Ishra-you are my life intro

Hi guys I’m already writing a ff on raglak but why’s to do I couldn’t stop myself from writing
Previously I started a ishra ff but due to less comments I had to stop it so guys if you like my intro pls comment so I can continue this ff
Let’s begin
My ff starts after the leap
Ishita bhalla:Australian resident lives with her best friend mani and his niece and nephew alia and vivaan respectively
She has opened her own hospital now and the hospitals name is rra life care hospital
Ishita loves alia and vivaan as her own children and so they call her Amma
Ishita feels that she is responsible for ruhi death and misses her family a lot and specially Raman ruhi adi and her daughter (pihu)
Raman bhalla:a businessman and loves his children a lot but unfortunately his children don’t have the same feeling for him after ishita death news a man came to bhalla house with ruhi and told them that ruhi is alive but has got some minor scratch
Ruhi bhalla:loves her siblings a lot but hated Raman because she thinks that he is responsible for her ishima death
Aditya bhalla:loves both his sister’s more than anything and hates Raman because he also thinks that Raman is responsible for ishita death
Pihu bhalla:ishra surrogate baby loves her siblings and hates Raman because she thinks bracuse of him she was not able to see her mumma one time also
In my ff manoj and shagun are married and have a son of 5 years his name is sparsh
Romi and mihika are married and have a daughter of 4 years named meera
Romi could become dad it ws just that sarika had made wrong report that romi cannot become dad
Later on sarika turned positive and asked apologies from the bhalla and iyers family
Then sarika and Miguel married each other and they have a daughter Sara of 3 years

In my ff bhalla and iyers are not fighting they are very good with eachoyher
Romi stays with his family and there is no rift between him and Raman

So guys this was the intro and if you ent me to continue then pls comment

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  1. Sarayumane

    very nice, please continue…. whether i comment or not but i will definitely read daily

  2. It’s nice yaar continue writing

  3. please continue and ya it is very very nice , update daily if u can , waiting for first episode

  4. Mukti.H

    Don’t worry about comment just continue…

  5. Nice and continue I will read daily

  6. Lisa

    Ya very nice I like it really nice and like sarayumane i don’t know I will comment or not but ya I promise I will read ur ff coz I love ur story intro

  7. Awesome

  8. it nice

  9. Plz continue
    It’s nice

  10. Zaira

    very nice sumi please continue it
    and if you get less comments don’t loose hope but continue it as there may be many silent readers

  11. Kumud

    Very nice pls continue yaar

  12. Hii sumi when u will start ishra you are my life episode im waiting to read

  13. awesome

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