ISHRA love (Episode 2)


Gd morning guys…I forgot to inform u in my previous epi that I don’t understand hindi so if u guys reply in eng it wil be convenient.

Recap:Ishita shares her sorrows with shagun and shagun consoles her.On the other hand,raman is changed and is angry with ishita for cheating him.But he actually loves ishita a lot.Ruhi thinks about her ishimaa when radhika talks abt her mom.

Sceme1:Ruhi is crying thinking abt ishita.Vandu comes there(vandu is the collage principal)
Vandu:What happened ruhi?Why r u crying?
Ruh:Vandu periyamma…I want to c ishimaa…Where is she?
Vandu:Ruhi…Don’t cry!Ishimaa will come tou soon.When papa brngs her back.
Ruhi looks at radhika and goes to her class.Vandu looks at her.
Radhika to her frens:Its ok guys!My mom is worried abt smething.Me and bhaiya will make her happy…
And by saying it she leaves for her class.

Scene2:A man is walking into the office angrily.Everyone is confused why.He goes into he cabin and smacks the table angrily and his photo falls.Its ranveer bhalla.
Ranvi:How can this happen shashank!?How can this happen?He snatched the contract from me agn.This is the 2nd time man.
Shashank:Ranvi relax…Its common in business.U have to understand that!
ranvi:No this will not happen agn.I will not lose to that Aditya bhalla agn!
Shashank:But Bhai this contract…
Ranvi:he would have to pay for this!Mark my words he will have to pay for this!
Ranvi clutches his fist angrily.

Scene3:Adi is in his office and is really happy.
Adi:Its all bcos of my ishimaa’s blessing harsh!My ishimaa is always there for me!
he thanks his ishimaa.
Harsh smiles and says:Enough of tanking ur ishimaa.Now think abt how u going to move on with this contract.
Adi:I won that ranveer agn!I will nvr lose to him…V will finish this contract and the end will b the best.v will top the market agn and take up ranveer’s place.NHC will always b on top of RB grp of companies.
Harsh:Ur absolutely right!
Adi:My ishimaa is with me…
He looks at her photo and smile.
Raman looks thru the doorway and thinks about the childrens condition when ishita left…He comes I congratulates adi.
Rmn:Congrats beta!
Adi in a hatered way:Thx
Rmn:Its all bcos…
adi interrupts and says:dont say its bcos of my hardwork!I know its my hardwork but most of my credits go to my ishimaa!

Scene4:At bhalla house.
toshiji:Madhu I was thinking abt going to mandir for the happiness of this family.I jus hope that ishita comes back soon.
Madhu(amma) cries.
toshiji:That raman was mad and stupid to believe that ashok.
Amma:I just hope ishu will come back and everything goes back to normal.
toshiji:Haan!That’s y I said v could go to mandir.
Amma:Accha!Lets goto tamil mandir in that case!
They two agree.

Scene3:Raman is shocked and scolds adi.
Rmn:u know what that ashok said?!U were der!He had evidence against her!
Adi:I believe my ishimaa!She wouldn’t have done a cheap think like that!U were stupid to believe ashok.U didn’t believe ur ishita!
Rmn:Adi stop ur non…
Adi snaps at him:U stop it!U know how much ruhi cried after that?U don’t know bcos u were not urself after that!She told the truth abt shagun mama’s death.she wanted to save u but u did not appreciate that.U were just…
Raman just leaves the room angrily leaving adi irritated.

Madhu and toshiji reach the tamil mandir.At the same time ishita and ruhi go there.
Will ishita meet her mother and mother-in-law?

Credit to: Rashita

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  1. Sry guys! in the precap its not ishita n ruhi but its ishita and radhika…

  2. Oh god this raman na always arrogant he dobt want to listen anyone

  3. It’s amazing…but anyone knows that…ishita lives in delhi with her kids ..

  4. Wow interesting.. Waiting for next

  5. thx guys…

  6. No one knows that she lives in delhi but upcoming episodes they wll get to know

  7. Nice one…Keep going!But make ishra meet soon and get them and the children together

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