ISHRA love (Episode 6)

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Recap:raman is admitted in the hospital.Ishita faints and and is also admitted in the hospital.Ranveer and Aditya fight outside the hospital and ruhi and radhika try to calm them down.

Scene1:Ranveer and Aditya are fighting.
Ishita:Ranveer stop it!
ishita comes there and adi and ruhi are shocked.
Toshiji to herself:ishita!?
Adi looks at him shocked.
Ishita:Shut up!What r u doing here?Fighting!?
ranvi:Mumma I…
Ishita:Shut up!Did I raise u like that!?
Shagun cmes there and doesn’t c mrs bhalla.
Shagun:Ishita!What r u doing here?U must b inside!
Ranvi:mausii…let me tell what happen…
Shagun:Y what happen?
Ishita:Shagun don’t dare support him this time!
Shagun:Ishita calm down!Dont shout its not good for ur health!
Adi and ruhi looks at her and cry.
Ishita:u know what he did?He was fighting with this boy here!
Ranvi:he started that first!he said that I tried to kill his dad!
ishita:ranveer just shut up!Even if he said so,where did ur senses go?did I raise u like that?
ranveer gets angry and leaves.Radhika and shashank follow him.
Ishita looks at him and cries while adi n ruhi look at her and shagun and cry.

scene2:Ashok is seen drinking as usual.
ashok:By now that raman bhalla would have died!
Sooraj:Ashok! just came out of jal1now another prob…
Ashok:Oh shut up!shut up!that raman ruined my life!i separated him from his wife…He chased her out but sent me to jail as well!
Ashok:Raman bhalla’s story is over!next ishita and her 4 kids…They will go with raman too…
He laughs and sooraj just looks at him.
Ashok:Bhalla parivaar’s elder son’s life is gone!Ishita cant fool me anymore with another shagun death drama!
Sooraj to himself:He is gone mad…I have to do smething…
He leaves from there leaving ashok alone laughing to himself.

scene3:Ishita and shagun r still der and watch ranvi leave in the car.ishita cries and shagun consoles her.
ishita:Look at him shagun.look what he did!
Ishita:I loved him and radhika so much!But what he did today was…
Shagun:Ishita relax!Ranvi is…
Ishita:If adi and ruhi were here they would have controlled their brother…My first 2 children!They would b angry with me for leaving them…Especially ruhi…
Shagun:Dont cry ishita!
Amma cmes der and c ishita and shagun.Amma is abt to call ishu when toshiji asks her to keep quiet.Amma cres tears of joy and go n to bring the rest.
Ishita:My babies!I miss them so so much!I thought ranvi and radhika would b the same but no…they r not…They r definitely not the same as ruhi and adi.they r gems shagun!
Adi and ruhi cry when the rest of the family cme der.
Shagun:ishita calm down!Dont take stress…Lets go home!Manoj take the car…
They leave when ruhi holds ishita’s hand.Ishita turns and c ruhi crying.ishita sense something and looks at ruhi.

ishita and shagun get shocked.
ishita sees ruhi’s mole and smiles.
Ruhi hugs ishita(dil se dil ka plays) adi hugs ishita too and they cry.
Shagun looks at them and say:Adi!Ruhi!
Adi and ruhi come there and hugs her as well
They hug as well and everyone meet.
Toshiji:ishita!Those children are my grandchildren?
Shagun:haan mummyji!They r ur grandchildren…
ishita:raman!Where’s raman!Ashok did this accident!Where is raman?
Shagun:adi v will tell u everything later!Now where is raman?
They go to meet raman.

scene4:In ranvi’s house
Radhika:bhai!Whats all this!?
Shashank:Look ranvi mausii scolded u!
Ranvi:i didn’t do anything guys!that Aditya did all this1he started first!
Ranvi:But look mumma scolded me in front of him!She did not scold me even once in these years but today…Adi he just shut his mouth as if nothing happened!He cried looking at my mom as if acting good!What an acting!
Ranvi leaves.
Radhika:what is this shashank?
Shashank:Idk dhi!This is going to b a big problem!

Scene5:Ishita looks at raman thru the glass and cries upon seeing raman’s criticle condition.
simmi:Ishita!Shagun!Where have u two been in those years?
Ishita:Here in delhi…Hoped that raman will come and accept me one day!But he didn’t..
Toshiji hugs ishita and says:Raman s a fool!Idiot!But where did the brave ishita went that day when that ashok came to our house?
Ishita:I don’t know mummyji!I was shocked after what ashok did even though he was sent to jail!
FB starts:
Raman receives a CD at home and sees it.he gets shocked.Ashok had actually prepared a fake CD which shows him and ishita together.Ashok had actually made a fate audio of ishta’s voice where she says to ashok that she will leave raman and come to him.the CD was created after ashok get to know about shagun’s bhoot drama.Ishita comes home with shagun and raman shouts at her saying that she betrayed him just lke shagnu did.Ishita tries to prove her innocene but raman is not ready to accept it.a huge argument starts and raman is not ready to accept ishita,shagun or the baby in shagun’s bhalla slaps raman but he is not ready to accept ishita at any cost.the FB ends with ishita leaving the house with shagun crying.

Ishita:I was unable to do anything mummyji!Iam seeing raman after 20 years but in this condition.
shagun:didnt imagine that ashok will do this agn.
Ishita:mummyji take care of raman v will leave!
Toshiji stops them and says:Where r u 2 going?Stay here!cme back!
Shagun:Even if I would like to stay ishita wont accept.she wants raman to bring her back.
By saying that shagun leaves.Ishita takes one last look at raman and leaves crying leaving the rest to cry as well.
Toshiji:Mata rani!Pls do something…Raman and ishita should unite soon…

Precap:Ranvi is angry at his office when shashank gives him a file.Ranvi reads it and gets shocked.The door open and adi walks in.

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