ISHRA love (Episode 5)


Recap:Ishita meets amma and toshiji in temple.Later she gets a call fron Ashok and finds out that raman met with an accident.Both raman and ishita r admitted in the same hospital.

Toshiji: am worried!Mata Rani!Pls save my son!
Simmi:Maa!Doctor asked u not to strain riht?Dont worry!
They all cry.Doc comes there.
Adi:How is my dad?
Doc:No prob!He is absolutely fne!
Adi:Thanks doctor!
The nurse cme and ask him to buy medicines.The rest go to see raman.

Scene2:Ishita regains consciousness.
Shagun:Ishita!How r u?What happen?
The nurse cmes in and ask ranvi to buy medicins as well.Ranvi and shashank goes.
Ishu:Shagun!Ashok is back!He tried to kill raman!He called me!
Manoj and shagun get shocked.
Shagun:What!?That dog is out?
Radhika:Who is that?And who is raman?
Ishita and shagun just stare at her.
Manoj:Radhika,u wait outside first.
Radhika looks at ishita and goes out.
ishita:raman met with accident!Ashok did it!
ishita cries and shagun consoles her.

scene3:Adi and Ranv meet.Adi fumes as he looks at ranvi.
Adi:U!I was waiting for u!
Ranvi:For what?
Adi grabs his collar and slaps him.Ranvi gets angry.he grabs adi’s collar and they fight.Everybody watches them as they fight.Shashank tries to calm them down but in vain.

Scene 4:Radhika is outside the ward and ruhi cmes there.
Ruhi:Radhika!What r u doing here?
Radhka:Mam!My mom is…
Shashank cmes running there.
Shashank:Dhi!Ranvi is fighting wth adi out there!
radhika runs there followed by ruhi.

Scene 5:Ruhi and radhika cme there:Ruhi Is shocked to c adi.
They both try to separate adi and ranvi.
Adi:he!He did dad’s accident.
ranvi:what nonsense!?
adi:Stop ur drama!
ranvi:Shut up Aditya!
Ruhi:Bhai!Whats this!?
adi:Keep quiet!
They both fight agn.
Adi and ruhi look at the Ishita …Mrs bhalla comes there and gets shocked looking at ishita

Precap:Ishita asks ranveer what is he doing?Ranvi says something but ishita asks him to shut up!They leave when ruhi grabs her hand.ishita looks at her while mrs bhalla watches this with teary eyes.

Credit to: Rashita

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