Ishra n Raglak: We didnt marry fr luv episode 6


The episode starts with sanskar searching for laksh while he approaches the same cliff from which shitija had jumped. He looks at the cliff, stops his car, gets out n looks down the cliff.. Among the grass verges and plants n d night ? approaching he saw someone he knew very wen n shouted LAKSHYAA……!!! In a hurry he calls d nearby police ??. Swara comes rushing to Ragini who’s sitting wid closed eyes in front of Radha Krishna’s idol. Only one thing was going in her mind tat her Krishna b alright.. Swara says Ragini.. She opens her tearful eyes n asks abt laksh. Swara says Ragini, Lakshya was found by sanskar, jus down d only cliff in d city. Ragini is shocked n shatters down ?.. Swara assures her saying he’s not as unlucky as Shitija, he’s rescued by the police n is in City hospital ?. Ragini rushes out, grabs her handbag ? in a flick of a second, takes out the car keys , pulls swara who was in wonder, and drives all the way to the hospital ?. Swara meanwhile calls Ishita who was in equal worry n informed her abt everything.. Ishu in shock calls Raman..

I-where’re you….???
R-wherever I’m, not ur problem
I-Then it’s not at all my headache to tell u abt laksh…
I-yes ur beloved wife laksh
R-he’s not my wife
I-it doesn’t seem soooo……… anyways, Laksha is in I.c.u.
R-which I.c.u..?

I-City hospital ?, I’m going there, u stay wherever u r.
R-shut up…
Ishita grabs her purse n was about to go while Ruhi comes and hold her hand.. “Where’re u going Ishima..?”
“dear Laksha has an accident I’m going there.. U do a job, go to maheshwari mansion n take care of Kirti, she must b alone”
“WHAT….. OH OK Ishima I’ll go, don’t worry”
Both bhalla n Maheshwari families outside the operation theatre waiting to hear five words; patient is out of danger..
The clock ticks n ticks ??. Doctor comes out with tension clear on his face and sys patient is critical.. If he didn’t gain consciousness till mrng we can’t say anything…
These words put Ragini into gr8 worry, d only thing she knew was it’s her fault.. Raman asks Ishita n swara to go home

?now n cum next day.

? 10 o’ clock…..
Ragini sits down d side of Laksha n says, “That day wen your men had kidnapped me, I had no idea why n where they were taking me.. All I knew was that its ur fault n only ur mistake. After all they ere ur men. They took me to a dark room, d biggest ever seen dark room, the godown of AP’s office ?. I was looking around blaming u all through, wen i realised its ur dad’s office ?. D four men tied me to d pillar bt u didn’t even bother to inform d police ?. That night only my family kept blaming u, bt didn’t seem to hv any effect on u, Laksha.. Next day papa informed d police ??. Your men, or I must say they were NT ur men, they tortured me for full 10 days.

It was after 10 days that I got free of the torture.. You didn’t care anything Laksha, u didn’t bother y ur men did this, u didn’t bother wat Dey did wid me, was there a single thing u bothered for?? You married me just for d sake I’d Kirti but these five years I’ve realised my love for u Laksha, n wen I wanted to tell u all of it u simply jumped off the cliff to torture me more or wat??????” Tears drip down her eyes ?????.. ‼ the clock ticked off ???…10 o clock, 11 o’ clock, 12 o’ clock.. Ragini was still awake, still crying ?. Her tears drip down on laksha’s face n he opens his eyes in a whack.. RAGINI…!!!

12 o’ clock..!! That meant something.. Happy birthday to Ishita ‼ the alarm clock by Ishita’s side rung off HAPPY BIRTHDAY ? ? ?.. She switched off the alarm and the light on, only to find whole bhalla family by her bedside. Only someone was missing he was Raman.. In a min or two he enters from d back door with a flower bouquet ?.. Ishita’s eyes lighten.. “Raman ‼ .”
“Why, can’t I be here?”
“Of course bt in this romant…”
“Yes, romantic Ishita, bt I fear u’ll jump off the balcony this moment lyk Laksha did, if I tell u dat i love u..”

Precap:-Celebrations n celebrations…

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    amazing episode

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    Super awesome update dr…loved it soooo much!!!!ohhh god raglak part ws sooo emotional!!!!poor ragsss….waitng eagerly for nxt part…keeep rockng n stay blessed dr 😉 😉 😉

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  4. Awesome episode and eagerly waiting for more Raglak scenes

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    Aww loved it but feel sad that he jumped and feeling so bad for Rags… and loved Ishra today but it was a little confusing as there weren’t any spaces… anyway fab as usual and post soon xx?

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      Thanks n sry for the mistakes ? will ppat soon ?

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