ISHRA love (episode 10)


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Scene1:adi comes home angrily
mr bhalla:what hapn aadi?
adi:nothng dada!
toshiji:u look angry?wht happn?
adi: went to meet ashok
mr bhalla:y did u go meet that man?
adi:to warn him!ask him to stay away from our family!
mr bhalla:this is going to make him angry even more!
adi:let him get angry!When his plans fail he will go mad!
tooshiji:adi puttar…
adi:dadi!i am not a small boy anymore! I will face him!and ranveer is with me!
saying this adi leaves
mr bhalla:i don’t know where ths is gong to end toshiji!
toshiji:mata rani!Pls stay wth me!

scene2:ranveer is at the terrace thinking abt something.Ishita comes there
ishu:ranveer haven’t u slept yet?
ranvi:no mumma!Not sleep at all!
ishu:what shasnk said was true ranvi?
ranvi:no!He just joked mumma!
Ishu:then y r u like this?
Rannvi:like what?
ranvi to himself:cos I met my bro and sis!
ranvi:nothing mumma!
ishu:r u sure?
ranvi:yes! promise that there is nothing like that!
ishta smiles and leaves.ranvi look up at the sky and talks to himself.
ranvi:mumma!The sky is our home…The stars are us…II will bring back our famly together soon!I promise u that!
shashank:talking to urself bro?
ranvi thinks for a while and says:i am thinking abt giving back the contract to adi bhaiya!
ranv:meaning not to bhaiya,but pappa!
shashank:to mausa?
ranvi:yes I will do it tmr!
shashank:ranveer!r u mad?u going to meet ur dad?
ranvi:to give a gd impression of me!This will help me to unite my parents…
shashank:gd idea but…
ranvi:no buts and vuts!I am going to start the father son game!

scene3:ashok breaks the things at home
sooraj:wht r u doing ashok!?
ashok:he challenged me!
ashok:hat coward challenged me!
sooraj:ashok relax!
ashok:how can I b relaxed!?He was a coward last time sooraj!Iused to b his pillar!
srj looks at him
ashok:now he found a strong base!Adi is not the adi from the past!
srj:just like his mothers!
ashok slaps him agn
srj:y the hell did u do this!?
ashok:dont irritate me sooraj!get lost!
srj leaves angrily.Ashok breaks the wine bottle
ashok:i wont leave u Aditya bhalla!Not only u but ur whole famly!U guys are dead!
he screams like a mad man when sooraj looks at him worried

scene4:ranv cmes to meet ra,man
raman:y did u cme here
ranveer looks at him and raman waves his hand in front of him
ranvi:i came here to give u this contract
rmn looks at him
ranv:i know that u r angry with Aditya but dontt need this
ranvi:its ok pa…its ok sir!Just take it
rmn takes the fl
rmn:ur so different from the other businessmen
ranvi:i don’t need this!i have more mportant work to do than this!
rmn smiles
ranvi:dont scold Aditya…he is realy a nice man
rmn:i hads nvr scene a boy like u b4!What ur father’s name?
ranvi looks at him
rmn:whats his name?
ranvi with tears in his eyes:i don’t have a father..My mom nvr talked abt him
rmn:im sry!
ranvi:but its ok. am seeing him right now!
ranvi:can I consider u as a dad?
raman smiles:ur so different beta!
ranvi smiles and raman hugs him…Ranvi leaves and thinks to himself
ranvi:i don’t know if to scold u for betraying my mother or to cry in front of u as ur my father…But still I will unite u 2 soon!

precap:ashok comes into raman’s ward as a doctor in disguise.raman is sleeping and ashok says ‘raman bhalla!ur done!’He takes out a handkerchief and goes near raman.

Credit to: Rashita

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