Ishra n Virika 2 love stories ( Episode 1)


This is a new story for all ehmmbh n yhm fans.Really miss ehmmbh 🙁
Viren Bhalla
Raman Bhalla(Viren’s younger brother)
Jeevika Bhalla
Ishita Iyer
Swamini bua(ehmmbh)
Amma n appa(yhm)

Scene 1:It is beautiful Bhalla Mansion in Chandigarh.Dadaji and swamini r having their coffee in the garden.Vanshika comes there.
Swamini:Where is viren and chotu(raman)?
Vanshika:They r still in the room.
Swamini:Thats strange!Chotu is the one who is always late for office.Now raman is late for court too?He is not ready yet?
Dadaji:Beta!Did u forget?Viren got married recently!He is with jeevika!Mayb romancing…!
They all laugh.
Viren comes in his dashing way(the coat he was wearing when he met jeevika 1st tme in the show)
Jeevika follows behind in a pink anarkali looking very pretty.
Swamini complements her.They both seek dadaji’s blessing.
Viren:Where is Raman?He must alr b up to drink the coffee made by his babhi’s hands.
Raman comes down the stairs.They all look at him and are amazed.He seeks dadji’s blessing and looks at them.
Raman:What happen?
Vanshika:Chotu!U nvr dresses so nicely b4!U look like SRK!
Raman:Thx maa!Actully its nothing!There is an interview in the office.Thsts y.
Jeevika:Raman,here u go with the coffee.
raman thx here.
Viren:So u groomed urself to look good in front new girls?
Raman punches him in the stomach.
Raman:Nothing like that mr lawyer!
Everyone laugh.
Dadaji:Arrey!Mihir is here!
Mihir:Bhai!Ur still not ready?
Raman:Mihir,relax!im the boss and the interview will not start without me!Here take this coffee!Bhabi did it.Its really nice!
Swamini:Mihir!Ur friend here is not in the mood to get married ths year and he will b saying this for another 2-3 years!What abt u?
Mihir:U r the only family I have.First raman’s marriage then mine.And now drink the coffee quickly and cme.

Scene2:In the iyer house.
Ishita is in the room getting ready.She is in the green saree(the one she wore when she saved ruhi in yhm).
Appa:Madhu has the newsppr arrived?
Amma angrily:Father and daughter torturing me!Am I a machine?
Ishita:Amma!I don’t want coffee!Iam getting late!Bye see u!
Appa:All the best ishu!
Ishu:Thx appa!
Amma:Drink coffee at least!
Ishita is alr at the doorstep and rejects the coffee.
Amma:Ishu is always in a hurry!
She passes the coffee cup to appa and asks him to drink it.Appa looks at her.
Amma:Its gd for ur brain to play suduko!

Scene3:Ishita arrives at the RKB grp of companies.
Ishita:I am ishita iyer.I came for the interview!Sry I am a bit late…
Lily(receptionist):Its ok mam.Our boss is not here yet…U may take ur seat.
Ishits takes a seat and says:What?!Interview is at 8am and the time is 8:15.The boss is not here?I should’ve drank coffee at least.
Raman enters with mihir.Ishita looks at him but does not c his face.The interview starts and ishita’s turn comes.
Ishu:May I come in sir?
Raman is shocked to her her voice and turns back.He is shocked to see ishita.
Ishita:You?!You r the boss here?!
Raman:Oh yes ms ishita iyer!Cme take your seat.
He smiles and ishita comes annoyed and sits.
Ishu:If I had known its ur company,i wouldn’t have came here!
Raman:But im afraid its too late!u r appointed1
Raman:R u deaf ms madarasan?U R APPOINTED!
ishita gets happy and thx him.
Raman:Its been long since u thanked me.
Ishita stops smiling and says:but u didn’t c any of my certificates.
Raman:No need!U r a special guest for me!U can join the office tmr..
Ishu:Thx.Tnq so much raman!
She leaves and raman looks at her…
raman:ahh…Mad madarasan!
Mihir comes in.
Mihir:What is she doing here?!
Raman:Teaching me how to prepare dosa.Idiot!Interview of course!
Mihir:I thought u hated her?
Raman:That was past.Not now…
Raman smiles hinking about their old fights.
Mihir thinks:mayb swamini bua’s dream will cme true!
He smiles for himself while raman thinks about ishita.

Precap:Swamini and jeevika are in the shop.Madhavi is there also.They both collide and are shocked to c each other.Viren and jeevika romance.

Credit to: Divya

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  1. Nice ff..but can u tell me did ishita know ramam already if yes then how…what past you r taking about divya..plzz clarify it… 🙂 🙂

    1. u will get to know that in a few episodes…

  2. Awwwww such an wonderfulll ff

  3. u cannot think raman as viren. younger brother because always viren looks younger than raman ,e except this the fan fiction is nice .

    1. Yeah true but in this in e show,virat looked older than Viren and Viren looked younger.But it’s just a story and it’s nice

  4. It’s amazing…Please don’t stop writing as there are many silent readers…they don’t comment but read the ff regularly…

  5. Can you please not merge the two dramas together.. The charm is lost and where are Virat and Manvi? Drama is really not good without them… Please follow the actual plot of ehmmbh

  6. When is next episode Di

  7. Awsmmm I liked it

  8. nice ff with yhm n ehmmbh 2gether…Pls continue and try to bring virman into the story line

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