ISHRA love (episode 8)


Sry guys for not updating early…I was busy for the past 2 days and this epi will b a short1…I will update regularly after this.

Recap:Ishita console an upset ranveer.Radhika gets to know abt raman.Aditya gives the contract to ranvi and tells him that he was ishita’s son also.

adi:your mom ishita is also my mom ranveer.Ur my half brother.
ranvi:bbb but how is ths possible!?
Adi tells the whole story to shashank and ranveer.
Shashank:so that means u r our brother?
Adi:thats what im telling u…
ranvi:so mom was hiding this from me and radhikaa!
Shashank:yes…Mumma and ishita mausii always talk abt things ut does not tell us.
adi smiles.
ranvi:ive been fighting wth my brother all this while?
adi:ur like papa ranvi!He hates defeat in hs work n u r exactly the same!
ranvi:sorry Aditya…sry Bhai!
The 3 brothers have a grp hug.

Scene2:In radhika’s collage.Ruhi and radhika meet.
Radhika:so that means the sweetest teacher in school is actually my sister
Ruhi nods and hugs her.
Radhka:i need to tell bhaiya abt this…He is actually fighting with adi bhaiya!
Ruhi:didnt ishimaa ask for a promise?probably she shuld have…
Radhika:u know her well…
Ruhi:becos she is ishimaa….And don’t worry abt ranvi,Adi bhaiya went to meet him and shashank.So they both wuld have known abt this.
ruhi gets adi’s call and theyall decide to meet at a restaurant that evening.

Scene3:In the hospitalMihir cmes to meet raman.
raman:Y r u upset yaar?
Raman:i can c in ur face.y r u upset?whats wrong?
Mihir:adi gave the new contract to ranveer…
Mihir:Yes…Tony just called and told me.
Raman:s he gone mad!? did he do this?
Mihir:dk but…
Raman:i want to c hm!Call him now!
Mihir:bhai relax!Dont get tensed…
raman:arrey mihr…
The doc cmes and ask him not to strain and checks his BP…Raman gets angry and the doc ask him to relax.
raman: want to c him when he cmes back!

scene4:in the restaurant.The fantastic 5(the 5children) meet each other.
Ruhi:so what now?
Adi:i have a plan…
Adi:ranvi,did ishimaa inform u abt us?
Radhika:but I know it!
Adi:its ok!That wont matter…From now on v r called fantastic 5!
Adi:there is a reason…frm now on our mission is to unite ishimaa and papa!
Ranv:but how?
adi:i don’t know…
ruhi pinches him and says:ur just being dramatic…Not serious at all!I have a plan guys…For this no one shuld know that v met and ranvi,u shuld b careful that ishimaa doesn’t suspect u.
Ranvi:for what?
Ruhi:that u r in contact with us!
shashank:v shall create a grp and discuss our plans cos its not safe to hang out as mumma is from NGO and she might cme out for sme work.
radhika:ur right shashank!mausii is really smart and she can find out…
a man is watching them and its ashok.
ashok:wah!the bhalla kids r together!Easy for me to finish them off…I don’t think their kids r as bold and brave as shagun and ishita…So wait and watch the game…
He smiles cunningly and keeps n staring at them…

Precap:Raman scolds adi for giving away the contract.Adi says ‘its ecos he’s my broth’…And ruhi stops him.Raman tells to adi that he s useless and adi gets angry.

Credit to: Rashita

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  1. Again this ashok playing silly games

  2. Rashita… For 2 days I was waiting for this update and very short one??? Iam sorry if I hurt ur feelings.. But I love this a lot that’s y..

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  8. Guys..Rashita is my fren and she lives in chennai…She has no internet connection due to power failure!!She will get back to u and update soon

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