Ishra n Virika 2new love stories (Episode2)

Sry for the super late update guys…I was quite busy n totally forgot to update.Now I will continue with this episode…In the last episode’s comment sme said that u miss virat and manvi.So this 2 new characters will b added on.Maanvi as jeevika’s sister and virat as viren’s friend.(actually mihir’s bro)

Scene 1:In bhalla mansion.
Swamini:Jeevika!R u ready its getting late…
Jeevs:Sry buaji!I am ready lets go.
Swamini:ok lets go!
Dadaji:Swamini jeevika!Where r u 2 heading to?
Swamini:Papa v r going shopping..
Dadaji:Ok don’t forget to buy gif for chotu!
Jeevika:Why gift for chotu?
Swamini:Its chotu’s birthday tmr jeevika…
Jeevika:Oh I didn’t know that…Virenji nvr tell me!
dadaji:Its ok beta!Swamini,u buy manju kapur’s latest novel for chotu.
Swamini:Of course!Its raman’s favourite author.
They leave and dadaji thinks on.
dadaji:Hope that boy get married soon…Don’t know what is the reason for him to delay marriage

Scene2:In iyer house.The calling bell rings and appa opens the door.
Appa:Ah!Come in ishu.How was ur interview.
Ishu:i got the job appa.
Appa:Congrats ishu!
Ishu:But its that khadoos’s office!
Ishu:Ravan kumar!
Appa:Oh!Raman kumar…Hei s the boss?
Ishu:Yes!I am stuck with him agn!
Appa:Ishita!Dont say like that…He is such a nice boy.
Ishu:Enough of ur support for raman.Now where is amma?
Appa:She went shopping…And what’s that in your hand?
Ishu:Oh this!This is manu kapur’s novel.tmr is raman’s birthday and she s raman’s favourite author.Thats why I bought this for him.
She leaves leaving appa thinking.
Appa:She still remember’s raman’s birthday…Good!need to tell madhu.Where is she now.

Scene3:In the book shop.Amma and swamini r there.
Jeevika:Buaji!Manju kapur’s novel is here!
Swamii:Well well!Take it b4 it sells out.
They pay for the book and r leaving the shop when swamini bumps into madhu.they both r shocked and jeevika looks on.
Suddenly they smile and hug each other.
Madhu:how r u swamini?How is everyone at home?
Swamini:everyone is fine and how r u and mr iyer?And ur beautiful daughter Ishita?
Madhu:Everyone is fine…
She sees jeevika and asks abt her.
Swamini:She is viren’s wife.
Madhu:What!?Viren is married!?U didn’t inform me!
Swamini:Sry madhu!U changed ur address n v didn’t know ur new address.raman lost ishta’s number also.
Madhu:Mihir had ishita’s number righ…Wait is mihir with raman?
Swamin:haan madhu!Mihir stays with us but he was overseas when viren got married.
Madhu:Accha…Ok one day v will come to ur house to meet viren and the rest.Give me ur address…
Swamini:give ur address too!
they both exchange address and leave.

Scene4:In viren’s room.Jeevika is doing something and viren enters.He sees jeevika and closes the door behind.He comes and hugs jeevika from behind.(sa re ga re ga plays)Jeevika keeps the things in the drawer and turns.
viren:What r u doing in here?didnt come and receive me?
jeevika:u r not a child for sme1 to come and receive u!
viren:y r u so angry?
Jeevika:u didn’t tell me abt raman’s birthday!
viren:Oh that!sry yaar!
jeevka:But ram…
Jeevika’s phone rings.
Viren takes the phone and attends it..
Maanvi:Di!i missed us sooo much!
Viren:hello madam!Its ur jeeju and not di!
maanvi:Oh jeeju!How r u?How is every1 at home?
Viren:Every1 is fine what abt der?
Maanvi:All r fine and can u pass the ph to my di now pls?
jeevika:Mannu!How r u?
They both talk and viren watches jeevika.
viren to himself:Best sisters!

Scene 5:Its raman’s birthday and everyone at home wishes him.
Somebody comes and wishes him.
Raman:Arrey viraat! U arrived!Tnq u so much virat!
Virat gifts him and viren comes there and sees viraat and hugs him.
viren:jeevika…This is Mihir’s brother viraat.he is also a lawyer.
everyone wishes viraat and gifts him.viren gifts raman a watch and raman likes it.he wears it and leaves to office with mihir.

Scene6:Raman comes to office and everyone gifts him with bouquets.raman back to himself(angry ravan kumar) shouts at his staff.
Raman:What is there for so many bouquets!?Did I win anything?No right!?Go and do ur work!
mihir:raman whats this?Its ur birthday today yaar!y did u get angry at the staffs?
raman:Just look at me!i am like a walking flower shop!take this and put it in the conference room!
Mihir:Ok ok!relax…
raman leaves and ishita is watching this from bhind!
Ishu:Raavan Kumar!He still did not change!Khadoos kumar!
She looks at the book in her hands and follows raman to his cabin.
Ishu:Mr raman kumar bhalla!
Raman:arrey madarasan!Cme in!
Ishu:Happy birthday!
Raman:Wah!U remember my birthday madarasan!
Ishu:how can I forget!
raman stares at her and ishita waves the book in front of him.He cmes back to senses
Ishu:this is ur birthday gift!
raman:Oh thx!Is this a book of the life of ‘Jhansi ki rani’?
Ishu irritated:OMG!Whats wrong with u?Y r u always mocking me?
Raman:that means u remember that I used to call u Jhansi ki rani?
Ishu just look at raman and raman looks at her(yeh hai mohbatein plays…)ishita gets up and leaves and stands near the door.
Ishita:Those r the memorable times raman…!
She smiles n leaves.raman thinks abt ishita’s words and changes his expressions to is normal self agn(Angry raman)
raman:those r not memorable past ishita.They r meant to forget.
Lily cmes and gives something to raman.
raman:now what yaar?Another gift from the staffs?
lily:Not from staffs sir…Its from ur friend sir…

Precap:raman looks at the gift and get angry.A letter drops from the it and raman reads it.he gets angry and crushes the paper.Ishita is talking to mihir when they hear sounds coming from his cabin.

—-Guys no need to wait for the suspense aymore guys…in tmr episode u will get to know it 😉

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