishambarnath: you might be next

Raman sees a worried Ishita
Raman: Is something wrong Ishita
Ishita hugs Raman
Yeh hai Mohabatein plays
Ishita: Akshara I learned something from pas
Raman: its okay
Raman: Ishita look at me

Ishita looks up
Raman: don’t cry
Ishita: I have to cry its my thing
Ishita starts talking loud
Raman: shut up and stop crying
Ishita: make me
Raman without looking for a chance takes Ishita to a side and kisses her on the lips
Ishita Is shocked as hell
Raman: Ishita im sorry
Ishita: its okay
Raman: its just that after I saw you crying I couldn’t help my self
Raman is about to leave
Ishita holds his hand
Ishita: Raman

Raman: yes
Ishita: your not that bad of a guy
Raman: thank you
Ishita kisses him on the check
Ishita leaves
Raman: What did I do am I in love

Pragya comes to Abhi
Pragya: Abhi
Abhi; Pragya
Pragya: you needed something
Abhi: help me with this please
Pragy a helps him with his costume selection
Abhi: thank you
Abhi kisses her on the check
Pragya gets shocked

Pragya leaves
Pragya: its okay

Natik In jail recalls Vishambarnath words\
Vishambarnath: shes getting married to her love next month
Nnatik cries

Lawyer comes to Nnatik
Lawyer: you will be allowed out but if you meet Akshara your mom and father will be in jail and you cant meet her until her marriage is done and that wll happen soon since she has recovered
Natik: Akshara I WILL MEET HER
Police stops him and puts him back

Natik: no I love her
Bhabhi Ma: now stay in jail until Akshara marriage is done but I got you out your lucky now come don’t go to Akshara

In the temple
A mandak is ready
Akshara is bought
Akshara: to get ridd of my past with Natik I will marry Vansh my first love
Vansh and everyone come
They rounds start
Natik runs toward the temple
The last round happens

Akshara cries
Natik comes up the stairs] The mangal sutar is done and now the sindoor art happens
Natik: Akshara marriage is done No it cant happen
Pandit: now you can take blessings and go
Akshara sees Natik

Precap: Akshara suhaag raat with Vansh
Natik heartbroken
Raman and Ishita get closer
Tiffs increase
Pragya and Abhi concert
Spoiler: that is Natik dream

Credit to: AHT name Abdul Hannan

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