ISHRA love (Episode 1)


Hi guys!This is a new love story of ishra.(Its after 20 years leap)This is just a make-up story.I am not good at writing stories but hope u guys like it!This is my first time here and mine is not like the other fan fictions…So bare with me a little

The characters are all of present yhm characters.
Ranveer Bhalla(ishra’s surrogate child)
Radhika(Ishita’s own daughter)
Shashank(Shagun and Manoj’s son)

Scene1:Its 20 years after the lovely couple separated.Ishita is not worried about adi and ruhi anymore because they are all grown up.But she is worried about Raman.She shares her sorrows with her sister Shagun.

Shagun:Ishita why are you worrying now.Its all over.One day raman will realise his mistake and will accept you.
Ishita:No Shagun!Its been 20 years and raman did not come to me even though v r still in delhi.I know that raman will never forgive me for my mistake.
Shagun:U did it for raman.The whole drama was for raman.But because of that ashok,Raman was heartbroken and was a fool to believe ashok’s words.
Ishita wipes her cries hearing her daughter’s voice.(she realised she was pregnant after leaving raman)
Radhika enters with her books.
Radhika:Mumma iam getting late for collage.Bye mumma!Bye mausii!
Shagun:Beta!U r going with shashank and ranvi right?
Radhika:Nahi!They left for office early.
she leaves…
Ishita looks at her daughter leaving and ranveer’s pic and this about ruhi talking about a baby from ishita 20yrs back.she is lost in her thought,Shagun looks at her and worries.

Scene 2:In the same bhalla house.
raman is scene in the room looking thru some files.Mihir is with him.Raman is totally changed after that.He opens the cupboard to look for something and ishita’s photo drops.Raman looks at it and recalls his first meeting with ishu.
Mihir:Kya hua Bhai?U miss ishita bhabi?
Raman angrily:No way!Y mus I miss her?She fooled me about shagun’s death and what ashok said…(He stops midway and throws her photo)I hate her!
Ad comes there.
Adi:Mihir mama…V r getting l8 for office.Tell him to cme.(adi n ru does not talk properly to raman after ishu left)
mihir leaves with adi.Raman picks up ishta’s photo and cries.
Rmn:I miss u badly ishu.I love u so much but cant find the strength to bring u back!Which is tru? what u said or ashok’s?He had evidence..
Once agn his face changes.He is ready to swung her pic but keeps it in the cupboard and leaves for office

radhika is talking to her frens
Radhika:I don’t know yaar…My mom is always crying wen she talks to shagun mausii but smiles when me or bhaiya comes…
1 of her frens:mayb she s hiding something frm u 2!
Radhka:Mayb…But I don’t want her to b worried!v two love her so much…She is the best mom in the wold!
A girl is listening to her talking.She cries hearing her words and its none other than ruhi.She is one of radhika’s teacher.
Ruhi:Ishimaa!Where r u?I miss u!Pls cme back!Pls!Ruhi is waiting for u!

A man is seen walking into the office angrily.He comes to his cabin and smacks the table angrily.His brother calms him down.Its ranveer bhalla.How can this happen?How can this happen shashank?He snatched that contract from me!I will not lose to that Aditya bhalla agn. Adi is seen in his office and really happy and talkss wth Harshad(his PA and his beat fren).its all because of my ishimaa’s blessing harsh.ishimaa is always there for me.(unaware that he is fighting with his own brother) I won that ranveer bhalla agn!I will nvr lose to him agn!

Credit to: Rashita

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  2. Nice story after leap!Continue writing…

    1. thx…Sure I will continue positive comments..The next up will be tmr and will try to upload as soon as possible.

      1. *Will continue if u guys keep on giving positive comments

  3. So interesting yaa…
    U r a very good ff writer
    Pls continue…

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  5. Frankly speaking….the storyline is’nt good and the leap shld have been abt 8 months and Raman shd be grateful to Ishita who saved his life in order to pretend to be Shagun and Ashok should be in prison………………..

    1. Nice storyline…But I don’t this that there will b that much to write in 8 months leap…Mayb the writer is trying to show what happens with the children n how they meet and stuff!Mayb Ashok had done something to separate Raman and Ishita…Who know.Lets wait for the next epi.

      Anyways nice epi!!Continue writing.

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  9. hey rashita this ishra seperation is not so cool . i just cant imagine ishra seperated for a moment and its 20 years . we repelled the leap of the serial cant see it in ff too

    1. yah me too…I don’t want ishra to b separated but I was just thinking in a different aspect.So was just thinking to write a different story from other yhm ffs.

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  14. thx to all…btw I don’t understand hindi so can u guys type in eng?thx to all once agn…

  15. It makes me cry….. Dear…..

    1. haha!why?its just a story and nothing else!i oso don’t want ishra to b separated but thought of his in a make up story..
      don’t want 2 c ishra separated in the show…

  16. So gud yaar all new charecters plz make sure that they will realize they r brothers…. and best if luck dr

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