Ishra (love at first sight) Part 2


The girl picks up her files and ishita says i am really sorry. But the say its ok it was not your mistke i think it was my mistake
Ishita: cn we be friends
Girl: ya sure i m new here i don’t have any friends
Ishita: no worries i am ur friend from now on
Ishita: what’s ur name
Girl: my name is shagun arora
Ishita: nice to meet u shagun arora
Shagun: nice to meet u

Shagun is a pretty girl. She is so kind but she is too frilty, she wears very romantic dresses to impress boy, she have romance with everyboy she sees. She is too hot. Ramans and ishita’s family’s have very bad past and now they have started . But 15 years ago something really bad happened. They all have really bad past . They are trying to start new life so that it dosent ruin their children’s life they love them a lot. They are trying to hide the past from ishra. But after 3 weeks raman sees ishita for the first time and he falls in love with her at the first sight but does not show his feelings towards ishita.

As everything is fine between both families. Ramans family goes to ishita’s house and tease ishita if she loves someone . She does not say anything. After few weeks shagun sees raman and she tries to flirt with raman and raman flirts back with her and ishta sees them together. Ishita gets jealous and calls shagun with her. Shagun was not actually flirting with raman for fun she was just trying to see if ishita gets jealous. Because she had a doubt that ishita likes raman. After few months ishita sees her mother’s diary which she wrote 15 years ago about how ishita’s fmily hated ramans family…….

I will continue in next part please comment below if its not good i will try to improve

Credit to: Lovely

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  1. Abdul H tayyab

    Where is the Precap it was wonderful update regularly

    1. Sorry i forgot to put precap

  2. Plz dr continue….:-)

  3. Wonderful

  4. Its very cute story post it daily and it is also lovely like u

  5. Thanks i will post it daily

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