Ishra n Raglak: We didnt marry fr luv episode 4


Hi guys.. Thanks fr the support.. Here goes 4th episode n plzzzz leave a comment..
The epi starts with Ruhi giving almonds to Raman .. Raman munches them.

“it isn’t anyone’s anniversary”
“It’s not even ur b’day”
“it’s not my b’day”
“it’s not adi’s b’day”
“hmm hmm”
“Yaar I don’t remember Ruhi”
“then you may go away, n forget u hv a daughter named Ruhi bhalla”
“Ruhi plzzzz tell”
“I won’t papa.. I’m just fed up with you. You don’t remember anything not even ur wife’s b’day, you really need these almonds n walnuts. You don’t deserve the love Ishima does…” Saying so , Ruhi goes away whilst Raman is in totally confusion..

Ragini wakes up, totally perspiring by a nightmare.. Fb shows(Nightmare)- Ragini says Laksha, I love you. Laksha in completely shock asks Ragini to repeat her words. Ragini repeats I love u Laksha… Laksha stumbles n goes to Sanskar. “sanskar bro….. Ragini loved me so much n I,.. I have tortured her… I’ve.. I’ve broken her heart ❤.. I’ve, made her sad ?,, I’ve given her so much pain”……. Saying so, Laksha falls down , his eyes close slowly and quietly and he passes away… Fb ends..

Ragini looks at Laksha who’s snoring, signing his peaceful sleep which shouldn’t b broken.. She gets indulged in work in the kitchen still thinking of her nightmare until Laksha comes there, telling her that he wants to have an urgent convo with his so called wife. Ragini stares him in worry as he pulls her to their room,,
“I’d asked u a question yesterday”
“Which question”.
“DO U LUV ME….?”
Ragini’s heart beats loudly, with worry on her forehead seen clearly as she tries to excuse herself.. The kids r looking on from the side window, as they wait fr rag’s answer.
“I don’t luv u Laksha”Ragini says with tears in her eyes, that signify that.. She’s lying.
“A white lie Ragini, it’s a white lie”
“No Laksha what made u think that I can ever luv u wen you’ve…. Always tortured me for no reason?”
Lakshya shows her the letter.
“Who’s this well wisher? Seems lyk ur friend, Laksha”
“Shut up Ragini, I don’t have friends lyk that. Btw don’t try to change the topic. I’m going to jump off this balcony ryt now”

Laksha stands in the balcony ready to jump off while Ragini shouts”I LOVE YOU ? LAKSHYAA”
A smile settles on the faces of the kids who dance with joy, while Ragini stumbles down and Laksha is in tears..
Raman n sanskar in office.
R-Arey sanskar, where’s Laksha?
S-He said he has sum imp work
R-Imp work at house?
S-I don’t hv much knowledge bhai
R-ooh maybe he’s cooking his lunch
S-But rags bhabhi gave both tiffins to me
R-Hey sanskar u r experienced M.I.W
R-master of impressing wife
Sanskar coughs.. You n impressing wife..?
R-arey bhai.. Only for Ruhi. It’s ishita’s b’day tomorrow..
S-Wow, that’s gr8.
In bhalla house. Ishita is crying in a corner thinking… My daughter is so angry on her father, what’ll happen? Oh lord, plzzzz help… Do something that’ll change Raman forever! Won’t it happen ever?

Precap:-Ishita wakes up with the alarm clock ? ringing HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Laksha is shown going over a cliff. Rags reveals d dark secret to Kirti..

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  1. Fairy

    Amaznggg!!!!loved ragini’s confesssion!!!,waitng for nxt part eagerlyyyyyyyyyy??? keeeep rockng n stay blesssed vanshi????????????????????

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot fairy sissie ? next part on Sunday..

  2. Raglak scenes are nice

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    Wow lovely

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    nice waiting for dark secret and what’ll happen to lucky waiting for next episode how dumb raman haha.xx

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    Nice update dr

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    amazing… loved it

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    superbbb dear…

  9. oh ragini had a bad dream and finally she proposed to laksh . so happy to know this dearie . wow for ruhi raman is gonna celebrate ishu’s bday . eagerly waiting for the b’day celebrations of ishitha and more twists . update soon . now i am off to ur next ff . seriously dear , ur ff’s r so good that i can read as many as i can . stay blessed . keep rocking

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