Ishra-you are my life epi 4

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Let’s begin mid night in rupi room
Pihu get a up and gets a toothache
She wakes ruhi up
Pihu:do my teeth is paining very badly
Saying this she crys more
Ruhi gets tensed for
Ruhi:oh no now what shall I do yes there is a hospital in front of the hotel I’ll take pihu over there
Ruhi takes a crying pihu over there
Ruhi makes pihu sit in the reception area and goes to the reception
Ruhi:excuse me my sister is having a severe toothache pls call a doctor
Receptionist:I’m sorry but now no dentist is present in the hospital
Ruhi:pls call anyone my sister is crying because of the pain pls
Receptionist:ok I’ll call Dr ishita
Ruhi was so tensed that she didn’t pay attention to the name
Ruhi:thank you so much
Receptionist calls the doctor
Receptionist:Dr told that she’ll come in sometime

Ruhi goes to pihu
Pihu:ruhi di it’s paining alot pls do something
Pihu Crys Alot
After sometime receptionist comes
Receptionist:Dr has come she is calling you to
the room
Ruhi takes pihu to the Dr room
They enter the room the Dr is facing the opp side
The Dr turns and the Dr and rupi are shocked
Ruhi(very softly):ishima
Pihu(very softly but shocked):mumma
Yes the Dr is ishita she is the owner of this hospital and a dentist also
Ishita sees pihu and calls ruhi
She hugs pihu and crys
Ishita:ruhi my daughter
Ruhi:ishima she is not ruhi she is pihu your and Mr Raman bhalla’s daughter and I’m your ruhi
Ishita hugs both ruhi and pihu and cry
Ishita:my both the daughters are in front of me I don’t believe this
They break the hug

Ruhi:yes ishima I’m alive and she explains how she survived
Ishiat:I’m so happy
Pihu:mumma I missed you so much
Ishita:I also missed you pihu
Ruhi:but ishima what you are doing here
Ishita explains them how mani saved her and then how whe is living with mani now and she also tells them that this hospital is her hospital
Ruhi:what this is your hospital ishima
Pihu:really then why’s is the meaning of the hospital name
Ishita:rra it means Raman ruhi and adi
Pihu:why my name is not there
Ishiat:because I didn’t know your name but don’t worry now I’ll change the name to rrpa ok
Iahita:but what you’ll are doing here
Ruhi:ishima we came for a trip adi bhaiya gifted me this trip for my birthday
Ishita:oh ok
Pihu:mumma now you will come with us no
Ishita:no beta i can’t your papa is angry with me
Ruhi:no way ishima once I lost you because of that man not again
Ishu:why are you saying like this ruhi
Ruhi:because of him only you tried to take your life so he is only responsible for this and I hate not only me but adi bhaiya and pihu also hate him
Ishu:ruhi what are you telling it’s not your papa fault he was just angry because he thought that because of me that Niddhi took you
Ruhi:that’s the problem ishima he thought that because of you Niddhi took me how could he think this he very well knows that how much you love me but still
Pihu cuts her in between
Pihu:pls mumma come with us
Ishu thinks for sometime
Ishu:ok I was going to come to Delhi In a few
days for an important work so now when you both are telling I’ll meet the family and go
Ruhi:no ishima you will not go you will sat with us
Ushita:I don’t know ruhi I’ll think
Pihu screams

Ishita:what happen pihu
Pihu:mumma my teeth is painting
Ishita:oh I totally forgot about it
Ishu treats pihu
Ishu:ok now where you both are staying
Pihu:we are staying in the opp hotel
Ishu:now you both will.not stay there you will come with me to my house
Rupi:ok mumma/ishima
Rupi go to the hotel and bring their bags
Then the trio left for ishitas house
After sometime they reach her house
They go inside the house
Pihu:wow mumma your house is so beautiful
Ruhi:yes ishima it’s really beautiful
Ishita:thank you but it’s not only my but mani alia and vivaan house
Ruhi:who is alia and vivaan
Ishiata:alia is mani niece and vivaan is his nephew
They here a girl screaming
Alia:Amma where you went without telling me you know how much I was scared (she looks to rupi and asks)and who are they both
Ishiat:I’m so sorry alia I didn’t want to disturb you so I didn’t tell you I went to hospital as there was an emergency and they both are my daughter ruhi and pihu
Alia:what how is this possible Amma
Ishita explains alia everything
Alia:oh hi ruhi hi pihu
Alia:Amma I’m so happy finally you met your daughter

Precap:family moments and adi and vivaan meet

Guys today I gave only ishrupi scene because I wanted to concentrate only on them
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