ISHRA love (episode 7)


Recap:Ishita scolds ranveer for fighting and the family unites.Ashok vows to kill ishita and her 4 kids.

Scene1:Ishita and shagun cme home.
Shagun:Ishita y r u stubborn?
Manoj:U said that only raman should bring u back…
Ishu:yah so!?
Shagun:So?Y r u stubborn ishita?U saw ur kids today after so many years.They will miss u ishita!
Manoj:especially ruhi!Everyone knows how much she loves u…
I love her too but raman sent me out!He is the one at faultand he shold bring me back!
Shagun:But ishi..
Ishu:shagun manoj!This is final!Ranvi,radhika and shashank should no nothng abt them.k?
By saying tis she leaves to c ranveer.Shagun n manoj look on.

Scene2:In the hospital.
Ruhi:Im so happy!I saw my ishimaa…
Adi:I didn’t even imagine it!Ranveer is my half-brother!And so is shashank!
Ruhi:And the smartest student in collage is my sister!
The nurse comes.
Nurse:Mr bhalla reganed consciousness…U all may c him.
They go to meet raman.
Toshiji:Thank god u r fine!
Ruhi:dont strain papa!
Raman:What u r talking to me!
adi:becoz ishimaa came here!
Mr bhalla tell everything.
raman:y did she come here!?Y did uall allow her!?
Romi:Bhai!Y r u saying this?she’s ur wife!
Param:ishitaji didn’t d anything raman!U r mistaken…
Raman:shut up!Nobody needs to support her!
everyone tries to convince raman to forget everything and bring her back but in vain.

Ranvi:y r u here?go stay with that Aditya!
Ishu smiles and kisses him.
ishu:sorry mera baccha!i didn’t mean to but I was alr in tension
Ranvi:yah I needed to ask u!what happen and y did u faint?
Ishu:its nothing
ranvi:and who is ashok and raman?
Ishita gets shocked.
Ishu:how do u know them?
Ranvi:radhika told me that u were taking abt the to mausii and mausaa…Who r dey mom?
Ishu thinks on:Ranveer shuld not know abt raman or ashok.If not that ashok wll do smething to him too.
Ranvi:mom!who r dey?
Ishu:u will get to know abt them soon.
Ranvi:not now but soon…now go sleep.
ishita closes the door behind and goes to her room.
Ishita:that ashok Khanna is out of jail.First he ruined raman’s life,then shagun’s and mihika’s.The he went to the extent to kill raman.he got the punishment but came back to do that agn!No I wont led it happen!
Ishita:i wont led ashok to do anything to raman or our family shagun!
Shagun:ishita nothing will happen to raman.Adi is all grown up and he got to know abt everything.he wll not let anything happen to raman or u relax.
ishu:but we cannot be so relaxed shagun!that ashok is a monster!
she cries and shagun consoles her.radhika hears that and comes into the room.
Radhika:so raman is my dad right!?
ishita and shagun get shocked.
Radhika:there is nothing to hide from me!
Shagun:radhika pls!Now that u know the truth pls don’t tell ranveer abt this
radhika promises and hugs ishita.shagun looks at them and thinks that the family will reunite soon.

scene4:ranvi’s office.
shashank:ranveer!look at this?
ranvi:what file is that?
shahank:just take a look.
ranveer reads it and gets shocked.adi cmes into the office.
ranvi:u?u came to create trouble?
Adi looks at him.
shashank:he is asking u a question!
adi:i didn’t cme here to trouble u guys!i came to give u this contract!
ranv:what for?
adi:as a gift for u my brother!
ranvi:brother?just stop ur nonsense and get out of my office right now!and take this file with u!
adi:thats for u ranvi!
shashank and ranveer looks on confused.
adi:actually wha…
ranvi:stop it!get out right now!my mom shouted at me becos of u!
adi:she scolded me too!22 yrs ago!when I was her son just like u r now…
ranveer and shashank:what!?

precap:shashank andranveer hug the collage ruhi and radhika hug each other.the 5 kids meet in a restaurant that evening…Ashok is at the restaurant as well and smiles seeing them together.

Credit to: Rashita

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