Ishra n Raglak: We didnt marry fr luv episode 1


Epi 1
Hi dearies ? thanks for your response in the intro.. Okay here goes the first episode.. I’m very sorry fr the late update bt cos it was late I made it bit long ?
Rags and swara r cooking in the kitchen. Lakshya comes shouting. “RAGINI WHERE IS MY LUNCH BOX I’M GETTING LATE…”
“be a housewife one day u’ll come to know. I’m packing Kirti’s lunch. She wants dosa, u want aloo paratha, I will eat daal rice. Now hw cn I manage.”
“What is in cooking? Put aloo in cooker it’ll boil. Put flour on tawa it’ll become paratha. Put rice on tawa it’ll become dosa.”
Ragini goes away.
Swara- “Don’t worry Lakshya, I’ll manage.”

“No swara, let me show this egoistic lady”
“Lakshya It isn’t easy to cook”
Ragini comes again. “One who doesn’t know how to make tea ? will make a dosa”
“Of course I can”
Lakshya pours the whole batter of dosa on tawa. Ragini shouts Noooo STOP…!!
Lak-what’s it??
Rag-You are a fool. Go away.
Ragini pushes him out of the kitchen. Swara laughs.
Rag-What..? Make the batter again..

Lakshya calls Raman.
L-Hi bhaii..
R-Arey Lakshya.. You, any special thing.
L-I want to suggest you something.
L-You know I wasted Ragini’s hard work today ?
L- I poured all her rice batter and wasted it.
R-Now I’ll tease Ishita also.
Ishita comes there. Who’ll u tease..?
“Yes yes Raman, I heard it all”
“So what Madrasan”
“Yeas yeas”
“Here you’re hanging on my head, there Ragini is hanging on Lakshya’s head.”
“You dare not say anything to my bestie”
“Who’s arguing with u n ur torturous bestie”
” what’s hell I dunno . I’m going to a office”
“bye Madrassan”
“bye ravan”
Rags goes to her room n finds everything spoilt. The clothes r lying here and there ?. Ragini says I’ll not clean it. Ill c hw , hw does lakshya sleep here ? ?. ?
Kirti returns from skul.. “Mamma”
“Yes beta”
“Remember what is tmrw.?”
“Nooo beta”
“Ohho Mamma”
“let me think”
“Mamma tmrw is ur n papa’s anniversary”
Ragini gets lost in thoughts..
FB Shows..
Bhallas n Maheshwari’s r on a waterfall site fr picnic. The family is playing gracefully while Kirti excuses herself. She looks at mountain cliff and recalls her mother (Her mom died in an accidental fall from the same cliff).. Kirti says mom I miss u. She jumps from the cliff. Ragini sees her and shouts KIRTII.. She jumps from the cliff. Everyone look on with wide eyes and lean from the cliff. Ragini holds kirti’s hand and they fall down on a tree top unconscious.., Kirti on top of Ragini.
IN HOSPITAL ?.. The duo r out of danger.

Ap comes to Ragini and says I know Lakshya has not done ryt with u, he had done big mistake, I know u wont listen to me, bt still I want a request pls, aftr five days it’s Lakshya’s n Shitija’s (Lucky’s late wife) anniversary, if u marry Lakshya Kirti will get her new mother, she’s in big trauma since Shitija’s death.
Ragini says hw cn I ever frgt what Lakshya did to me, he ruined my life.
Ap says I know, I’m giving u chance to start life with new angle, you’re Kirti’s teacher, u know her trauma, only u can help her. Ragini says I’ll marry Lakshya, he spoilt my lyf he’ll only bring it on ryt way.”
Fb ends.

Kirti says what’re u thinking mamma, tmrw is ur anniversary, do u want a gift from me..? Ragini nods and whispers something in Kirti’s ears. Kirti nods n says OK mamma.. I’ll do this fr u.
Raman is back from office in a hurry. His mother aks him to have food bt he goes in his room. He brings his laptop ? and starts making presentation. Ishita says Raman it is RagLak anniversary tmrw, have u bought sum gift ?..? Raman says its no anniversary, there’s no marriage between RagLak, it’s a compromise. Ishita says as u wish.

PRECAP-: . Lakshya is holding Ragini in his arms.

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  6. Ragz_teju

    awesome… loved it

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    Amazing yaar upload the next one ASAP

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    awesome loved it

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