Ishra, Naksh (Akshara and Natk), and Abhagya love story part 2

Ishra Naksh and Abhagya part 1
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Scene 1
Pragya is seen running toward Abhi house
Its 8;05 am
Pragya: Abhi sir
Abhi: your five minutes late
Pragya: im sorry I was stuck in traffic
Abhi: its your first day and your late if this goes on you wont be hired
Pragya: im sorry Sir
Abhi: lets see start
A half over later
Abhi: horrible go and come back tomorrow early and prepared since you have to go to college and if next time your not prepared get ready to leave Ms. Pragya
Pragya leaves and cries
Dadi: Abhi don’t you think you were horrible with her she doesn’t even know you well
Abhi: Its okay Dad hey wil have to learn today

Ishita is seen in college
Ishita: I don’t know where this room is
Ishita sees Raman
Ishita: let me ask him
Ishita: Excuse me
Raman: yes
Ishita: do you know where this is
Raman: no I don’t
Ishita ok
Raman: next time you better not mess with me
Ishita: excuse me
Raman: what
Ishita: you cant be yelling at me I don’t even know you
Ishita walks away
Ishita: ill see him later
Ishita bumps into Akshara
Akshara: im sorry
Ishita: its okay it was my fault
Ishita: are you new
Akshara: yes and it looks like you are 2 new
Ishita: where do you have to go
Akshara says room 206
Ishita: you got to be kidding me even im looking for that room
Akshara: really come lets go together
Ishita: I think I found a friend that’s you
Akshara: me too
Akshara and Ishita talk and laugh
Akshara doesn’t know while she walks
Akshara steps on a banana peel
Akshara slips and is about to fall
Natik holds her
Natik and Akshara have an eye lock
Ishita smiles seeing this
Ishita: hmmm
Natik and Akshara come out of the stare
Akshara: thank you
Natik: no problem
Akshara: im Akshara mahehwari
Natik: im Natik Singhania
Akshara and Natik shake hands
Akshara leaves with Varsha
Akshara turns and looks at Natik
Akshara: Hes not bad
Ishita: it looks like someone is falling in love with him
Akshara: shutup and lets go
Ishita and Akshara find their seats
Pragya comes and sits down as well
Ishita; hi My name is ishita
Pragya: my name is Pragya
Ishita: nice to meet you
Natik Abhi and Raman come to the same class
Ishita and Raman see each other and get irritated
Teacher: Heloo Students
Teacher: Mr. Natik I want you sit with Akshara am I right
Akshara: yes mam
Teacher: go sit with her Raman sit with ishita and Abhi with pragya
Everyone takes their seats
Natik: you wanna go out for coffee later
Akshara: okay
Natik: then meet me after class
Raman: don’t think I like this arrangement
Ishita: neither do I
Abhi: tomorrow you should know you lines
Pragya: im sorry Abhi
Abhi: Sir
Pragya: your not my Sir in college
Abhi: that’s correct
Pragya: now lets do some work
Pragya recalls something
Bulbul and Purab talking
Bulbul: you know Purab I love you
Purab: I love you to
Pragya comes out of flashback

Precap; Natik Akshara come close to each other Ishita Pragya tease her
Abhi chooses Pragya for his next AD
Ishra cute arguments continue

Spoiler: past revelations will happen soon

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