ISHRA love (Episode 3)


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Recap:Adi scolds Raman for not believing Ishita and sending her out.ranveer tells shashank that adi will need to pay for snatching the contract from him.Amma and toshiji plan to go to tamil mandir.

Scene 1:In the bhalla house.Amma and toshiji are preparing to go to mandir that evening…
Toshiji:Madhu did I do everything correctly?
Amma:Its correct.u’ve learnt a lot in these years!
They both laugh.Romi comes there.
Romi:Maa…I just received an anonymous call from someone.He sounded threatening!I think u two should not go out now…
Toshiji:Oi romi!Dont talk rubbish!
Param comes there(He changed and stays with bhallas)
Param:Arrey mummyji!I got that call too!The voice looked familier but I couldn’t regonise it…
Romi agrees and says:Shall v inform abhishek!
Amma looks on…
Toshiji:Just forget it u two.Do ur work and stop this.
Amma:It must b sme wrong call

Scene 2:In ranvi’s house
Shagun and ishita are with radhika.
Manoj:Shagun…Ishita…Did u two get any random call?
Radhika:What random call mausaa?
shagun:what call?
Manoj:Sme man called up and he sounded threatening!
Ishita:No manoj!V didn’t get any call.It must b a wrong number.
Manoj:But I heard that voice somewhere…
They hear a sound and go down.It is ranveer angrily breaking things.
Ishita:What r u doing ranvi?What happen?
He doesn’t answer and goes to his room.radhika and manoj follows behind.
Shashank tells them what happened and leaves.
Shagun:Ranvi is always like that!He is like raman and get tensed easily.
Ishita:Shagun I was thinking about going to the tamil mandir.
Shagun:Yes ishita u should go with radhika.That girl is disturbed abt her term exams.
Ishta:Ok!U go c how ranvi is and call radhika…

Scene 3:In adi’s office.Mhir is congraluating adi.
Mihr:Congrats adi! won agn!
Adi:Haan mama!I won that ranveer agn!
Mihir:Adi u have to concentra

Credit to: Rashita

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