Ishra n Raglak: We didnt marry fr luv episode 3


The epi starts with lakshya holding Ragini n his hands. They share an eye lock.. Main to tere rang Mai rang chuki Hu… bas Teri ho chuki ho…
mera mujh mei kuch nahi,… Sab tera… Plays..
Kirti smiles seeing it n hugs Ruhi. She recalls Ragini askin her anniversary gift ? . Fb shows Ragini says “Kirti, you’ve turned 14 years old, you’re grown up enough now that I tell u my heart’s secrets, I’ve been living with lakshya from 5 years and I know what he did with me …… Bt truth has changed now, I used to hate him the most n nw I love……. Him. My biggest anniversary gift will be that Laksh realises that…..”
“okay maa”
Fb ends.
Kirti says I have to tell papa bt how..? Ofc I need some help, from ruhi n Ishita aunty will b best…. Perhaps swara masi also help me, I’ve to do something.
She goes to ruhi. N tells her everything. Ruhi tells her a plan..

The same nyt..
Lakshya goes in his room and see it decorated beautifully. He looks at a card on the bed and picks it up. A letter drops from inside..
Happy anniversary to you, I m ur well-wisher. U may nt b knowing me, bt I knw very welll. This is to inform you that your wife Ragini loves u alot, and u kip torturing her. This is to tell u , u better mend ur ways otherwise I’ll inform to the police.
Lakshya is off his mind.
Lakshya tears off the card and throws it in the dustbin n sits on d bed sighing as he recalls the second line of the card.. “RAGINI LOVES ME how’s it POSSIBLE”
Jus then Rags enters d room.
“Lakshya what happened”
“what NoThInG lakshya, ur face……”
“Tel d truth Ragini, do u luv me…..?”
Ragini is shocked…. She recalls asking wish to Kirti.. Did Kirti tell lakshya.. No no this isn’t possible, otherwise lakshya wouldn’t have asked me.. What do I say..?.
“Ragini I’m asking straightforward answer, do u luv me”
“Lakshya………….ac., Isn’t the answer of my question.”
“I… Luv… No I need time to decide”
“I won’t give u much tym Ragini , wen sun rises next morning, I want ur answer”

?☀?☀ MORNING…..
Raman comes to Ishu.
“What’s happened Ishita, Ruhi mood is off today, did u say anything to her, u keep on scolding her”
“then you must’ve beaten her up”
“Have u gone mad Raman, or r u drunk ?, she’s angry on u not me”
“You’re an empty brain”
“I’m not..”
Neelu calls Ishita.. “Bhabhi, maaji is calling u”
“COMING NEELU.. Ryt now I’m going ravan kumar bt I’ll c you l8r”
Raman pulls her. “why later, see me and fill ur heart ryt now..” Kabhi kum nhi hongi yeh chahatein,….. pal pal badhe yeh hai mohabbatein…… Plays…
Raman leaves Ishita’s hand and she falls down “RAAMAAN WHAT DID U DO..”
“WHAT did u think Madrasan I’ll romance with u”
“YES YES, what romance u’ll do with me, first go and see ur daughters mood”
“SHUT up” Raman goes away to Ruhi.
“Hey supergirl, what’s on”
Ruhi hands over a handful of almonds to Raman and asks him to munch on them to recall what’s going on…

Precap:- Ragini says lakshya I don’t luv u. Ishita is crying in a corner…

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  4. Jazzy

    superb and the children soo smart

  5. Superb episode

  6. its to short next part with raglak scene

  7. Ragz_teju

    amazing… loved it

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  9. Shana98

    nice epi, but why does Ragini say she doesnt love laksh?

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx.. Marry will b unfolded in next episode soon

      1. Vanshika

        I meant mystery….

  10. Asra

    superbbb dear….

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks dear

  11. A.xx

    what why did she say she doesn’t love him and what’ll be his reaction??
    waiting for next epi and feeling bad for ishu.xx

    1. Vanshika

      Yes his reaction…. Will post asap. Then u’ll know why she said noooo…. Thanks fr commenting

  12. Fairy

    Wohoooo welll wisher hahahaha?? awesome!!!! Raglak part ws fabulousss…..???? bt precap is shockng,y rags is saying dat she dont love him????????watng for raglak love confession!!!keeep rockng n stay blessed dear????

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks siisiie.. Will update soon n don’t worry Ragini will confess love soon and lakshya will regret what he did with her.. Kip reading..

  13. Akshata

    awesome update, but why laksh is behaving like this i mean they were married for 5 years. first he forgot her easily, got married and having a child, he didnt try to mend his relationship with her. i am feeling bad for ragini she has suffered a lot and still suffering. i am so curious to knw reason behind it. update soon

    1. Vanshika

      There’re many a big secrets behind this behaviour of Lakshyaa… And that’ll b unfold in much tym, so u hv to wait n kip reading.. Thanks alot for commenting ..

  14. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear…

  15. woww , so many mysteries to unfold , cutie . cant wait more . waiting for raglak confession and the precap seems scary . eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks akka… Mystery is what makes a fanfic interesting, ryt,, will update asap.. You’ll get raglak confession in 3 episodes..

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