Ishra (love at first sight) Part 1


Hi guys this is first time i am writing a ff so if its not good please comment below if its good i will be continuing it but if its not good i will not continue thnks ????????

Ishita is a modern girl who lives in delhi. She is 22 years old and she hate love stories coz she never felt in love with someone. She studies in a university but her parents want her to marry someone, but she want to complete her studies and build her own career. But one day her life completely changes when she meets with a boy named Raman bhalla. Raman is a handome boy who is 23 years old. He is too serious about his family and friends. He loves making new friends like Ishita. He is not too flirty. He is a respected person in Delhi. His father is Ishita’s fathers best friend a d business partner. There mpther are best friends but they fight a lot. Once raman leaves, She stares at him for long time and then she asks herself am i in love?? Then a song plays in background manma emotion jage re. She goes to her class and accidentally bumps with a girl and her files fall down.

Precap: Ishita: what is ur name
Girl: my name is shagun.

If u are interested please comment below?????? so i can continue but if no one likes it i m sorry i dont think i will continue

Credit to: Lovely

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  1. I like it so much….;-) plz yaar continue

  2. Nice dr

  3. But raman does not love ishitha but its nice keep upload daily

    1. Thank u so much but i didn’t say raman does not love ishita i will tell u soon about it it’s a secret till now

    1. Thank u all i will continue but i m not sure if i will update daily sometimes i m busy but i will continue actually i m writing it for the the first time ???

  4.’s a new story line…so please continue…

    1. Hii i know its a new story line i read ishra’s ff and i thought i should try and make it something different thn others and i m quite happy u guys r liking it if i do something wrong please tell me i will try to improve it thnks ???

  5. Cool.. Awesome

  6. So lovely ff..
    Pls don’t stop it.. Hope u will continue

    1. I will continue if u support me like this thanks for ur support i m not sure if many people will like it but i think many of u r finding it interesting

  7. Plz continue nice story line but only one request plz don’t make Raman as a married person who is a father of 2 kids nd Ishu as infertile this time make ruhi as ishra child to make something different from all storys

    1. Thts wht i am going to do and thnks for the advice

  8. Its super awsome dr
    i luv ur ff please continue dnt stop it

    1. Thanks iwill continue

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