ISHRA love Episode 3 (continued) and Episode 4


Sry guys for yesterday’s episode…I will continue the last part for yeaterday’s episode here…

Yesterday episode:
Scene 3:In adi’s office.Mihir is congraluating adi
Mihir:Congrats adi!U won agn!
Adi:Haan mama! I won that ranveer agn!
Mihir:Adi now u have to concentrate on thi…
Adi gets a call.
Caller:I wont leave your family Aditya bhalla!U ur dad ur mom everyone will b finished by my hands soon!Very soon!Count your days…!
the call ends.
Adi:Who is this?
Mhir:What happen?
Adi:This man is threatening abt finishing our family…
Mihir thinks on and asks him to forget it and concentrate on the project!

Scene 4:In the tamil mandir.
Amma:Murugan pls bring my ishu back!When my daughter cme back I will fast for u!
toshiji:Haan!I will fast for u too!Pls bring ishita back and bring the family’s happiness…
Ishita and radhika enter the mandir.
Amma and toshiji r talking to the pandit and ishu and radhika stand behind them.
Amma and toshiji leave.Ishu and radhika turn back and c 2 ppl leaving.Then ishita spots a bag on the floor.She had seen the bag b4 and her eyes are filled with tears and she smiles.It was the bag that she gifted amma on one of her birthday.She c the two ppl going and says
radhika:What happen mumma!?Why r u crying?
ishita picks up the bag and is abt to follow them.But she stops!
ishita’s thought:If they c me they will bring me to the house.raman shuld bring me!
She wipes her tears and asks radhika to give the bag to amma.
radhika:Auntyji!u left ur bag behind!here u go!
Amma:aiyoo1Murugan!How can I leave this!My daughter gifted me this!
she takes the bag and cries…
Toshiji:Whats ur name girl?u r very kind!
They have a talk.ishita watches this frm behind the wall.

Precap:Ishita and radhika r leaving the temple and somebody is watching them.That night ishita gets a call and she gets shocked.ishita faints and the family bring her to the the same time mummyji is admitted in the same hospital…

Today’s episode…Scene1:In the temple.

amma and toshiji leaves and radhika cmes back.Ishita is watching them leave.
Radhika:They both r very nice!That old lady misses her daughter so much!
ishita:Mayb her daughter did smething wrng so her husband chased her out of the house…
Ishu:Nothing(whipping her tears)lets go
they r leaving the temple and sme1 is watching them from behind the tree…

scene2:Adi is in his room and is thinking abt the call.Ruhi cmes and talks to adi.
Ruhi:Kya hua adi bhaiya?
Adi cming to his senses:Nothing just office tension.And whats wrong with u?
Ruhi cries and says:Nothing….I was thining abt ishimaa…
Adi hugs her and says:u r not a lttle girl ruhi.U have to understand…
They hear sme noise and cme out.
They c ananya and rohit fighting for the tv remote.
Adi:whao!whao!Whats wrng here?
Ananya:Rohit is not giving me the remote!I came here first!
Rohit:Dont lie di!I came here first1
they argue and every1 watch them.Param takes the remote and changes it to the news channel.
Toshiji sees the news and screams.She faints holding her chest.every1 attend to her and ruhi sees the news.
ruhi:Oh no!Pappa!

scene3:n ranvi’s house.ishita is in the kitchen holding onto a glass of water.She gets a call and attend it.
Caller:ishita raman bhalla!How r u?
Ishu:who is this?
Caller:Dont u regonise my voice,Mrs raman bhalla?
ishu gets shocked.
Caller:Yes…!Its me!That time u saved ur husband from sooraj’s hand!But now u cant save him!He is on his way to heaven…(He laughs)
Ishu:ASHOK!What did u do to raman?
Ashok:Nothing!Just a small accident…By now he must b very critical or probably dead!
He ends the call…Ishita cries and faints dropping the glass.Shagun and ranveer come running into the kitchen and cs ishita unconscious.
Shagun:Ranvi call manoj!Ishita?Ishita?
radhika and shashank comes and looks at ishita.

Scene4:Abhishek is scene on the accident spot clearing the crowd.Mihika calls him.(they are married)
Mihiku:Abhishek what happen to jeeju?
Abhi:Nothing mihika!U all go to the city hospital!He is sent there!I will cme…
They all go to the hospital.Raman is very criticle.Mrs bhalla cries and ruhi and ananya consoles her.At the same time ishita is in the ward receiving treatment and manoj is with her.Adi thinks on!
Adi:Its that ranveer’s plan!He tried to kill my father!It was him on the phone threatening me!I wont leave him…!

Precap:Ishita gains consciousness and talk to shagun.She says that ashok called her and said that he tried to kill raman.Shagun and manoj gets shocked.Adi and ranveer meet outside the pharmacy and adi grabs ranveer’s collar!Ranveer gets angry and grabs his caller!

Credit to: Rashita

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  2. Hi episode is nice but logic is missing
    How 20 year old ranvi can be compete adi

    1. What do u mean? Its in term of business that they r competing.

  3. Hi sweety! I also have the same qns but I don’t think that age doesn’t matter in this case…Just will c how the story goes on..Just have to think that Rashita made a mistake in the years…

  4. It’s good…brothers fight…Waiting for next part…

  5. nice go head

  6. At age 20 a man dont have even UG qualification

  7. Age actually doesn’t matter…Let’s just enjoy the story

  8. Wow nice

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