ISHRA love (episode 9)


hey guys im back…Iam in Chennai and becos of the flood there was power failure and no connection.Now the conections is weak and I don’t know when it will go off.It may go anytime…This will b a short epi as well!I will write longer ones when everything gets well soon.

recap:the children get to know each other and they team up to unite ishra.ashok vows to kill raman’s family.Raman gets angry at adi for giving away the contract.

scene1:adi and ruhi cme to meet raman in the hospital.
ruhi:how r u papa?
raman frowning at adi:im fine beta!But ur brother’s brain is not working properly!
raman:u don’t know!?
adi:what r u talking abt?
raman:ranveer!the contract!
adi and ruhii ook at each other
adi:oh that one…
raman:ur so calm?
adi:wht u want me to do?
raman:y the hell did u give away the contract!?
adi:becos ranvi is my broth…
ruhi holds his hand
raman:wht!?is he ur brother!?ur friend!?what is he for u!?
adi looks at him
raman:ur useless Aditya!ur worth for nothing!U were fne all this while!
raman thinks and continues:oh!Now I get it!u saw ur ishimaa yesterday right?did she ask u to do so?Make raman fail in his busness!
raman:i think its like that!U wuld listen to ur ishimaa right!?Both of u!
Adi and ruhi get angry.
Raman:im ur father!Ishita came halfway!U listen to her and not me!
adi:stop it papa!
raman:y shuld I stop!?uboth luv her so much!Y didn’t u both go after her yeaterday!?
Ruhi:pappa enugh!u don’t have any rights to talk at our ishimaa!

raman looks at ruhi
ruhi:u were mad that day!U didn’t believe ishimaa!U thought u did the right thing!?No!Not at all!U were stupid!And u r stupid now as well!
raman gets shocked as ruhi shouted at her
ruhi:wht!?what ruhi!?just remember 1 thing,ishimaa is the reason that v r talking to u after 20 yrs!Even if she did do a mistake its ok!V love her and will always love her!Not like u who forgets the help!
ruhi cries and leave sleaving raman shocked.
adi:u changed everything papa.Ruhi shouted at u for the 1st time.All the anger she had in her heart for 20 yrs…U deserve it!I gave the contract to ranveer willingly!U bbelieved ashok and not ishita…Ur ishita!She begged u and even nearly fell at ur feet…But u…
Raman looks on
adi:u havnt changed yet!
adi leaves and turns back to c raman
adi:Ashok Khanna did ur accident!
adi nods yes and leaves
raman cries thinking abt what happened.

scene2:ishita and shagun r in the kitchen.Ishita is lost in her thougts.
shagun:ishita what r u doing!?
shagun:ur adding salt into the milk!
ishu:oh sorry sorry!I was lost in thoughts…
shgaun brings her to the hall and make her sit.Ishita starts crying
shagun:whats this ishita?Y r u crying like a child?
shagun:offo!Raman is fine ishita!
ishita:how do u knw?
shgun:manoj’s friend is a also a doctor there…He informed manoj!
ishita:but still…Im not wth him!
shagun:u want me to bring u to raman?
shagun:the what?U want to c raman.if I bring u there u say that raman shulbrig u home..What’s this yaar?
ishu:idk!That ashok is back in our life agn!he may do anything to harm raman and our family shagun!What wll I do if anything happens to raman?
shagun:ishta I know that u love raman very much!But don’t…ssshhh ranveer is coming

ishita wipes her tears and looks at ranveer.
ranvi:kya hua mumma?
shita:nothing beta!Where have u all been?
shagun:u didn’t tell us
radhika:it was planned on the way…at first v thought to go to movie
ranvi:then v changed our mnd
ishita:its ok!U all want anything?
ranvi:npe!Our stomach and hearts r full!
shashank:he fell n love!
they all get shocked.
ranvi:mausii…mumma!This boy went crazy!
he drags shashank to the room wth radhika
shagun and ishiita laugh

ashok:what!?Raman is alve!?
he breaks the phone
ashok:shit!That man survived!Damn iit!
sooraj:Ashok!Enough of ur nonsense!
ashok slaps sooraj
ashok:what’s enough!?He must die!Raman bhalla shuld die!
adi:he wont die!he wont die!
ashok:ha!aditya!come come!!!
adi looks at him angrily
sooraj to himself:whoa!world war!
ashok walks to adi:what did u say?
adi:he wont die
ashok:he will die!He will die!U…ur isimaa…ruhi,raveer and radhika!Every1 will die…
ashok laughs
adi:stop laughing like an idiot!

adi:my dad will not die!He has 5 lives inside him including his own…
ashok looks at him comfused…
adi:what r u looking at?His wife’s and 4 children’s life!
ashok:oh is that so?then will kill all his lives!
adi:u cannot do that ashok!
ashok:u r calling me by name!?
adi:y cant I call u?u r a 3rd rated criminal!
adi:ashok!This is ur last warning!Leave us alone!If u do any silly thimgs then u will have to pay for it!Last time it was only ishimaa!But now its 2 of us!V brothers can do anything thing!
by saying this adi leaves
soraj to himself:wow!amazing!
ashok:he challenged me!i wont leave it so easily adi!
ashok fumes

precap:ranveer comes to meet raman in the hospital.He gives raman the file and raman looks at him.

Credit to: Rashita

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